Pheonix “Rebirth”


We all fail.

We all learn.

Failing is a part of learning.

Learning is a part of failing.

Life consists of duality.

Negative and positive.

Positive and negative.

We need both positive and negative energies to have one energy.

We must have the “opposite” of the “original” to have what we have now.

You can always manifest opposite timelines than the timeline you are currently within.

Does this life decide you or do you decide this life?

Are you in control of your destiny or do others control your destiny?

Do you rise from your failures?

Or do you doubt yourself even more after you have “failed.”

As long as you “believe.”

Anything is possible.

It is quite difficult for me to “believe” anything.

How do we know that we know anything?

That is the real question

Through belief anything is possible.

The power within helps you become a greater you.

The symbol of the burning phoenix resembles that we can crash and burn and rise again from our failures.

Death and then a rebirth.

That does not give us an excuse to not “attempt” at all.

You must put in as much energy as you can that is all that matters. Hahaha.

Each moment we have the opportunity to “grow” we are technically “failing.

You must fail to learn, and you must learn to fail.

Next time you ” fail” don’t sweat it.

Appreciate your failures as much as you appreciate your accomplishments.

Without your failures, there would be no accomplishments.

Without your accomplishments, there would be no failures to look back on.

You can’t “improve” on yourself every moment.

Therefore you must “fail” yourself other moments.

In the end, all moments help you become your greatest version.

Hopefully, someone understands the duality in this piece of art.

To fall and then to rise with even more power/energy.

The meaning of this piece of art holds a little more value in my heart.

The colors are reds and oranges.

About 2 years ago I had a friend commit suicide.

His favorite colors were reds.

This piece of art is for you dude.

I am sorry about what has happened.

We cannot redo or reverse time.

All we possess is this very moment.

You must fail yourself and then rise from your failures.

Just because you fail does not mean you are a failure.

Failing is part of life.

Resists victimizing yourself.

Do not doubt yourself.

Remember to love yourself, everyone.

Without love, you might lead yourself down the “wrong” path.

I love you man.

I wish I could see you one last time.

I regret not “helping” you as much as I could have helped.

You should never blame yourself.

You can only help an individual to a certain extent.

Hope you can forgive me, man…

I send love to you man and I send love to all the other souls in this world.

They only realize your worth once you have passed away.

Through the power of love, the souls on this earth will unite.

51 thoughts on “Pheonix “Rebirth”

  1. Beautifully written piece and the perfect bird of rebirth to represent your words. They say without struggle there can be no progress and that’s what the Phoenix represents, overcoming and rising. Great job my friend.🔥

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    • Thanks, man! 😀

      Always attempt my best to express myself.

      Never force the writing or drawings.

      Yes, we need to learn how to handle adversity.

      They should teach us valuable things in school instead of what they teach us now hahaha.

      About the soul. Health and the mental mind.

      Everything is opposite.

      Be yourself man at the end of the day.

      Thanks again!

      Much love! ❤

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  2. I absolutely love this!! I too just posted on my blog about accepting our shadow selves as well as our light selves. Both must exist and be appreciated. I feel we are conditioned to see our darkness as a negative when it’s just like you said here, extremely vital to being a whole energy. Great work❤

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    • Thank you! 😊

      Interesting synchronicity.

      The universe must be telling you something. 😉

      I agree.

      In the end, light is dark and dark is light.

      Most of everything corresponds.

      You need one and you can’t have the full part without the other aligning the two into one. Positive and negative equal one.


      Much love.



  3. Thanks for being so honest and open about this. I too have lost someone I loved to suicide. I blamed myself for many years thinking I could or should have done something, but ultimately it’s down to every soul to take care of themselves and love themselves enough to want to stay. I value the one I lost still and just try to show everyone I encounter that they have value in this life. Believing you have value means believing you can survive and go on living. Never forgot you have value. Having value allows one to see that failure means God and the universe is teaching you something which means you are valued by God and the universe so much that IT took the time to show you a lesson to elevate you and make you be better. ❤️ I fear failure but I also know that without it, I would think I was forgotten by God. Everyone thinks they are remembered by God only through their successes, but it’s not true. God or the universe remembers you too and is there also when you fail teaching you your value bc the struggle reminds you that it is real. 🧘🏻‍♀️

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    • Yeah, no problem the meaning of art is to express yourself as best as you can with no boundaries. Use nothing but your soul when creating.

      Thanks for sharing your story as well.

      I agree it comes down to each individual to believe within themselves.

      Failure is important for sure.

      We have to fail to learn.

      We have to learn to fail.

      Both will happen so accept it hahaha.

      Everything corresponds with each other.

      Thanks again for sharing your story! 😊

      Much love! ❤

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  4. wonderful thoughts dear Brandon !
    you expressed a lot once again beyond what i can guess,
    i can be wrong hahaha about your shyness and intimate nature
    Even talking about mysteries of our individual consciousness ,
    You are always real and authentic, balanced in an harmonious way , inner and outter dimensional being of love .
    i love you for this . And i love the way you put your energy into your art as a wonderful tool connected to the souls ;
    i DO feel this sensitivity and empathy that linked people with high emotional intelligence and psychic abilities or simply awakened friends with artistic gift whatever it may be … .
    It ‘s a great honour to be invited in your fantasy world which occurs to be so deep and interesting I’m happy to visit regularly … i ‘m still following your evolution , as a long distance friend and amateur of beauty .
    Much love back to you precious friend !
    this Phoenix is fantastic …thankx for the legend you associated with it
    We are all parts of deep tales …

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    • Thanks, man!

      Always try to “scare” people with the expressions hahaha.

      Everything is consciousness.

      Real is all I am. I have no time for fake anything.

      Love is everything.

      Thanks, I love you as well for being yourself.

      Love is a universal Langauge that connects everyone

      I understand what you are saying.

      Certain individuals are tapped into a different reality or frequency than most individuals.

      I agree with that for sure.

      I am in different realms jahaaahh.

      Thanks for joining me in my crazy artistic world and reality.

      I appreciate you following the art. It shows a lot of energy and love.

      Thanks for the thoughts towards my friends. Any positive energy is good energy.

      No problem, thank you for your time and energy. 😊

      That is true.

      Much love!



    • Nothing but the power of love! 😊

      For sure.

      Writing feeds my soul.

      Write with my intuition never force anything or think of what to say.

      It all comes to me at the moment I am writing whatever I am writing.

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      • I can relate to writing feeding the soul. It’s almost like you are channeling ancient wisdom. Allow your intuition and creativity to flourish. You are an incredible writer!

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  5. Wow Brandon, what a beautiful & heartfelt post in so many ways.
    So sorry to hear about your dear friend and hope he is at peace.
    I will certainly have to revisit this post, the lovely artwork that helps you express your emotions and the words you use also.
    I am taking a blogging break & just dipping in. I am so glad I visited here.
    Take care ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! 😃

      Happy to know to know you enjoy the final drawing and writing.

      What has happened has happened.

      Moving on is best instead of sitting in your own sorrows.

      I appreciate the love.

      Sounds good. Nothing but the soul.

      Good luck with the break.

      It’s nice to step away from technology here and there.

      Clear the mind of all the nonsense.

      Same! Hahaha.

      Thank you.

      Much love!


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  6. Beautiful tribute to your friend. I’m so sorry for your loss, but understand too that a lot of people keep their turmoil locked inside and it’s hard to know what they are they are going through until it’s too late….I know he’s seeing this and loving it.

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