New drawing! (Check it out!)


Started this drawing a while ago.

Took a picture of the drawing multiple hours in.

I would say this is about 10-20% finished.

At the beginning of each drawing, you have to trust yourself.

Never over think anything.

Let the mind be free and the art will create itself.

If you force the process of the art your true self will not show through your art.

If you create art for the purpose of not creating.

You will create something you did not intend to create.

Use your soul when creating instead of forcing everything.

You do not have to always listen to others.

Let others say what they wish to say.

In the end, follow your intuition.

Everyone have a great day!

34 thoughts on “New drawing! (Check it out!)

    • Thanks!

      I wonder the same.

      Sometimes things happen or you experience certain things and there is no way to explain yourself. Coming up with language to describe some things is impossible and will never be able to be expressed.

      Liked by 1 person

    • That is okay.

      Thank you for looking at the art and commenting. 😊

      I appreciate your positive words.

      Only “time” will tell…

      Thank you. I send love to you and your loved ones!



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