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I saw this photo and had to instantly save it.

I felt the energy within these words 110%.

I Remember being in school listening to everything everyone told me.

Whenever “I” had questions or did not agree with something.

I was told to be quiet or to not question.

To question life itself makes sense to me.

If you look at the picture you notice a “teacher” “teaching” multiple students.

“I” was that student in the back of the class.

Daydreaming about “unrelated” things that are not involved in “school” aka the system.

I felt like a prisoner of my own thoughts. In school, you can never express yourself to your fullest.

You are a “robot” that “agrees” and “follows” “commands” from the “leader” being the “teacher.”

As if you can only say yes and there is no “free-will.”

In school, there is no free will.

Originality is erased in “school.”

I could ramble on and on forever.

It has just been within the past few years I have “fully pursued” my creative journey.

In school, my art “skills” never had the chance to be fully expressed.

Now 2 plus years later here “I am.”

Becoming what I never “was.”

School never let me have the opportunity to become my greatest version.

I was always the “last person” to finish the tests/exams.

Usually getting the worst grade in the class and then defining myself by my grade.

Always getting help and being tutored.

“learning” things I never wanted to “learn.”

“Now” I know that I am “special”

I am here to be my original self.

Not to be competitive against other like-minded individuals similar to me.

I am here to be myself.

If I ever have children I will probably homeschool them.

Be your greatest version and have no one stop you from being your true self.

One last thing I would like to share.

“Question everything, including yourself. Do not accept what one tells you. Think for yourself and do not “accept” what “authority,” tells you.”

16 thoughts on “Shared picture (3)

  1. Brandon I agree, homeschooling is the best. Sending my son to school was the worst thing I ever did. Teachers teach from a book and if it is outside the lines in the book then it does not exist. They teach false information and do not cater for the creative child who is above average intelligence. The children who survive school are systemic fit in the box kind of person nothing special and very plain.

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    • Yeah. You have the opportunity to look within yourself instead of being programmed by the school system.

      People need to think for themselves. Find what makes them happy. Whatever “you” are. Find what makes “you” “you.” Instead of agreeing with everything people tell you.

      I have been out of school for a few years and I have evolved as a person more in the few years I have been in school compared to the life I was in school.

      I rarely had the chance to express myself.

      I was living in fear. Fearing everything including myself.

      Now I have realized there is nothing to fear besides fear itself.

      There is nothing in your way besides thyself.

      I appreciate your love and support.

      Much love!


  2. I agree with you 💯 percent.

    The public school system doesn’t teach kids to be their best version of their self.

    I believe some kids are so bored in school that it stops their desire to learn and grow.

    Awesome picture and illustrates your topic 💯 percent. 😀

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    • Happy you can see the message in this post man.

      No, not at all. If anything school makes certain individuals become more “lost.”

      That was me. Now I have been graduated for a few years.

      Creating my own path. Being an “artist.”

      Thanks, man!

      Have a great night.


  3. I immediately thought of George Carlin when I saw this post. The stand-up comedian would have agreed with Margaret Mead had they been students together in Catholic school.

    The following is a quote by Carlin I have always enjoyed. I liked it so much that I took my son to see George Carlin on his 16th birthday in 2008. Carlin died just a few months later but I believe the suggestion took root and that my son will pass this bit of wisdom onto his son and my grandson!

    “Children should be taught to question everything. To question everything they read, everything they hear.. children should be taught to question authority. Parents never teach children to question authority. Because parents are authority figures themselves and they don’t wanna undermine their own bullshit inside the household. So they stroke the kid and the kid strokes them, and they all stroke each other and they all grow up all fucked up and then come to shows like this.” -George Carlin (in his final tour, ‘It’s Bad For Ya’, 2008) Read More:

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    • I love George Carlin jahahhaha. He’s a rebel.

      Crazy guy but you have to love him. His story is something else.

      Good thing you soon saw George before he passed!

      I have seen that clip before. Watched it again.

      We need more people with his authority talking the way he did to the collective of people.


  4. I don’t know about you. I’m a student myself, and I don’t know if I got lucky or what…but teachers often tell us to be ourselves, no matter what society’s rules we’re breaking. They preach to be ourselves, and only us, unless it’s a better us. I guess it all depends on the teachers and their mindsets, not the school. After all, a school is only a building. It’s a school because it has teacher, students and of course, facilities.
    I disagree with you because school had me confident enough to be me, even under the watchful gazes and judgemental looks given.

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    • Thanks for sharing your perspective and story.

      I guess it is different at every school.

      My experience was quite awful.

      I have “learned” more about myself outside of school than what I have learned in school.

      Art was ignored in my school. That could be the possibility.

      I appreciate your thoughts

      Thank you! 😃


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