Quote #81

81When you become who you are.

It feels as if you are dead and set free from this body.

You free yourself from parts of yourself that you were hiding in the corner of your psyche.

There are parts of you that are within yourself that you have no idea about.

It takes looking within yourself to discover these parts of yourself.

Most live this life in fear

Fearing to show the world their true selves.

What is there to hide?


Unless this you that you say is you is not the you that you seem to be.

I feel as if everyone thinks they know who they are.

In the end, I am not sure If anyone knows who “they” are.

If you think about it.

We are all thoughts or manifestations of the creator who offered life to us.

Living in a multiverse.

Placed within a universe within a planet within an ecosystem.

It is crazy to think about how small we are.

Words or imagery can never describe how small we are in this universe.

You have to stretch your perspective of thoughts.

Zoom out of where you are right now.

There is a whole universe out there.

Or possibly there is nothing

You are the universe.

Then again, you are not the universe.

Life is what you manifest it to be.

Life itself holds limitless and infinite possibilities.

You have to create the reality you wish to be in.

We live in a world where others besides thyself create this reality.

The you that is not even you, is you because someone told you who you were.

This is ironically incorrect.

Someone besides yourself.

Is telling you who you are.

I believe the soul within yourself speaks to the intuition.

The intuition is the person that is underneath the skin.

The “true” self.

Not the “false ego” of thyself.

Live this life to be you not another.

If tomorrow were to be your last day on earth.

Would you be proud of the you that you are becoming?

Or would your first thoughts be anxious and uncertainty?

You have to accept thyself to fully appreciate every moment in this life.

If you do not accept yourself for who you are.

It will be hard to accept others for who they are.

Life is a process of balancing out all the energies.

When you evenly balance all the energies throughout yourself.

There is nothing to stress about.

Remember to breathe more than the average human.

Take everything one moment at a time.

You can only live within one moment of life.

You might as well live within the moment instead of daydreaming about who you could be.

Think of the past.

Not in a negative way.

Use your past experiences to create a stronger you than yesterday.

Be in control of the mind you possess.

Face your emotions head on and do not ignore the demons.

If you ignore the demons the emotions will lash out by themselves without you knowing.

You only notice what you have done “wrong” after doing what you have done wrong.

You have to overlook your actions and think to yourself.

Is this who I am?

A person living in a reality of despair.

Life is as beautiful as you manifest it to be.

The more you are yourself.

The more parts of yourself you have released into the universe.

When you feel less and less tension per day.

You are on your journey to becoming your greatest version.

Listen to the “positive” voice within yourself that feels empathy and emotions for others.

Imagine being in different shoes besides your own.

Could you live the life of another person that is suffering more than yourself?

Could you experience what this person has gone through?

Think about others besides yourself

Lose the ego.

Learn how to use the heart/soul within yourself.

The mind expands in consciousness when using the heart and soul.

Ego creates ignorance and holds no expansion of the mind.

There can never be only one answer.

I live in a world where we expand our ideas.

If I were to say I am “correct” and another is “incorrect.”

I am incorrect for saying someone is incorrect.

In the end, we are all the same person, but we possess different souls.

Shine your soul to the world.

Show yourself who you truly are.

Stop fearing yourself.

Fear nothing.

Fear is…

False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is nothing but the imagination messing with you.

Fear manifests a negative reality.

We need both fear and love.

We need fear to learn how to love.

Love is needed to understand what fear is.

Everything holds a relation of some sort.

Remember to have a relationship with your soul.

The soul is the only thing that is “real.”

Energy is more real than the actual “real life” objects.

Energy holds vibrations and frequencies.

The naked eye cannot see these vibrations or frequencies.

The third eye sees all emotions and energy.

The third eye is an organ the size of a pea.

Located in the center of your forehead.

The third eye has the same lenses as your normal eyes.

Some say the third eye is where the seed of the soul lies.

Over a period of time if the “third eye” is not taken care of.

The “third eye” will eventually calcify itself.

You will destroy your third eye if not taken care of “correctly.”

You can decalcify the third eye as well.

Avoid heavy metals and fluoride.

Eat organic foods.

Eat Non-Gmo foods.

Stay away from processed foods.

Eat a plant-based/ whole foods diet

Take care of your third eye, everyone.

Once the third eye is destroyed, there is no turning back.

When you learn how to control your own thoughts anything is possible.

Ignore leading yourself down a negative thought pattern.

Use your negative moments to create yourself into your greatest version of yourself.

Use each experience as a lesson.

Instead of instantly thinking negative.

If you look within something there is always more than what the naked eye can see.

If you look within yourself.

You realize there is much more to this world than you thought.

Life is a gift.

Life was free.

Did you ask to be here?

Or one day did you just “wake up” and realize you were here.

Open your “third eye.”

18 thoughts on “Quote #81

  1. Nice!!

    I could give you a point by point review but I doubt you want that.

    You said a lot of great and insightful things.

    The one thing I will say is that while the 3rd eye can absolutely atrophy it is always available to be opened again. Always. There is always redemption available in this world. Until there isn’t. Until either one or the world ends.

    Still no reason to have fear though. I don’t agree that fear is necessary to understand love. Love is a universal understanding. It is a base need. It just gets warped into all kinds of things here for some reason. A reason I’m not privy to myself or quite understand. I resonated deeply to a lot of what you said.

    Thank you. It’s nice to see. It’s nice to read. It’s nice to feel. Truth. Depth. Spirituality. It’s not lost to everyone.

    Deep down. I think we all understand. We just have so much other crap to deal with….lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!

      Listening to everything you are saying.

      True unless you have too many heavy metals and toxins entering your vehicle as in this body. Fluoride kills the 3rd eye very fast. Over time the 3rd eye is dead like any other organ that can fail.

      Fear nothing besides fear itself.

      Everything is relative so I believe we need both the positive and the negative. Without love or fear, we could not create this journey of a life.

      There’s that saying I’m not sure what it is but I think it is this.

      Charles Adams – Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly?

      We have to embrace the darkness to understand the light.

      Happy to hear you resonate with a lot of the writing! 😊

      No problem, thank you! For your time and energy towards the art.

      That’s a fact.

      True that, hahahah.

      Much love!


    • Thanks for sharing your favorite line.

      I think this thought every day. Always attempting to be as positive as I can.

      Want to be happy and humble not bitter and angry.

      Much love!


  2. Like I’ve said before darkness lives within some of us fear it other like myself embrace it because without death there is no new life its vital cycle of constant movement of fortifying endless energy.

    Finding the balance to cope and adapt to the darkness can be very dangerous game of Russian Roulette for me right now I am playing that game some days it feels like I am lost and drowning inside my mind others I feel like I am finding my core path again when really its just reflection of deception . I hope when endured this voracious , raging storm I will see myself again on the other side , because I see right now when look into the mirror is a Grey Eyes.

    Keep up doing what you are doing your winner kid and its honour to have you as mate .



    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, you must embrace the darkness to become your greatest version.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can relate to what you have said.

      Every moment of every day is an opportunity to become your greatest version.

      For sure, will never stop being myself.

      Thanks, always appreciate your comments and energy.

      Always learning new things from you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • This is why I am always the villain unlike the hero always seen as flawless without scars . I am Real and embrace all aspects of me .

        Ask yourself this why is it always the hero tries to be something they are not , trying to mask your real reflection is empty deception of mortality .

        Villain will never denied what they are because they know who they are.

        “Its always darkest just before the dawn “

        Liked by 1 person

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