Eighteen days since the last post. (Check it out!)


I apologize it has been eighteen days since the last update.

Need to be more frequent with the updates and posts.

Moved to a new place have been busier than normal.

Still creating lots of art for sure.

Do not want to ruin anything or give anything away.

Surprises are the best.

Have many posts to share.

When you already know what is going to happen that is quite boring.

Surprises have infinite possibilities.

Surprises hold a lot of excitement and energy.

I will attempt to post more frequently.

Thank you, everyone, that follows the art and thank you for putting your energy towards the art.

Everyone have a great day.

Much love!


14 thoughts on “Eighteen days since the last post. (Check it out!)

  1. People do tend to have sadly short attention span nowadays. Still, I believe it’s better to speak only when you have something worth saying. šŸ˜‰ Life does get in the way sometimes too. Looks like you’ve made nice progress on the drawing though.

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    • a lot of my life i’d agree with the statement “it’s better to speak only ā€¦” — however, it seems I’ve been “in a place/mindset/present-reality” where seldom, indeed, I have “something worth saying.” (pause, 4 M-fa-siss): and still, idle chatter to someone else shopping in the store, or a comment about nothing in particular to an employee in that store, or just a casual “hello” (or off-beat/left-field) comment to someone you pass on the hiking trail — THAT seems to elevate the universal vibe, just a little. and when I “play sports” tho’ i’m doing poorly (usually) — i’ll compliment others on good play — “a little bit can (sometimes) go (if not ‘long’) an appreciable ways”

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  2. Your art is incredibly intriguing, Brandon. I keep looking at it because it plays with my mind so much šŸ™‚ I love it for that reason. You have to really study and think creatively to interpret the meaning. Well done.

    As for not posting – you need not apologize. Life can get unbelievably chaotic and messy sometimes. Changes in life happen and trying to fit too much in only creates unnecessary stress. That of course kills creativity. You take care of yourself and what you need to do – the rest will take care of itself!

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