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When I saw this picture I “had” to share it with everyone, jahahaah.

This used to be me in the picture.

Thinking thoughts and thinking more thoughts after those thoughts, thinking if the thoughts I am thinking are meaningless or have a purpose.

How do I know I am thinking? The thoughts I am thinking.

Language confuses me.

I only know what everything is because I have been told what everything is.

If someone never told you anything within this life you would have no judgment or concept of what is what.

Overthinking makes you a weak minded individual.

If all you do is worry all the time you will have no time to become your greatest version.

Yes, have thoughts.

Make sure your thoughts do not consume you to the point where you cannot function ignoring the soul.

The power within yourself is ignored when you are weak.

To “know” anything is quite impossible but possible.

What I mean is.

For “one” individual to take on the world like it is their worst enemy is the role of a victim.

Sometimes you are better of taking it easy and taking it one step at a time instead of all the steps in one step.

To victimize yourself or to free yourself from all the thoughts.

Certain practices and meditations can help you ease your mind.

When you “worry” you are in a stage of weakness.

When you are weak you are more prone to “victimizing” yourself.

Do not victimize yourself.

All that lost potential to never be shown to the universe and your family.

Let everything happen and be in the moment.

The moment is where no one pays attention.

Most individuals are lost within the “past” and the “future.”

Funny thing is there is no past or future all there is, is the “now.”

To live in the now.

To live in the past or future, creating unwanted suffering and pain.

When you live in the moment you find tranquility.

Life is my riches.

All that material is a distraction.

Appreciate this life before it is too late.

One day you will be gone.

Don’t waste that “time” of yours.

Use your time wisely.

In the blink of an eye, you will disappear.

21 thoughts on “Shared Photo (10)

  1. Great post! As for “Certain practices and meditations can help you ease your mind.” – essential oils seem to be doing the trick and they’re gaining on popularity. Worth trying πŸ˜‰

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    • Thanks!

      Yes, I attempt to meditate every day and I do other things.

      I use essential oils as well.

      Natural air cleanser

      No chemicals. Chemical-free for me hahahs.

      Use plant-based everything.

      True they are gaining popularity.

      Already fo hahaha. πŸ˜‰


    • That is a fact!

      Attempt to meditate one time per day.

      Time amount varies.

      Creates new neurons and pathways in the brain.

      For sure feel an energy shift.

      If you don’t understand ill sound crazy hahaha.


  2. haha funny image, I used to be that way too, Brandon. Over the years I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about overthinking and learned how to stop it so I am present. And you are so right, so many of us waste time living in the past and worrying about a future we have no idea how it will be. Great post, you are learning much earlier in life than I did, that is the key to a better life, consciously aware of it and enjoying the moment.

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    • Yes, a funny meme hahaha.

      Same no reason to overthink everything. You will manifest a roller coaster of a reality.

      Yes, I am slowly learning. You have to study yourself.

      We live in a world of individuals that know everything about everything besides themselves their soul hahahs.

      I appreciate your time and energy.

      Much love!


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  3. very deep thoughts in fact … lol so bugs buddy you’re my cousin !
    i love that THING OF THINKING but i learnt one thing you don’t talk about , i believe it’s connected to the topic ! …
    overthinking can drive to burn-out !
    it made me think ( ) at this peculiar mid of night where you’re trapped in insomnia because of these excess of thoughts rushing to your mind … i’m sorry to even explore this mood again which revealed to be very scary when it happened to me the first time …to that point i thought i was passing away … i mean like i know it must be dangerous to push the self destruct button without knowing the security pass , and doing it at random …
    i got out this situation with deep breathe et teasing relaxation or sometimes on the contrary , have a walk in fresh air for 5 or 10 minutes then find inner peace again … let it go is the classic answer . BACK TO SPIRITUAL Layout ;
    We need to be conscious and self -aware of our powerful thoughts machinery
    we create what we think and believe enough to materialize…
    with love …

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    • Expressing myself the best I can. Thanks!

      That is true it can out burn you.

      Thanks for sharing your story.

      I don’t have sleeping problems. Sleep kinda lightly though wake up from the smallest things.

      Yes, meditation and breathing exercises are the key.

      Brings you back to awareness and you realize your own thoughts and actions.

      Be in control of the controller.

      Indeed we do.

      Infinite love!



    • Happy to hear you enjoyed reading this! 😊

      Remember, each moment good or bad is here for a purpose. For us to become our greatest versions. We have to overcome the negative and manifest positive energy.

      You can do anything you set your mind to.

      Believe in yourself! 😊

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  4. You still have really a lot of time in your life, and you are pondering about the thought and thinking itself, what a waste of your limited time.πŸ€” Sometimes just better to stop all thinking while it leads sometimes just to nowhere. πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ Nice weekend πŸ™‚

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