Going to try to post more frequently.


For the past half-year or so I have not focused that much on posts.

The energy within this life has seemed to intensify for us all.

Focus your energy on reality instead of wasting your energy negatively.

Have this life control you.

Unless that is you wish to be in control of the controller.

Aware or unaware.

All you can do is live your best life.

Never give up, no excuse is worth giving up.

I Will attempt to post more frequently.

Taking care of the mind, body, and inner self. “soul”

Still creating art for sure.

Whenever I have the energy to draw then I create.

It’s never wise to force creation.

Let creation create itself.

Otherwise what is intended will not show itself.

“I” ask for everyone to go within themselves.

Is this “you” that you call “yourself.”

Improving each and every day.

Never compare yourself to another.

Life is not a competition.

We all suffer.

It’s just we all deal with suffering differently than the next.

Life is a gift.

Free yourself.

whoever “yourself” is.

The earth is more alive than you think.

“We” all exist then again no one exists.

Do not get lost in that “ego” of yours.

What you think of yourself.

Others think of you differently.

Live this life in a way that you can enjoy.

Life is so real it is similar to living in a dream.

Enjoy your visit on earth.

Instead of manifesting a living hell..

9 thoughts on “Going to try to post more frequently.

  1. “Let creation create itself” yes my friend, that is what this tear has meant for me personally. I always look forward to your posts. Thank you for sharing your unique and creative art😊

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  2. thankx for being you dear Brandon !
    i missed your sketches but you wrote some deep words times by times , so we could see you’re staying on your path whatever happens …
    keep on create and express your mood the way you love … i ‘m still inspired with your work despite i ‘m not so prolifical …

    Art creation is a question of momentum to me , not really have to be punched by urge of time abusively used in the ‘ normal world’ !! i don’t like either feeling pressured on that point which can’t be relevant with art and inspiration ..
    Same for me and playing guitar or drums … neighbours presence or not clearly influence my practice … lol I’m not so bad … but at least respectful …
    Anyway , this is Same Revolution time here in our tropical isands my friend !
    i ‘m your loyal French Caribbean fan , still enjoying Paradise colours in my surroundings …nice to see your last piece and collection of greys …i don’t have an idea about the ” personnage mystère ” yet !

    For news , i’m working home , my business consulting agency on line and coaching session take my time and energy …
    i crave to get back to the beach , and work anywhere outside when we’ll be fully allowed to escape our bunker or simple hut in the Zion , depends on personal preppers’ lifestyle sensibility , wealth and choice … lol
    i don’t fear their propaganda …

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  3. nice to see your on going collection of greys !
    same here my friend Brandon !
    Situation worldwide is so shameful , even our Caribbean Paradise had been locked and we were away from beaches and wonderful coloured nature we have in usual surrounding were kept away from us …

    I DON’T FEAR THEIR PROPAGANDA ! revolution is coming soon !
    get prepared my loyal friend …
    KEEP ON CREATE and be inspired without any time dictature !
    art creation and inspiration are FREE !

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