Quote #82


If walking alone is what it takes to be your true authentic self.

Walk alone and have no hesitation to look back.

Unless you wish to live a life that you never wished to be in.

If you are not your true self.

It is as if you have never lived this life at all.

When you are not yourself you are living within a reality someone else has told you to live in.

We live in a world where we forget about our souls. (True selves)

Most ignore their intuition and fear every moment of life.

Anything can happen at any moment.

You better be ready for the unexpected.

Life throws crazy experiences at you.

What matters the most is how you react.

The way you react to an experience creates who you are.

The event that occurred does not define you.

What you do after matters the most.

To act in fear or love?

To love thyself or to fear thyself?

The universe is always on your side if you are on the universes side.

The universe will send like-minded people into your life.

All you have to do is be yourself.

By being yourself like-minded people will attract into your life.

Never fear to be yourself.

Others in this world are similar to you.

With patience, you will meet these like-minded individuals.

We live in a world full of fear.

Few people attempt to be their greatest versions.

Few live their life in love.

If you are your true self the universe will align the “correct” people into your life.

Do not force this life.

Be yourself and everything will happen how it is “supposed” to happen.

When the ego controls you sometimes you are caught off guard.

When using love you imagine being in other people’s shoes.

Money and fame will not make you happy.

Energy makes you happy.

Energy is everything.

Instead of materialistic objects that are not sentient.

Happiness is a choice.

Happiness is not physical.

Happiness is emotional energy from within your soul.

A man who chases after money with a drooling mouth.

Is similar to a dog chasing after a bone.

The dog eventually gets the bone.

Many more bones will be within the dogs lifetime.

Imagine the dog is a human and the bone is money.

We will all have money.

You can always “make” more money.

Money comes and goes.

Do not chase the infinite dollar bill.

Money never ends.

You will always have money.

You will always spend money.

You will always make money.

Individuals act as if their money and material items equal out to their “health/soul.”

Health is ignored for most.

We live in a world of sick diseased people.

A disease can be physical or mental.

However, you look at “disease.”

Disease is created from within yourself.

One must observe their soul and body.

Make adjustments to your soul if needed whatever fits best for yourself.

To heal all of the diseases/negative energy coming from “within” yourself.

Or to ignore all the disease/ negative energy.

We live in a world full of Greed.

An over obsession of “needing” more than what we actually “need.”

Whatever the ego can get its hands on next.

Is what most do.

We live in an ego-driven world.

The soul and heart are forgotten.

Where is the energy of love?

When you die your possessions and money do not follow you to the grave.

The money in your palm does not make it “real.”

The “things” with value, in reality, have “no value.”

The “way” people live this life confuses me.

It is as if no one is in control of their soul and another is telling each individual what to do.

Another is always telling us what is “correct” from “incorrect.”

Your soul transcends elsewhere after you die.

Your flesh body stays here on earth.

People act like their possessions, physical body, and money will all evaporate into the sky following them to their “next life.”

Your soul travels with you into the next life.

Everything else stays here.

We all live in a different reality/lifestyle at this moment.

The outlook on life for each Individual varies from one person to the next.

The external world seems to be more real.

The internal world is more real than ever.

If you are not your true self.

It will be hard to be happy and love others.

Happiness comes from within.

You cannot buy happiness or exchange happiness.

Happiness comes out of the soul.

When using your soul you do not wish for anything back in exchange.

Everyone knows what to do. (soul)

At the end who truly does what is needed to be done?

Usually no one.

It is easier to give up then to try at all.

Why attempt at all when you can give up?

It takes zero effort to give up and to never try.

It takes 110% effort to be your true self.

Many will have opinions about you.

What matters the most is what opinion you have about yourself.

Your self-esteem is important.

Your self worth is important.

Your health is important.

You should be important to yourself.

What is important to you is what matters to you.

Do not let someone walk on you.

If you can “solve” a scenario out with positivity.

Use positivity instead of negativity.

Ego feeds negativity.

Love feeds positivity.

We all live in different realities.

Ironically living on the same planet.

The only thing that is different is the energy that is within each soul.

Energy never dies it continues on forever and ever.

The energy you give off in this world will manifest back to yourself one way or another.

If you go down the path of negativity.

Life will be one crazy adventurous ride.

If you go down the path of positivity.

Life will be similar to living within your dreams.

Remember to take care of both your body, mind, and soul.

When you ignore to take care of yourself.

You will crash and burn.

If you have to take a few days off of reality to straighten your mind out.

Then do so.

Mental and physical health is more important than your false ego/material objects.

Ego is important in certain situations.

One cannot run the world.

Let everything go.

You cannot be in control forever.

Let it be…

We are all in this together.

Become your true self.

Over time other like-minded people will enter your life.

The universe works in mysterious ways.

All you have to do is trust the universe.

If you do not trust the universe that is similar to not trusting nature.

Nature is pure and organic.

Nature is the purest form of “life” we have.

