More crazy colors added.


Recently received some new drawing paper I ordered off the internet.

The brand is “Strathmore. ”

I have heard a lot of great reviews about this paper/brand.

Before I was using different paper a little thinner than the paper I just got.

Still, thick just not as thick as the current paper I will be using.

The color on the new paper I got is a little tan as well.

The tan color is supposed to help the image pop out even more than normal.

Going to have to think of new drawing ideas.

So I can use the new paper.

Will be brainstorming in my head thinking of what to draw next.

Again, I apologize for the post not being up to date.

I post when I can post.

I appreciate everyone’s patience.

Thank you and much love! 😊

20 thoughts on “More crazy colors added.

    • I’ve created 2 drawings on the paper so far. The final drawing is looking good. The color of the paper helps the colors stick out even more.


      Thanks for your comment and energy.

      Have a great day! 😄

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