The Drawing will be done soon.


It has been a while since the last update.

What a coincidence hahaha.

Keep saying I will focus more of my energy on the posts but usually that is a false statement.

Do not worry.

The art is being arted on no matter what.

I appreciate everyone who uses their energy on the art.

Thank you for your time and energy towards the art.

I am enjoying the black/white/gray color scheme.

In the past, i have created some black and white drawings.

For some reason. I feel these colors at the moment.

A “nirvana” feeling.

A numb feeling of some sort.

“Oneness” with the universe you can say.

Become less attached to the image of yourself.

Life will flow out a lot easier than normal if you detach yourself from everything.

There is no reason to “stress” yourself.

The only “stress” you have to worry about is the stress you falsely manifest into your life.

Everything is about energy.

Most people do not know how to balance their energy in this world.

Most of the time exchanging energy left and right for nothing “positive” in return.

Manifest wisely everyone instead of handing out your energy for free.

Respect thyself.

6 thoughts on “The Drawing will be done soon.

  1. Hi Brandon,
    What a timely post. Yesterday before visiting my elderly sick friend, ex colleague and surrogate mum in hospital I revisited your previous post adding more colour to my print off. I photographed before and after.
    I find it interesting to read your thoughts on the use of black and white in your paintings. I always think the characters in old black and white films seem more authentic.
    Your thoughts on constructive managiement of one’s energy rings true for me.
    Watch out for posts about my colouring updates and visits to my special friend.
    Thank you Brandon.

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  2. Yes my friend, attachment is the root of all suffering. Yet as children if we don’t get the proper attachment to our parents, it disturbs our mental and emotional growth. I have had quite a spiritual awakening and major shift happen in the last few months that has alleviated so much of my pain from past childhood trauma. I had to forgive myself and reparent my my inner child’s wounded self. I so enjoy your work, thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful artwork!

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