Shared video (#1)


I happened to stumble upon this video this morning.

Ironically I felt just like the little boy in this video. I felt stupid and didn’t belong to other kids “similar” to me.

Overhearing people talk about me.

I love when the guy says.

“We all know art doesn’t pay the bill.”

Neither does being negative and bringing others down.

Pay your soul a visit and not the bank.

In the video, the lady turns her face with disgust. It seems to me she could possibly be an “artist” as well.

People hate the arts. Give it a chance my dudes.

A valuation someone gives you of yourself does not define you.

You yourself define who you are not another person……

People who define other people. DO they know a definition of themselves?

We live in a world of labels and numbers the soul is forgotten.

Give this video a watch for some daily inspiration! 😀

“If you feel pressure”





Jay Shetty – Facebook.

This is not a shout out. I truly love everything this man has to say. ❤

To see more energy filled videos similar to this video like his Facebook Page:


19 thoughts on “Shared video (#1)

  1. I wish my father and teachers had seen this video. My father always told me I was dumb, ugly and stupid and would amount to nothing. Teachers would bully me because my siblings had caused problems, I was told that I would be a waste of space. After an unsuccessful dysfunctional abusive marriage I have studied and gained a Degree in Health Science Nursing, have wriiten and published a book, and now I continue write, do art and craft. I will say its been a real struggle but with determination I have won the emotional battle.

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  2. I absolutely love this. I have 2 children (both in primary school) If my children fail a subject but put in 110% effort then i’m a happy and PROUD mum. My children thrive in a variety of subjects which may not always be academic and that’s OK! The way they treat others, the way they treat themselves and the positive impact they have on this world is far more important.

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  3. As one who struggled in school, this resonated deeply with me. Now I’m in the process of realizing I define myself, not how I did in school, not by what others think defines me. Thanks so much for sharing this video. 👏👏👏

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  4. Hi Brandon, firstly I love Jay Shetty.. An amazing man. I totally relate to this video. When my son was eight years old, the teacher said to me “ just face it your son is not very bright and he’s going to struggle in the world.” I was shocked, I was sad, I was disappointed and then I was angry at her the categorising him. As it turned out the classroom was not the best learning platform for him in the world. He is 21 now he is smart, he is successful, he is kind, he is wise, he is amazing, and to say I’m proud is putting it mildly. You have inspired me to write a post about this also I will share yours with in mine. Thank you 🙏

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  5. Hi Brendan. First I’d like to say I love Jay Shetty. He’s amazing I love listening to him. Next, I totally relate to your post and the video. My son when he was eight years old had a similar experience. Whilst he didn’t overhear the teacher, it was my experience on hearing these words. The teacher bluntly said to me “look just face it your son is not very bright and he is going to struggle in the world”. Wow, firstly I was shocked, then saddened, disappointed and then I was angry that she categorized my son at that young age.

    Thankfully he was moving into another year and had another teacher that the school did not give him the support that he needed.

    I took him to a new school as it turns out the classroom was not his best learning platform.

    He is now 21 years old, he is kind, he is compassionate, he is successful and highly respected in his current occupation, He is very smart, he is wise, he is admired by friend and peers, he is funny, hilarious in fact. He can recite facts that will floor his audience. Particularly sports facts. He is amazing, and he is my son and to say I’m proud is putting it mildly. You’ve inspired me to share a post and link your post into it on the same subject. Thanks for sharing Brendan

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  7. Thank you for this Brandon. We all need to be encouraged as artists, but family, schools and society at large only see us as “not serious”. It took me a long time to shake off that judgement and trudge along in jobs against my nature and beliefs….to pay the bills ! You might like a film with Anne Hathaway and (Tony?) Sturgess, set from 1988 to 2006, called One Day, I think 🤔.
    Have a nice day. Beating Rain here in Toulouse, today. April showers bring May flowers.

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  8. So long as you are not hurting anyone along the way, don’t ever stop doing what makes you happy. Continue making art. Continue living the life you want. You don’t owe anyone other than yourself and those who genuinely and graciously stand by your side. Good luck!

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