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I have always thought the same thoughts that are within this photo.

Why do we only rest in peace when we die.

It would be a mistake to not live this life in peace while you are alive at this moment.

To live this whole life, possibly to never live another life after this.

Only to be at “peace” once you die.

That literally makes no sense to me.

To me, that’s like saying.

“Oh, I didn’t attempt my best in this life to become my greatest version. Once I die I can restart.”

what if there is no restart.

Then what?

Was that one life wasted?

I am in heaven right now at this moment.

You are either in a living heaven or a living hell.

Stop making excuses to stop becoming your greatest version

It is easier to be weak and to run away instead of facing adversity.

Life is about overcoming the challenges and not letting the challenges overcome you.

Are you in control of this life or is this life in control of you?

Are you a weak minded individual or a strong-minded individual.

Life is about the challenges and through the challenges you become your greatest version.

If you are handed things your whole life.

Life will be quite difficult.

I am not a “duty” person.

I do believe you need to be challenged every day though.

I am talking about “skill”, not a “job.”

What I mean is.

You need to enjoy what you are doing each and every day.

If you find no purpose or value in what you are doing.

I recommend you adjust your schedule and figure out what “fits” you the best.

Life is always on a constant wave of progress.

You can never be “succeeding” every moment of every day.

There will always be a constant wave of energy.

Moments of ups and downs at all moments.

It is just how you “respond” to each moment that matters the most.

How you “respond” to certain situations shows who you truly are as a person.

Let me ask you again.

Are you a weak minded individual or a strong-minded individual?

To live in a living hell.

To live in a living heaven.

The choice is yours…

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  1. Yes sir!!! I have pondered this too. In the last few years I have become mindful about the difference of reacting or responding. Our culture and society elicit us to constantly react bc our lives are so fast paced. I choose to respond more because it suits my nature and personality better. Finding inner peace while living this life is heaven on earth. I work at it constantly. Great piece!!

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  2. Excellent post. ! This is where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness is not just a Buddhist phรฌlosophy, but also the essence of Christianity – being aware of God and enjoying his presence in the moment. As we enjoy peace in each moment, life becomes peaceful.

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  4. An excellent post. The older I get, the more I appreciate living in the moment. None of us know what the next one will bring… Mindfulness and gratefulness are good bedfellows. Peace on earth is the ultimate wish.

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    • Thank you. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Awesome to hear that.

      Each day I learn new ways and things.

      Have to expand the mind each day.

      True. No one knows the future.

      Indeed. Eternal peace.

      Try to die being your greatest version.


  5. So true! I’ve witnessed one place where people can exist in harmony regardless of their religion and other beliefs and that was when I was an expat in the UAE. Both Mosque and Church are beside each other literally and sometimes it happened that both timely singing. as part of it. It’s amazing!

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