Check out the drawing! (70%) Complete.


Hello, everyone, it has been a while since the last update on the drawing.

I write these blog posts when I have extra “free time.”

Jahahaahaah. Ironically time is infinite, but we all have “schedules.”

You must do what you must do when you have the “time” to do what you wish to do.

Otherwise, all your “plans” will never manifest themselves into existence.

I look at the world and I question everything.

I question the answers to the answers.

Through my art, I find some form of “acceptance” or “answers.”

I have no idea what I am doing when I am creating.

Then again at the same time I “know” exactly what I’m doing.

In my perception art is never “incorrect” or “wrong.”

Art or expression is mostly “subjective.”

If you vibe with something that something will vibe back at you.

Through creation, I find my love and happiness.

I live through the internal world and mostly ignore the external world.

Then again, my art is Internal thoughts/ideas manifesting themselves into the external world onto canvas, paper, poetry, etc….

Pure magic in itself.

Manifesting nothing into something.

There are too many labels and distractions in this world today.

I feel as if more people are becoming their “greatest version.”

Ironically at the same time, more individuals are “losing” themselves in this world.

Remember to love yourself, everyone, otherwise, you will “loose” yourself within the chaos of this world.


16 thoughts on “Check out the drawing! (70%) Complete.

  1. Time is the enemy brother. I find the cognitive side to these posts fascinating.

    I’m no good with drawing…at all…can barely draw a stick man!

    my art is fixing human structures.

    I enjoy being able to understand how you express yourself through your work and how it comes to life.

    It’s an intimate journey to go along on…and gives away some of the deepest parts of what you enjoy about life.

    I genuinely respect that.

    Keep doing you and never forget your unique talent✌️❤️

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  2. It’s a really cool drawing at 70 percent completion. It’ll look great when it’s all done. Funny about time. We think we possess it, that we “have” enough time or don’t “have” enough, but it’s a resource, like the air we breathe and the water we drink.

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