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This photo shows an example of perspective.

Charlie Brown is thinking “negative” thoughts. Charlie could be using deep philosophy explaining his “out of the box” thoughts. Then again, it could be depression.

Snoopy is agreeing but then he comes back with a positive perspective. Snoopy has the right mindset.

Who knows, this image is only perspective and the way you see everything.

We live in a society that dwells on things that we do not have. Instead of living life in gratitude and appreciation of the things we do have.

Think in depth like charlie brown. Use Philosophy in all your thoughts.

Be like Snoopy as well. Manifest nothing but positive energy.

Turn the “negative” energy into “positive” energy.

49 thoughts on “Shared picture (1)

    • Just googled “Momento Mori and Carpe diem.”

      Seems to be a philosophy of some sort.

      Don’t really understand what it is saying. You can explain if you want.

      Thank you!


      • Thanks for sharing this with me!

        Now, I know some information about the creator of the show.

        I love philosophy so much.

        You have to question everything.

        Gotcha, that is interesting.

        The world appreciates him for his art and craft he left here on planet earth.

        I am thinking his show creates mass amounts of love and happiness.

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