Started a new drawing. (Check it out!)


222 f

Started sketching this drawing a while ago.

Took a picture before I got too carried away with the sketching.

I always finish the sketch ten times faster than how long it takes me to color the whole drawing itself.

To me at least. In my subconscious, the colors matter more than the sketch itself.

Then again, you can contradict that and say the sketch is more important than the colors.

Once the colors are applied to the paper you cannot “erase” the color that was applied.

The color that is applied is once and done.

Possibly that is why I care more about the colors more than the sketch.

The sketch is the structure and the color is the emotion/energy within the picture.

My sketches are similar to a bunch of spider webs.

My eyes often begin to bulge and hurt.

I have to take short breaks depending on how “anxious” I am.

The reason why I put quotation marks around the word “anxious.”

Is because I believe we all have a form of “anxiety” or “mental disorder.”

No one is perfect and if you say you are perfect you are the biggest liar in the world.

Life is about turning the imperfect into the “you”

Be yourself instead of aspiring to be someone that is not even yourself in the end.

Become your greatest version.

I usually practice a breathing exercise before arting in any form.

Meditation is the key to balance your energies.

If it were not for my meditations/practices and patience the art you see now would not present itself.

Life is a balance of all the energies combined into one.

You have to figure out what is best for “you.”

Everything is related to or connected to the same center point. (The Soul)

13 thoughts on “Started a new drawing. (Check it out!)

      • Some fears are valid. There are repercussions in life. We just never know exactly when or how they will come if even… in that sense you’re still right. Why fear something you have no absolute certainty of (which is the vast majority of life).

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      • It’s the only thing getting me through life right now. Just letting it all go and dealing with the now. It’s the only way to extract true happiness out of life. Really. Right?

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      • Same.

        Keep doing that.

        I agree yes. Without the moment there is no moment to appreciate.

        Everyone is in loops and they do a daily dances.

        Avoid living in a negative reality.

        Manifest what you please.

        Be the you that is you.

        Do not let others program your mind.

        Question everything and learn new things every day.

        Have to make life more ecstatic.

        Not so boring and the same every day similar to most.

        Good luck and much love to you!


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