Late 21st Birthday to me! -(02/01/1998)- “Special” -[Question and Answer]- Ask me anything you wish….


I am an artist/writer/philosopher that lives in North America, in the United States.

I live in a small town of about 40,000 people.

Each person is similar to a ghost walking throughout the streets. You never really know each individual, but can observe and feel the presence of their energy. Each person having their own aura.

I have been creating art for the past two years now, in a serious way.

When people ask me “What do you do for a living.”

I always question what that means. What I “do for a living” really should not matter, should it?

I could be a bitter soul full of hatred and have all the money/ fame in this world. Your labels do not define who you are.

The energy you emit to the world, as well as the energy you feel within yourself, is who you are.

Labels do not change who you truly are.

Be your true self instead of hiding behind different masks.

Loyalty and trust are important when using your soul.

If I were to have all the money in the world I would still be who I am today.

I would help the people in need. Spread as much love around as I can.

My answer to this question.

“What do you do for a living.”

Well, I breathe, just like everyone else. I eat/ go to the bathroom. Oh and I sleep sometimes too.

My point is, I am nothing but human. I happen to make art for happiness and I am lucky enough that I can make it into a “career” in the future. The goal is a full-time “career”, well that is the dream.

This dream lies in my hands. The people help the dream happen including all the people reading this. It is all of the energy put towards the craft, every little amount of energy matters as much as the last amount of energy.

If it was not for each transcending moment, you would not be here at this very moment. Every second put into the art means that much more of an improvement. Even if I “fail” at a drawing. It is still an improvement.

I look at my art as play and not work, you do not get paid for something you enjoy. You get paid for something that you do not enjoy.

Then again you can contradict what I just said. I am thinking most will understand what I am trying to explain.

You only get paid for something you do not enjoy because then there is no need to be doing what you are doing if the only reason is for the money and nothing else.

If you get paid for something, what you are doing is nothing more than a duty.

No one pays the children to go have fun and run around outside.

We live in a society that is ego driven and we automatically think we have to be “rewarded” something for everything we do.

Imagine if I told you that everything you did you would receive nothing in return.

All you would receive is the gift of life each and every day.

Material and money should not control your life.

Live your life through your soul and love instead of being controlled by the illusions of life.

Health is wealth.

Attempt “working” on your health.

A positive mindset also comes with a healthy body.

It is as if no matter what we are never happy enough as a collective.

Everyone is always waiting for the next thing or waiting for more of something.

If you think about it there is nothing that is next.

You can’t have everything at the moment.

There is only the now.

All you must do is be and live in the moment.

Patience is at an all-time low for most individuals

I recommend becoming more patient.

Everything I do is out of my imagination and nothing else. It is all just for fun. All being an act of play at the end.

All of the money is extra. What I care most about is the energy people give me towards the artwork. The expressions as well, So I guess the new energy created and the love that the art creates in this world.

By being yourself you bring a whole new energy to this world.

There is only one of you.

Start being “yourself” now.

If each day you are manifesting more positive energy into your life.

You are on the path to becoming your greatest version.

We all have different energies to offer the universe.

Remember to not be so locked up and do not fear to share your state of mind in this world. Even if it hurts, in the end, it is better to be a “real” you than a “fake” you.

Here I sit typing up this blog, aging every second that passes by. To never grasp any moments that pass by but only to live in each moment the best I can.

The imagination lets you “remember” past times. Everything is your imagination, all of these mind games I tell you.

Looking into the past or imagining what the future holds for you can be scary or pleasurable. It is always the moments with the most energy that you never forget in your lifetime. The happiest and the saddest moments, usually these moments are imprinted on the brain.

It is the way you stand back and observe each moment, there is yin and yang in all situations. The individual just needs to see a deeper message or meaning. We need more of this yang. The greater energy out of the two. Positive energy will force out the negative energy. It feels as if more negative energy is flowing around the world at the moment.

It is on each individual to create each moment.

No one is perfect, I always attempt my best with my imagination. I do not always create the piece of art I manifested within my mind, but I am happy with what is created.

The next time you get a chance to become your greatest version learn how to manifest a brighter future.

It is best to live in the moment you physically are in, at this very moment and no other moment. If you live in a different moment of time then your mind is not even in the “now.”

It is hard to appreciate what you see at this very moment when you are not living in this very moment. Destroying the purpose of life in a way.

All of this is very ironic.

Stop living in regret, choose to live in the “now.”

To dwell on past moments is a bad idea. Nothing can be fixed or changed, just reflected upon.

Yes, this is a picture of me, I never post pictures of myself.

This photo was from about a year ago.

I am lazy and do not want to take a current photo, hahaah.

