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All it takes is one action or one smile to create positive energy within another individual.

You could tell someone to have a great day or be nice to someone and that could stop someone from harming themselves or harming others.

People say nothing is free.

That everything costs something.

It costs zero dollars to be nice to someone.

It takes zero dollars to spread your love.

Use your soul for once instead of using your ignorant flesh.

To be selfish and to only think about thyself.

Greed and ego.

Or to help others using your soul.

There is a possibility someone could “outdo” you even though you can’t outdo anyone.

Teach your ways to others.

Using nothing but intentions of love

We are all the same but uniquely different.

Help others instead of purposely making others fail to feel better about yourself.

Radiate light and help others overcome their obstacles.

Much love to everyone!

27 thoughts on “Shared Photo (11)

  1. Very helpful and encouraging.
    When I was in my final year of university I was really struggling with a biology course. I was feeling discouraged, thinking I might not graduate.Then, one day while walking in the hall at school a fellow student smiled at me. It was a beautiful smile, meant just for me. My mood lifted, I felt encouraged, it was difficult, but I passed biology and graduated. And it was thanks to the beautiful smile of a stranger. 🤗

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    • Happy to spread the love.

      Thank you for sharing your story.

      See. When you observe the universe differently than most individuals.

      You can see through the veil and realize what is what.

      “They,” say some people are like angels. Or have positive energy flowing throughout them and “heal” everyone around them.

      Try to be the healer of the world.

      Instead of the energy vampire.

      Much love. ❤

      Happy to hear you ended up graduating.

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