Almost complete with the drawing. (Check it out!)


The colors in this drawing are exploding with energy.

The process of this drawing has been similar to riding a roller coaster.

Each moment is unpredictable with mass amounts of emotion.

The “final” piece of art is never “final.”

It is up to the artist to decide when the art is “final.”

If you really think about it the art is creating itself more than you are creating the art.

“Art” comes from the “subconscious.”

“Everything you “hide” normally you release when feeling “open” with your emotions.

You become “open” during creativity.

Using the subconscious mind.

You can never force creativity.

Creativity must come from the flow state.

Creativity is a form of meditation for the soul, body, and spirit.

All the emotion and energy I am feeling at the moment I express myself in my art.

Energy is in a constant state of movement.

You have to release your energy in a positive way instead of in a negative way.

Release your energy wisely into this world.

Avoid harming yourself and others.

Much love to all you beautiful people!


26 thoughts on “Almost complete with the drawing. (Check it out!)

    • Happy you are enjoying the process of the drawing. 😊

      Yes, there are some eyes peeking through.

      Yes, never force anything. Let the moment be and go with the flow.

      When you go with the flow.

      What was truly intended will reveal itself.

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  1. These days it is impossible to hide all is being revealed if we only open our eyes/spiritual eyes to see. We have to watch our words, thoughts and actions as they have a ripple effect on the rest of the world. Beautiful art slowly revealing.

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    • Most are living “blindly.”

      Then again who has the right to judge anything or anyone.

      People need to open their “third eyes.”

      Exactly. We all have a choice and most choose to manifest a negative lifestyle of suffering and pain.

      Thank you!

      Sorry for the late response, hahaha. 😊

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