The only difference Is I have more of a beard and a lot more hair. My hair is getting quite long.

Now here I am at this very moment typing this. If it was not for the moment in my mind, that I decided I wanted to go full out on this “art’ thing. I would not be here at this very moment typing this. It all would be nothing but a “dream.”

Here I am happier than I was last year, many positive and negative situations occur to everyone within their lifetime.

I do not wish to speak of myself, I would have no idea what to tell you. I never really have anything to say, unless I am talked to or if people ask me things.

Yes, I do talk a lot but most of the time to myself. As we all do, I probably talk to myself more often than most do, hahahaha.

With time and experience, the universe will create my future, all I have to do is play with the universe and not give up. Listen for the signs when they are there and follow through.

Remember to not ignore the intuition, heart, and soul. The soul, heart, and intuition guide you throughout your life.

Trust the energy you are feeling at the moment. Each moment creates the next moment. Pay attention to the energy and do not ignore the energies you feel in your presence.

“Chaotic Shapes” aka “Brandon Knoll” is signing off, ask me anything you please. It can be something as simple as 1, 2, 3. Or possibly a question as complex as the creation of this universe. I do not know the literal answer, hahaha. I just mean a question that is very complex and mysterious. Love to have conversations with people who are interested in the same thought patterns as me.

I am ready for all people and types of questions, do not be too scared to ask anything.

Nothing is too weird/strange or abnormal for me. I accept it all, hahaha.

I am no greater than you, all of us are equal. All I happen to do is create some art and besides that, I am a happy and a humble soul.

All I wish for is peace, love, and positivity to vibrate throughout each soul.

Ask any question as you please.


93 thoughts on “Late 21st Birthday to me! -(02/01/1998)- “Special” -[Question and Answer]- Ask me anything you wish….

    • Thank you! 😊

      My best “answer” for the wisdom is from within myself. I experience life a lot and mediate a lot. I used to never be all “whoo-hoo” and the way I am now. Believing in energies and such. I was kinda like this in high school.

      After I graduated I had no idea what I wanted to do. I lost one of my best friends to suicide. When that happened part of me was lost and I entered a weird state of mind. Many new parts of myself were being released without me being aware.

      If I were to not have lost my friends I probably wouldn’t be as into my art and all about positivity and spirituality.

      I don’t have much besides my art and family. I look at the world completely different than most and it is hard to relate to anyone. Only talk to a few people. Not here to be “fake” with everyone. Kida ranting now but I feel like you will understand what I’m trying to say jahahahha. Turn the darkness into light.

      People rather suffer than become their greatest versions. It is easier to give up than to even attempt at all.

      2. I actually just think of everything at the moment. I have no idea who or what I am drawing next. All I focus about is the moment and the moment of the drawing I am currently working on. I channel my energy for the moment and that is it.

      3. I actually found some drawings I did from when I was 5 1/2. These portraits look very similar to my art now. Shapes within shapes. Edges and colors everywhere. I think this “style” was meant to be. Over the years more of this style keeps showing itself out of the art I create. Over time the skill creates itself.

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  1. Happy belated birthday. I can not remember which side of the brain tends to be the artistic side but it also is the side of people who carry on conversations with themselves. It how we artist keep our focus. At least that is the excuse I use. I do have a question, as your wonderful philosophical meanderings lean close to my christian beliefs. Do you by chance fall into that belief as well?

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    • Thank you!

      I think it is left not sure, to be honest. Think it is the people who use their left hand. Hah hah yeah I have heard the same saying. Art people talk to themselves.

      No, I do not follow any religion. If I were to “label” myself I sound say “Buddhism” I believe in the unity of the people. Love or consciousness you can say.

      I always tell people my answer to everything is “love.”

      Many don’t take me seriously when I start talking “weird” so I rarely do it.

      A lot of people are just angry and negative all the time. We need more positive energy in this world.

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    • Thanks! 😃

      1. Some hobbies I have are reading, writing, working out (Calisthenics), biking, hiking, meditation, fitness, and health. There’s more I could list.

      2. That question is contradictory then again all questions are. I don’t believe in “plan b” if you fully pursue “plan a” then there is no reason to think about “plan b.”

      All I am trying to do is be myself.

      School was a mess for me. No college for me, hahaha.

      I guess I would say “fitness and health)”

      I eat quite healthy and workout/ take care of my physical/mental health well. I was going to become a personal trainer before pursuing art. So I guess “personal trainer” I just don’t like that label.

      Or a psychologist.

      I look at myself as a humanitarian.

      All I wish to do is to raise the frequency of the world and the people.

