Finished the drawing (2 days to complete)


This sketch took me 2 days to finish.

Ironically I am posting the final drawing a few weeks after I have finished it, hahahaha.

When I say 2 days, usually that consists of 8-10 hours a day.

I feel as if I “create” or “art” slower than most artists.

That is okay in my eyes.

You must appreciate the process of the art as well as each moment that is spent creating.

If I am feeling an infinite amount of energy sometimes I lose track of time forgetting to eat and drink.

Losing feeling in my whole body losing myself within the art itself.

12 hours can go by and time will feel infinite as if there is nothing but this very moment.

When time drags you are living in the future.

Waiting for a destination that is nowhere to be.

Waiting for a “future” that is never here in this “moment.”

When time makes you anxious you are thinking of the past.

What “could” have I done.

There is no “could” all there is, is the now.

Without the “now” there would be nothing.

There is nothing but this very moment when creating.

All these mind games I tell you…

The moment holds infinite power.

The power is within you.

When creating art you enter a whole new reality.

Entering other dimensions compared to this dimension on “earth.”

That is on the days I have the chance to work on art.

There are days where I do not art or sketch/draw at all.

My posts are not “up to date.”

I attempt my best to post and be as active as I can.

Do not put all of your energy into the “virtual” world.

Remember to spend some time in the “actual” world.

Focus on the moment and breathe in that fresh H2o

29 thoughts on “Finished the drawing (2 days to complete)

    • I love your guesses.

      Jahahaha. Anything is possibly. You know. πŸ˜‰

      Yes, the beauty of art is wild.

      Finished the drawing. You can check it out. Sorry about the late response haha. πŸ˜„


  1. Love this description of that feeling when you are just present with the art and nothing else exists. I love those moments, even though I too forget to eat and drink (and get back to people who ask after me).

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    • Always express my thoughts the best I can. The viewer gets a feel of how the artist feels. You can join the adventure of the piece of art.

      Yeah, I forget to eat and drink a lot hahaha.

      Same, answering comments 2 months later hahaha. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Hi dear friend Brandon !
    i agree with your type of feeling about inspiration which is a bless FOR a prolific ARTIST like you !
    i can experience quite regularly with my own way of creating and liberating energy . i mean playing music and more recently wrting too give me the same treatment about organisation ( another life aside ! way of sustain etc )…
    these kind of creative and ‘need of practice’ activities love to eat time like nothing … hahaha

    Depending on transitory priorities and mood , we can find a way to produce with joy , and more often i’m used to prioritize the ‘ lifting moment ‘ like you when you are in harmony with your inner-self , perfectly in tune and balanced for diving within our common universal consciousness … must be about the same For you too , i guess …i can read betwwen lines with you ..i already felt your efforts to stick with ‘real life’ , seen by the precision of your work ,. i was struggling with my schedule , the ‘other’ life urges me to have one good breathe and accept to change it again and again to adapt , so now i can testify that results are better in quantity and quality …

    Some day , you can feel when it comes to you because you’re just ready to welcome the energy , so you start and then , everything else doesn’t worth anymore … YES i know these gaps in timetable when the day or the mornite appear like a blink . i STILL wonder if we’re not time travelling , at least we can be lucid dreamers and share our visions … i believe in connections between worlds and dimensions .
    Some say it could be a waste of time to take time for yourself , on the contrary when you feel stuck on the next day , you realise you better avoid missing it and ruin your own plan for the rest of the week …
    i keep followinf your good work my friend , i thought about a geisha but there’s no place for the sticks in the hair …HAHAHA Jamiroquai got my vote
    THANKX FOR YOUR TIME Brandon ! lol

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    • i forgot the one thing i had to tell you ! bis repetita to erase if necessary sorry for this patΓ© again bro !( sometimes the comments section is messy … don’t know if it’s a filter but i ‘ve lost a lot of comments because of double identification i believe ? …. Just to say , maybe i ‘m doing wrong somewhere )

      ANYWAY my advice FOR YOU was :
      don’t try to breathe H20 OR YOU COULD be drawn … unless you are my best consellor in another dim , i was dreaming i was a famous and respected black dolphin , supposed to be a king in his community somewhere diving deep into a blue ocean and exploring more space…
      Even dolphins as mammals need oxygen !! Remember the old sciences abd chemistry basics O2 is not water bro …
      Much love to u

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      • Sounds good man. Listening…

        I have to accept the comment first before it publishes.

        Interesting dream I like it. There doesn’t have to be meanings to your dreams. Sometimes I have random dreams that are crazy.

        I meant to say air hahaha. I accidentally said water.

        I accept the love.

        Much love to you as well!


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    • Hey man! Yes, have to live in the moment and enjoy whatever you are doing. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing. Attempt your best to enjoy what you are doing. Someone else is always suffering more.

      Yeah, it’s hard for me to switch from “real life” to “art life.”

      One day I will be arting full time hah hah.

      Yes, energy is important. Some days I create more than others. A flow comes out of me some days and I draw for 10 hours without even realizing it. Sometimes I can’t even sketch a line hahaah. Adhd. Have to breathe and meditate to calm the mind.

      I understand your time traveling analogy. I agree with what you say. We are all living on the same planet but within different realities and dimensions.

      There is no rush or hurry for anything. You don’t have to do anything. I could just not make art but I do. Everything is a choice. Expand your mind or don’t hahaha.

      Can talk “crazy” forever haAha

      I appreciate your energy towards the art.

      Can for sure feel all the love! ❀

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      • Love talking to other individuals.

        You have to get bored with yourself sometimes haha.

        For sure. Good vibes all the way man!!

        Yes. Infinite love.

        Have to manifest everything from within yourself.

        Create the reality you please.


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