Quote #84


In this very moment, you are living right now.

Let’s say you were to die.

That should not matter.

Do not fear death.

Death is an “illusion.”

When it is time for you to leave this world.

In the moment of when you leave.

It will be at that moment when you were “supposed” to leave this mother earth.

Life is death and death is life.

We are all experiencing something called “life.”

Life is a reflection of death.

You must live to die.

You must die to live.

You have to accept death as much as you accept life.

Without life and death, you could not exist in itself.

You would literally be nothing.

Nothingness within a space of darkness with zero light.

That would be a shame.

At least I would think so.

Imagine if we were all born within the darkness and all we experienced was the darkness.

That would manifest a dark life for most.

You have to look at the negatives and turn the negatives into positives.

I feel as if some individuals feel dead inside.

Even though they are “living.”

I look at this life as a gift.

The greatest gift I have received.

“I” mean “we.”

“We” is “I”

And “I” is “we”

There would be no individuals in this world without every other soul here as well.

Live your life through your soul instead of through the flesh.

Follow your intuition instead of following the dogma of others.

Ironically here I am “expressing” myself to tell people to not follow the “dogma” of others.

I am not sure if everyone “understands” me.

I am not here to be “understood.”

There is nothing to understand.

You are “it.”

We are all “it.”

Life itself.

We are all a part of this human experience manifesting consciousness.

Manifesting whatever reality we wish to be in.

Receiving the opportunity to live this life in this vehicle of a body.

How you decide to live this life is up to yourself and no one else.

To live through the soul or to live through the ego.

The soul is giving and caring.

Expecting nothing in return or a “reward.”

The soul has nothing but the intention of love.

The ego is stubborn and always has to be “correct.”

The ego often projects insecurities through itself.

Spreading negative energy to others on accident without being intended.

No one intends to hurt anyone or even themselves.

In negativity, you are blindly manifesting more negative energy into the world.

Some souls are suffering while some souls are in the process of healing themselves.

When you harm or hurt someone the ego is in use.

When you spread smiles and spread love to others.

You are using nothing but the soul.

The soul understands.

The ego is not understanding.

It takes self-realizations to accept you are hurting inside or harming others around you in this life.

No one wants to take “fault” for their “mistakes.”

So we live blindly instead of with clarity.

Everyone makes mistakes.

All you must do is learn from your mistakes.

We all “wake up” at a different moment in life.

However, you “wake up” is different for everyone.

It takes that one experience with an abundance of energy either positive or negative to have a life-changing moment in this life.

To enter a realm of darkness.

Or to enter a realm of light.

You can be in the “middle” and just exists if that is what you wish.

When you enter your “own realm” many will not understand what you are trying to express.

I believe we are all here for a “purpose” or “reason”

That “purpose” or “reason” is not for me to decide.

Only for you or this person, we call “I”

Do more people live a life in a pessimistic reality?

Or do more people live in an optimistic reality?

You need to have a relationship with yourself.

When you lack a relationship with yourself, you will most likely be headed down the “wrong path.”

It is quite important to have a relationship with yourself.

I talk of the “inner voice” your intuition.

There is a voice within us all.

If you decide to follow the intuition that is up to you.

When a soul is first brought into this world.

Everything is thrilling and ecstatic.

Children live in the moment completely with zero worries or fears.

Over time everyone seems to lose connection with their “inner child.”

It is now time to “grow up.”

That is what the “system” tells everyone.

It should be this instead.

“Now it is time to evolve into your greatest version. Become “yourself” instead of following others in unwanted footsteps.”

Everyone knows who they are.

Most just hide in “fear.”

Fear is not real.

False Evidence Appearing Real.

There are no monsters coming to get you.

All is good.

What matters the most is how you manifest everything into existence.

If you lack something within yourself this you that they say is you is not you.

When I was a little child, I made a pact with myself that I would never lose my originality.

“I” would be myself.

Instead of following the ways of others listening to dogma.

When I was a fresh soul, I felt like something was “wrong” with me.

Now I know I am completely “normal”

“I” am not similar to most people.

That is okay.

As long as I am myself that is all that matters.

“I” exist within a different realm than others.

I perceive everything different than most.

I always thought I was crazy or mad.

Now I know I am here for a reason.

