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I am pretty sure everyone has been asked.

“What do you do for a living.”

This question is respectful then again kinda disrespectful.

I certainly hope you are not walking around this earth comparing yourself to others to feel some form of validation.

The ego gets in the way of the soul.

Hurt people hurt people without knowing they are hurting people.

You are blind to your projections and actions.

What you think of yourself another thinks differently.

Accept yourself before you accept anyone else.

What you “do” for a living matters, then again it means nothing.

We all breathe air.

We all drink water.

We all consume food.

We all sleep.

We all go to the bathroom.

This egotistical competition of capitalism is destroying peoples, souls.

I never tell people I create art when I first meet them.

Usually, I just say hello and would like to get to “know” someone.

The real question is.

Do you even “know” yourself.

Who are “you” as a person.

Not your job, jahahahaha

I could care less about your “job.”

“Who” are “you.”

Look within yourself and fear nothing besides fear itself.

My thoughts tell me the reason why people hide behind labels.

Is because possibly we are all fearing something.

What that “something” is.

Happens to be different for everyone.

Work on that soul of yours instead of working to manifest that “paper” money.

I want people to judge me for me and my character.

My aura and the energy I emit is who I am.

I am not my possessions or labels.

In the depths of your soul, there is information you have never encountered.

Thoughts and fears pushed all the way back into your psyche.

It is time to deal with your demons and emotions.

Do not be an energy vampire and absorb the positive energy out of others.

Leave others alone unless you have some positive energy to spread.

The way I treat people is more important than my house and what my car looks like.

You can be an asshole and have all the money/possessions in the world.

How you treat others is more important than anything.

How you treat others is a reflection of yourself.

If you are negative to others you will receive negative energy in return from the universe.

When you are positive to others you will receive positive energy in return from the universe.

The law of karma that is if you “believe” in karma.

Health is wealth.

Wealth is not health.

Remember human interaction is priceless while you pay for all that material.

Your possessions and material will not talk to you and exchange love.

Love is the answer.

Not money and possessions.

32 thoughts on “Shared Photo (8)

    • Hahaha.

      Imagine, that would be a dream.

      Possibly one day more individuals/souls will wake up and realize that life is our riches.

      We need to unite and get along instead of dividing and conquering.

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  1. What do I do for a living?

    I meditate, write a Blog every now and then, hang out with spiritual friends, try to help veterans like myself with PYSD, while cheering for the Eagles and the Phillies.

    And read interesting Blog posts from artists like yourself!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sounds like you are living the life.

      You sound happy and involved in your everyday life.

      I always appreciate your comments they are worth reading and answering back.

      Thanks for your comment!

      Have a great day! 😊


  2. I used to get all my value from my work. And then things changed one day and I realized I am so much more than what I do. Now I am more focused on who I am than how I earn my living.

    Totally agree with your message: Health is wealth.

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  3. Yessss!!!! This is right on point, I agree with you I was just talking to The Most High about some of the stuff you brought up here. In order for one to have true freedom they must go inside themselves and know themselves how you treat others is how you feel on the inside many people hurt because they don’t know themselves and/or are uncomfortable with themselves positivity and negativity are both strong energy’s but in my walk of enlightenment I found it takes more ENERGY to be negative and LESS ENERGY to be POSITIVE. Stay blessed everyone πŸ’™πŸ’™ DanYah

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