Added more color. (13 Days since the last post)


It has been 13 days without posting anything, sorry about that, hahahaha.

Yes even when nothing is posted art is being created.

Have been dealing my energy towards other areas besides the blog.

Often the “artist” loses track of time/reality.

Yes posting these updates adds extra energy to the process of the art.

Then again, sometimes stopping yourself from creating to take a picture ruins the flow of creation.

I apologize for the extended disappearance.

I am not important or anything we are all the same at the end of the day.

Will be posting updates frequently.

Keep your eyes out!

Much love.

10 thoughts on “Added more color. (13 Days since the last post)

  1. I once posted more than 30 posts in 30 days. Now I try to post at least once in 30 days, I also gathered many of my life story posts and put them in book form, calling it “A Brewerytown Kid Grows Up.”
    I dedicated it to my grandson Jameson in the hopes that he’ll read it someday and try to avoid the trouble I got into.
    Welcome back!

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  2. What a coincidence Brando that you should post this drawing of yours. Today I printed the off the previous one and was going to have a go at colouring it in. For the bank holiday period I have rescheduled friends meet ups and hospital visit to a friend just to give me time out.
    I plan to reblog your ‘heart’ post, do some colouring, catch up with my journalling and sort my ‘creative cupboard’ during this period.
    Deactivating my Facebook account temporarily has been such a liberating act enabling me to resume ‘seeing the wood for the trees’. This pic shows up as shades of grey both on my phone & p.c., is that the intention?

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