Quote #4 Repost (New Addition)

Quote #4

It is as if all these “famous” people are really not “famous.”

We are all “famous.”

Each individual is their own movie star to their own movie called “reality.”

Think about it, honestly, if you work hard at something.

You will have to succeed in some form.

If you fear yourself there is a 0% chance anything will happen.

There is “success” within us all.

I am not saying people who have succeeded are lazy, they are simply hard workers and are good at their career.

“Success” is different to us all.

Life is a never-ending journey.

Remember to never get comfortable.

Life throws infinite possibilities at you when least expected.

Use the negative moments to help you grow.

Instead of using the negative moments to create a negative reality.

Manifesting a negative thought pattern into your psyche.

At the end of the day, everything is your choice, you are your human form.

No one controls you beside yourself.

Each individual should achieve to be their greatest version.

How do you know what to do and what not to do?

How do you know if this person they call “I” is who “I” really am.

All I can say is the more love and positive energy you are feeling within your soul.

The more you are becoming your true authentic self.

Fear nothing besides fear itself.

The more you fear this life and the person called “I.”

You are absorbing and manifesting more negative energy than needed.

A negative reality will not be a fun reality.

Inspire yourself each moment to become your greatest version each and every day.

Or walk down the path of negative manifestations.

The choice is yours, my friend.

To decide a life full of despair and darkness.

Or to decide a life full of light and love

If you wish to be better than everyone else you have some reflection needed.

Wounds within yourself that have not been healed yet.

The smartest thing to do is to “be.”

When you are in the state of “being.”

Each moment comes to you with more clarity than before.

When you “do” or “force” everything life seems quite fast and hectic.

Life is lived the way you decide to live it.

To “be” or to be “doing” every moment without a break in between each moment.

Become greater than who you were yesterday.

If you attempt your best each and every day.

That is what matters the most.

Do not forget about that soul that is within the flesh body.

Often times the ego gets ahead of the soul “knowing” what to do.

The intuition is what you must listen to.

The soul “knows” best.

You have to tune into your own soul/frequency to hear your own intuition.

After you tune into your own intuition.

You are your “true” self.

Many are lost in this world.

We are all lost.

No one has any idea what is going on or what they are doing.

We are all in this together, so we might as well lift each other up instead of putting each other down.

Follow your dreams no matter what anyone tells you.

It is only the “dreamers” that are “sane.”

The ones who have never dreamed before will think you are crazy.

Follow the system and be the system.

Unless you wish to create your own rules and system.

Would you rather be the “true” and “real” you?

Or the “false” and “fake” you.

The more you accept yourself, the more you are yourself.

Becoming your greatest version.

Good luck to everyone!

Remember to follow your dreams!!

They say the “graveyard” is the richest place on earth.

The graveyard is full of hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled and pursued.

Dream now before it is too late………..

15 thoughts on “Quote #4 Repost (New Addition)

  1. Always very wise thoughts and inspiration Brandon, more focus on removing negative thoughts of the Ego, the I. More about projecting Soul Love to all. Filling ourselves with our own Soul Love to share out to this world.


    • Always attempt my best to express myself in the moment.

      Yes we must not forget “we” are all in this together.

      Everyone is a big happy family.

      Our beliefs and labels should not separate us but they do.

      Just be yourself and “follow” whatever dreams you have.

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  2. Great expression of showing what happens when your superior state of mind Brandon . Its true and I’ve said before Those that start with you will not finish in the end you will face your greatest testament of your life alone .

    When you have idea or envision the concept what will be is uncertain without conviction in executing your perseverance from enduring and learning from your adversity .

    If want something bad enough then go get it , it won’t come the idealist

    KNOW YOUR WORTH …Winners win Period!



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    • Thanks! Everyone daydreams.

      Energy is within us all. Having all of us live this life.

      Everyone has a “reason” or “purpose” within themselves all it takes is listening to that voice within yourself.

      Fear yourself or live this life in a lie.

      Exactly, conquer this life or life will conquer you.

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  3. Many people have their own level of success. Many people don’t reach that level of success as they wish. Success to me is small. The person I measured, the wetsuit I made, the quilt I finished, the friends I have. Not the money I made, not the house I bought, not the car I own. It’s sad that others don’t feel the same way.

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    • Very true.

      Yes, then the individual leads down a negative manifestation pattern.

      I relate to your forms of success. Success is the little things in between that create the “success.”

      Yeah, I have close to zero possessions.

      I am “poor” materially but “rich” in the heart.

      Society brainwashes everyone into the material game and then everyone is in the need of more than what we already have. Ourselves.

      All you need is yourself.

      Happy you live your life in positivity.

      Much love to you and your loved ones!


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