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When you observe or see something.

What you are observing and seeing is completely different in your eyes.

Compared to the person next to you.

Possibly what we all “see” in something is completely “wrong.”

Everyone is unique and sees everything in their own perception.

For example, if you were to show someone a piece of art.

What they “see” within the art is what they “see” within themselves.

We see everything as we are.

The environment you surround yourself with you become.

The thoughts you, consume you have a higher chance of manifesting these thoughts.

You should be constantly evolving over time.

If your opinions and thoughts on ideas never expand or change that is not healthy.

You can not be the same you all your life.

Go out there into the world and expand that mind of yours.


20 thoughts on “Shared photo (4)

      • The picture is a true representation of what happened to ? My brain when experiencing both my bipolar episosodes, first aged 42yrs & second 3 years later. Colours seemed to take on a meaning for me & purple in particular freaked me out. Two friends visited me once both wearing purple. They didn’t know about my foible at the time & I was further down the recovery route so we all had a good laugh. You have given me an idea for a painting thanks 🙂

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      • I would say yes.

        My mind is in different realms hahaha.

        Thanks for sharing your story.

        I appreciate your openness. The more open you are the more you free yourself and become yourself.

        I understand what you mean. I feel energy towards colors as well. Purple relaxes me. Purple haze is my favorite color I am pretty sure haha.

        I appreciate your time and energy. Thank you!

        Much love.


      • Just realised Brandon that I was able to embrace the colour purple a few years after my hospitalisations. After my return to work &
        jumping through all the hoops to prove I could do my job (compus mentus) I wore a purple suit, had my hair done & set out my stall professionally to apply for a job nearer home. My application was unsuccessful & I later learned that a student at the clinic got the job, hey ho. I enjoyed the experience however and it felt a great personal achievement.

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      • Thank you for being so open.

        Sounds like an awesome time.

        A purple suit would be memorizing hahaha.

        Love your individuality.

        As long as you attempted your best and you were being yourself that is all that matters.

        Do not feel bad if you didn’t get the position.

        Life is life we will live another day hhahha.

        No worries.

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      • This was a long time ago Brandon and I really enjoyed setting my stall out proving I was back in full flow. I wasn’t disappointed about the job as I knew it was a foregone conclusion. ‘If you are not in you can’t win’.

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    • No problem love interacting with other individuals.

      You shed new parts of yourself when you free yourself.

      No need to have anxiety.

      Let the world know who you are and fear nothing.

      Nothing to fear besides fear itself.

      All those mind games.

      Take it easy.

      No problem. 😊

      Much love!

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