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      • Yeah I totally understand that – art has worked out for you so I guess there’s no reason to think beyond that. Also, I feel like if you fully pursue one thing, it doesn’t stop you from pursuing anything else. As much as I love writing and blogging, I love trying out new things too. It’s always exciting trying out something new.
        Thanks for your answers!

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      • That is how I look at it. Otherwise, there is doubt within my creations and no belief within myself.

        That is certainly true.

        There are many “inventors” or “artists” that mastered many subjects or life.

        I agree with you. I would love to do many artistic things in all forms.

        Help others with health and fitness. Money isn’t needed for everything there is this thing called the “heart” hahaha.

        Yeah no problem, I appreciate your time and energy.

        Much love!


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  2. “I look at my art as play and not work, you do not get paid for something you enjoy.”

    Fun, fun, fun!

    That’s what good art should be all about. Bad art too . . .

    Who can really judge except for the creator?

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    • Thank you! 😊

      1. One day at a time.

      My philosophy on life is different compared to most.

      I often confuse people explaining myself.

      I wish they taught us to live this life differently.

      We need more people to be themselves.

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  3. Pleased to meet you. You seem a very balanced person to me. Wise beyond your years. Continue creating, it keeps us artists alive. Thank you for liking my posts on Life in Poetry. You are welcome anytime. You can follow me/friend me on Facebook at Susan Baury Rouchard.
    I am now following your blog. Hear from you soon.

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    • Nice to meet you as well. 😊

      Keeping your balance is the most important thing. Without balance you will stumble and fall. You have to keep on being yourself even when it does not seem to be working out. Do not doubt yourself.

      Creating keeps me alive. Not sure what I would be doing if I was not creating, hahaha.

      Yeah no problem, on my free time I browse through other blogs. Enjoyed your posts.

      Sounds good. I’ll possibly add you.

      Thank you I appreciate the follow.

      Shows the support and love of the art! 😊


    • Thanks! 😊

      1. Sometimes I have to work the next day and I have high energies of creativity hitting Me and I have to be sleeping instead of creating. Hate when this happens. One day the “dream” is to be a full-time artist.

      2. If I know I do not have to be up at a certain time I sleep like a baby. If I give myself enough time to sleep then I am good. I just rather be creating then sleeping.

      I shoot for 8 hours a day.

      The most I have slept is around 12-14 hours I felt like I was reincarnated, hahahahha.

      Many individuals lack sleep I think sleep is important helps you have a life of “quality” instead of “quantity.”

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    • I always appreciate your love and energy toward art. 😊

      How sweet of you, hahhahah. Thank you! 🙂

      I send love and happiness to you and your loved ones.



    • I often have the thought of risking my health for my art. I never do though.

      Mental and physical health is important than the ego and trophies.

      I rather live a health energy filled life than a short quick chaotic life of stress.

      Health is wealth for sure.

      I’m living to 100+

      I worked on my birthday jahaha. But i “celebrated” kinda but not really.

      Went out for food.

      Thank you! 😊


  4. Like your post sir. I do not put a photo at all on my page. A friend that suggested WordPress as a blog told me that I should put a photo of myself on because they think I am good looking. They said when people see you are handsome you will get more followers??!!
    What do looks have to do with art or creation? I hope you had a good birthday and ate the last slice of cake

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    • Thanks! 😃

      Jahahahahahha. That’s funny. That someone told you that. Followers are just followers. It is internet “clout” hahah.

      I understand what your friend is saying though. We live in a society of self-worth off of likes, shares, reshares, comments, etc….

      People define themselves with things that should not define themselves.

      Looks have nothing to do with creation.

      We live in a world full of egocentric souls.

      Me, I and no we.

      I ended up working on my birthday jahahah. Not drawing or anything. I worked out out too hahaha.

      I don’t eat cake hahaha. 😜

      I appreciate your energy and comment.

      You have spoken the truth.

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    • The art you create has nothing to do with looks.

      The art you create all comes from within the soul.

      Creation is the process of using love to live through the soul.

      Me too, it has nothing to do with external looks.

      I observe people by their energy they vibrate to the world. What you look like, the car you drive, your job, etc…. I could care less.

      Treat everyone with respect there is no pedestal.


  5. Wow!!! You are really consumed with living your present moments huh??? So very serious!!! Especially for an artist. Even one as enlightened as you… 🤔 I myself like to say I am some what of a cross between a… heck, I don’t even know what I’d call myself anymore. But what I do know is… it is VERY DIFFICULT for me as a creative person to stay on task and time efficient. Jkjkjk. I understand what you’re saying. The past is just that. Past. We cannot change it, dwelling on it only robs you of your present moments and thinking too far in the future, places undo amounts of stress and anxiety on you that also robs you of the present. What I’m saying is usually us creative types live in an entire different realm, where, for myself… I’m here in the present moment, but time is not an issue, it’s not my jam, I’m there, when I’m there. And the Universe creates the right environment for me to thrive and flourish. 🤩❤💡

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    • All there is is the moment. Everything else is just here and there. All will pass.