To “question authority” and to “create/be me.”

You have to be curious about this life.

It is hard for me to “accept” anything.

How do we know what we know?

We only know what we know because we “think” we know what we know.

But how do we know that we actually know what we know?

Everything is perceived as seen through the eyes of the beholder.

Life is an illusion.

Everything is an illusion.

There is this quote by Charles Addams.

β€œNormal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

Question yourself and question authority.

Is this “I” that they call “you.”

Who you are.

Is this really you?


Or are you a false you?

Every day I question life and death.

For all, we know, maybe we are all dead at this moment.

Then when we “die” we are reborn.

In a sense, life is death and death is life.

Once you die you go where you go.

Once you are born you will be where you are.

Everything is a reflection of duality.

Without life, there would not be death.

Without death, there would not be life.

You have to appreciate both life and death to fully experience life to its fullest.

Death is life.

Life is death.

28 thoughts on “Quote #84

  1. Excellent Read Brandon and very true

    I have been working on some new creative writing being I have background into Criminal psychology . I created S.K in which his method of death to murder his victims is venom .

    I am thinking the road turning him into villain book character to which the world has never seen such ruthless , vicious mass murder that has no human element why his mens rea , actus rea coincide with reasoning because there is none what so ever . Just pure predatorial killer instinct .



    Here’s the VIPER’s bio


    Age Unknown to be 25-35
    Place of birth Pretoria ZA
    Off the chart Intellect with pyschotic tendencies
    Highly cerebral very dangerous
    Several masters in Deadly Arts specialties Suchow Black Tiger Kung Fu and Mauy Thai
    Ex Mercenary Sec Ops South African ,guerrilla
    Background in both toxicology and Bio Science specialized in Venom Toxicity

    He has absolutely no form of remorse or emotional responses to his victims
    How and when he chooses his victims behaviourial patterns are unpredictable and cerebral

    Is very good at blending and its not the human element that gets him off but thrill of stalking his prey and fantasizing special cocktail of each one of his victims
    Note: He never uses the method of death twice
    No one knows what he looks like he could be in your sights and you would never know” he could be living in your neighbourhood you would never know .

    My advice count your blessings and that you’re still alive , because if the Viper knew you were closing in you would never see him coming and your life would cease to exist .

    How many victims will endured his sick sadistic, twisted game of death and venom in which he chooses there’s no coming back once he unleashes his cerebral attack.

    Matter of time as he watches you die in excruciating agony screaming for help is pointless trying to escape is useless your fate has been seal.

    Viper is always watching , stalking only matter of time as he watches patiently in the shadows ……



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  2. Also here is another creative writing project I been working on as well I wanted creative thinking what Brimstone could be in pure Nemesis in flesh and blood the Night Reaper came to life ready to rip the souls and lavish in the blood of his lambs he slaughtered straight to Hell.


    Check out let me know what your thoughts are on both the Devil’s Kiss of Death & Night Reaper



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  3. Like I’ve said before darkness lives within some of us fear it other like myself embrace it because without death there is no new life its vital cycle of constant movement of fortifying endless energy.

    Finding the balance to cope and adapt to the darkness can be very dangerous game of Russian Roulette for me right now I am playing that game some days it feels like I am lost and drowning inside my mind others I feel like I am finding my core path again when really its just reflection of deception . I hope when endured this voracious , raging storm I will see myself again on the other side , because I see right now when look into the mirror is a Grey Eyes.

    Keep up doing what you are doing your winner kid and its honour to have you as mate .



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    • Yes, you must embrace the darkness to become your greatest version.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can relate to what you have said.

      Every moment of every day is an opportunity to become your greatest version.

      For sure, will never stop being myself.

      Thanks, always appreciate your comments and energy.

      Always learning new things from you.


  4. Wonderful post Brandon. Heart lifting. So very true. I completely agree with you. So beautifully phrased. Powerful.
    Have a wonderful May. April showers bring May flowers. 🌷 🌀 🎈 🌍 🌏 🌎 🐝 πŸ•Š πŸ€ πŸ¦‹

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    • Thanks! πŸ˜ƒ

      Always attempt my best to express my thoughts and put them into words.

      We need to live to die and we have to die to live.

      Life is full of polarities.

      I appreciate your loving energy. 😊

      Much love!


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