Finished the Sketch! (Color Added)


Was too anxious to start coloring and forgot to take a picture of the full sketch with no color, hahahaha.

Usually, post the full drawing with no color.

This is the largest and most detailed drawing I have attempted in a while.

Challenging but fun.

Always ready for a challenge.

Never rush the coloring process.

It always takes longer to color the sketch than to sketch the sketch out.

You learn something new from each drawing.

Everything is valuable when arting.

Nothing is a waste.

Pay attention at all times and your art skills will improve gradually over time.

“Good” or “bad” it is all the same in the end.

Appreciate all moments.

21 thoughts on “Finished the Sketch! (Color Added)

  1. Great work Brandon, it took effort, talent and a very important ingredient, creativity. I like your words as well, very good to tell your viewers about what you are creating and how…lovely!

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  2. Hi Brandon,
    Long time and a Happy and healthy New Year to you and yours.
    Hope you are keeping well and managing during these challenging times.
    All is well here thank God although it feels like riding a roller coaster at times.
    I finished colouring your drawing on 5th November on day one of a month of lockdown in England (whole new timeframes and terminology).
    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to explore colour and the significance of different colours for me.
    Take care 🙂

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