We are the purest form of life after nature.

Being alive turns us into nature.

To say you do not trust nature.

You must be insane.

Or possibly I am the insane one.

Within my mind, I am sane to myself.

All you have to do is be yourself.

When you are your true authentic self there are zero worries in the world.

Find things to do that feed your soul with massive amounts of love.

Feed the soul instead of the ego.

When you feed the soul love emerges out of the soul.

When you feed the ego fear emerges out of the soul.

Do what you must do.

Remember to not hurt others in the process.

I live in a world where we lift each other up.

Instead of putting each other down.

Life is not a competition.

If anything.

Life is a competition against thyself.

Remember to not burn yourself out.

Do not regret anything in this life.

The worst thing you can do is to not be your true self.

Imagine living within a reality that you do not feel accepted in?

Anxiety creates you into the you that is not you.

If you do not feel accepted you are not your true self.

Accept yourself for who you are

Instead of letting others accept you for someone you are not.

Do the universe and yourself a favor.

Go spread some positive energy today.

All it will take Is each individual in the world to spread positive energy one time.

When each person in the word spreads positive energy.

The “cycle” of love will never fail itself.

Then the cycle of positive energy can keep transcending to more and more souls.

We need more love in this world instead of hatred/fear.

The future of this world is in our hands as well as future generations.

We should start making a change sooner than later.

The first thing you should “change” is yourself.

By expanding yourself and becoming more of yourself.

There are infinite amounts of change within thyself.

All it takes it positive manifestations.

Think with a positive mindset instead of a negative mindset.

Free yourself.

Be who you truly are.

Good luck everyone.

I send positive energy and love to every soul in the universe!

Have fun on your “journey.”


18 thoughts on “Quote #82

    • I can relate to what you say.

      Always attempt to have each sentence relate to the next.

      Awesome to hear you have a day called “Family Day” we need more of those.

      The family is everything. Many forget about there loved ones getting too lost in the illusions of life.

      Thank you! Always attempt to have a positive day each day.

      Much love!



  1. Excellent read Brandon , So many are afraid or fear to stand alone but in the end. Those that started with you will not finish if all you live for is social acceptance your not living just co existing as silhouette festering in the empty shadows. I said it before and will say it again I live by my own testament and will not compromised ever for the sake if blending in …….I rise above .

    Decide are you Alpha or Omega !

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks! πŸ˜€

      Yes, most rather be with fake friends than actual friends. In the end to be accepted for someone who is not themselves.

      I agree. So do I. Life this life in greatness and be the best you that you can be.

      Alpha. You have to know what you want. Then again you need the feminine energy too.

      Duality is needed in the energies.


      • Well said Brandon society in itself is weak and pathetic everything is about emotional responses and how something makes you feel . Where is the accountability and responses to using logic .

        Ex Lets say ID myself as burnt toast with cinnamon sprinkles. Because that is what I feel where I came from lol so you need to accept me because this is where I connect myself and believe I am as such .

        Get what I am saying this whole gender Identity is just getting so ridiculous , facts are the facts as Ben Shapiro would say X or Y period. Changing your cosmetics does change your DNA.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You can’t always react to something instantly. It takes time to process experiences and situations. Life is a process there are no easy tricks or routes. Everything is so raw and easy but so difficult and challenging at the same time.

        Mediate on what you are going through and come back to it later.

        Jahaha. Logic is different to us all. In a sense, I don’t use logic but I do. Creative and artistic people are mad. If you are not insane you question nothing.

        If I accept everything for how it is. Logic is hard to accept. I question everything even the truth. Because who actually knows?

        Hahahahhah. You be that burnt piece of toast with cinnamon sprinkles.

        I understand what you are saying and some what agree with what you are trying to say here.

        We live in 2019 and the future is now. I watched this youtube video. I can give you the link if you want. These people identify as animals. It shows the life of a few people and what they do each day as an animal. They take it very seriously. This one guy changed his signature to his pawprint.

        Ben Shapiro is a character for sure. He’s so interesting to watch hahaha. He gets so into his talking.

        Not sure if im on his “side” but I agree with what he says. He’s raw with his words haha. Says what he wants.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice reflection, Brandon. I believe so fully in being authentic, whether it means you need to take a year to step back from the public and off social to hear your inner voice again or if you need to have folks to be accountable to. There is no honor in being fake and yet it’s all to common in this society.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you! 😊

      Happy to hear there is another soul out there that enjoys being themselves no matter the “cost.”

      The biggest mistake is the mistake of not being yourself.

      Very true, being fake is quite often in this society.

      Remember to embrace your true self!

      Much love!


      Liked by 1 person

  3. You speak words of wisdom through your writings and your art is also quite thought provoking. I love how you use the colors and the shapes in the portraits. It seems to demonstrate the many facets that bring us all together into our authentic selves. Both your words and art are thoughtful and well done. Thanks for sharing them.

    Liked by 1 person

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