New colors added! (Check it out)


New colors added to the drawing.

You have to enjoy the process of the art otherwise everything will be “forced” with zero flow.

When there is zero flow.

The art will not manifest itself into existence.

I practice breathing exercises before arting.

Lowers the “intensity” my mind is manifesting.

Remember everyone.

“It” “is” all in your head.

Whatever that “it” happens to be.

“Is” it all in your head?

How do you know if what you feel and sense in your presence is “real?”

Take it easy.

Live in the moment.

All we possess is the moment.

After the moment has passed there comes the next moment and the next moment.

The moments never stop happening.

If you think about it there is no moment beside the moment that happens before this moment.

The past is the past.

The future is in a constant cycle of revealing itself.

Breathe and remember you are the controller of this life.

You have a “choice” every day.

To be anything or to do anything you want in every moment of this life.

Let your surroundings consume you.

In the end, becoming a product of your own environment.

Unless you wish to dig deep within your own soul and adventure the depths of your individual psyche.

“We” all possess an individual unique self.

If you bother to express your unique self to the world or not.

That is up to you.

Follow the herd of sheep or become your own leader manifesting your own destiny.

You have the ability to manifest any future you desire.

The energy you put into this world you will get in return from the universe.

Do not become a victim.

Do not play the self-pity game.

Become your greatest version everyone.

Have a great day all you beautiful souls!


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