      Yes, being in the moment keeps your energies at a high. No need for a negative life.

      Yes, you understand how “time” works hahaha. Many say but do not do what their words say.

      Yes, the creative people live in different realms for sure hahaha.

      Exactly! Keep on manifesting a positive life.

      Sounds like you know to do, hahahha.

      Much love!



    • One day and one moment at a time.

      Thank you!

      hahaha haha. We are all in this together. Everyone is my brother and sister.

      You can do anything you want.

      Just believe.



  6. “Remember to not be so locked up and do not fear to share your state of mind in this world. Even if it hurts, in the end, it is better to be a “real” you than a “fake” you.” So true!

    Happy belated birthday, Brandon.

    If you could only do one last drawing, who would it be of?

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    • That’s how I look at it, hahaha.

      I used to never feel like myself.

      If you don’t feel like yourself start changing your thought process and patterns of life. Your habits.

      Thank you! 😊

      1. That is an infinite never-ending question, hahaha.

      It sounds like you are talking about a person as in “who.” I think I would draw the whole world in a scenario of a utopia. The beauty of the mother earth and the people/animals.

      In this drawing or painting, it would show my reality of what life “would” look like.

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      • Thanks, hahaha. It would take a lifetime to create that one piece of art.

        Happy to hear that! 😊

        Each day holds new experiences for us to become our greatest versions.

        You must become greater instead of falling into the thought pattern of fear.

        Thank you again, much love!


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  7. nice to see you full page dear Brandon hahaha
    have a wonderful birthday time and keep doing what you love !
    i keep following your art and lifestyle …
    i believe you have found your purpose and you ‘re inspiring others to be themselves
    preserving that passion and improving your art is the best way to demonstrate your love for life itself …
    we can meet with emotions and feelings beyond miles and distances from around the world
    i’m so grateful to share this part of our artistic mood . KEEP ON the great job bro !

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    • Hahaha. Rarely post pictures of myself.

      Thank you, every day is your birthday.

      I appreciate you for following me, man. Shows the love and energy put towards the art.

      That’s how I see it too. You have to raise others in the process of becoming your greatest version.

      Help others notice their own beautiful inner self.

      The way you talk sounds like we are on the same frequency level hahaha.

      Can feel the love in your comment.

      Yes for sure, remember to keep on being yourself as well! 😊

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  8. Words are kind of funny at times: ‘If you had all the money in the world* . . .?
    No, it wouldn’t make you another person! Not overnight! But – it would most certainly change your way of living – over time that is, and – it would certaily alter what kind of people would be seeking your friendship? For what motives? Why you? Which would – ovcer time – force you to take another and deeper look at thos whom called themselves ‘your friend’, and gradually I believe that you as well would slowly be changing from what you are today. And to the point: If you had ‘all the money in the world’, it would imply that the rest of us had nothing?!
    Hard to tell, but probably you wouldn’t survive even the first day, do you think? 🙂

    But I understand the meaning of you words, however, it will take a very strong back (person) to carry a fortune!
    And it would most certainly change you as a human being – over time – and you probably wouldn’t notice yourself. And may be even surprised when told!?
    (Thanks for visiting my blog! There are more that 7 500 full screen pictures there – all from Norway and Norwegian nature. Please enjoy!

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    • You can’t take everything so literal. You have to use the creative mind here and there.

      I understand everything you are saying and agree. You never know what will happen at the moment until the moment occurs.

      I don’t believe in money or possessions. People define and base their life of the illusions and forget about the “important” things. Attempt your best to not lose yourself within this world.

      True, many talk and never follow through with their words.

      No problem! On my free time, I browse through other blogs.

      Interesting. Must be fun taking all the photos.

      Have a great night! 😃


  9. Very Happy Birthyday Brandon…21 is a great moment to live so enjoy as life is very long and very short and it passes so quickly… (I soon will be 76…) I like the way you write!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Happy week end

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    • Thank you! 😃

      Yes, I understand what you are saying.

      Reminds me of the quote by Jimi Hendrix.

      “The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye… Until we meet again.”

      Who cares how old you are. Live in the moment. All that matters is if you are humble, positive and healthy.

      Thank you! Speaking from my soul.

      No problem, in my free time I browse through other blogs.

      Thank you!

      I appreciate the positive energy. 😊


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