Added some new colors. Lots of bright vibrant colors.


Stayed up last night for a while, adding color to this. I never really try to keep track of time or notice when I start or finish each drawing session. I can usually guess the amount of time when people ask. They say the time matters, but I think the quality matters more. If all I do is focus on the time I’ll get distracted. Time is always here don’t have it throw you off track.

When I decide to draw whenever it’s. Usually, I have it planned out in my head. To make sure I have nothing to do later in the day. Then the time won’t really matter.

I wish I didn’t have to eat at times when drawing, hahahaha. I’ll be so focused I don’t want to get up or move. Need to eat something though. It’s good to step away from the drawing. I never try to eat and draw at the same time, I’ll mess something up, hahaha. I can imagine it right now.

Added some more color today too. Before I color in anymore, I thought it would be a good time to take a picture. Just enough colors added. Also, I don’t mind taking a break this time. To be honest, I probably would keep coloring If I didn’t feel like stopping. It’s all within the moment.

To make sure the shades and colors are “correct” I have to stand back and look at the image from a distance. The light blends the colors together. Throughout all moments of the drawing, I’m adding and fixing things. It’s like one day I see something completely different than the other. So in the moments I see the errors I fix them.

Let’s add more colors and see what this drawing turns into.

Attempting my best to enjoy the process. All of this red is making me feel a vibrant energy. Haven’t used this much red in a while.


Milestone 200+ blog posts. (208)



Been meaning to post this for a while, achieved this a few weeks back. About two weeks ago. Finally found an open day for me to post this. Rather post drawing updates than a “thank you” message for 200+ posts.

Every Saturday I try my best to post a quote, so far I’ve been constant. Post around two or three drawing updates a week.

In the post where I said thank you for 150+ blog posts. I mentioned something about adding another tab to the website. I said once I reach 4,000+ followers I would add this tab.

Change of plans, hahahaha. Sorry about that, I really wish I could create this tab and share all these different writings with you. I haven’t stopped writing everything I plan to post. It’s kinda a never-ending process and so are the images.

I have journals and notes of writings that keep stacking up. More and more each day. Words of love and words that I wish will bring the people together. That’s all I wish for, this world to come together.

People tell me that this world will never come together. Nothings stopping you, but your negativity within your mind. Change is within.

Many individuals choose to hate instead of love. The inner self is confused and uncertain what to do, so the monkey mind begins to speak out loud.

If you wish to make a change in this world, take a look at yourself instead of going around correcting everyone else. Love and not hatred.

Whenever my mind is thinking. At this moment I write down what my mind tells me. It’s as if someone is talking to me. I say this is my intuition. The guider of my paths. What to do and where to go. The person who is deep down within the soul, but is scared to come out.

At the moment this drawing is consuming my soul. But in a good way. hahaha.

Soon to be, when I hit around 5,000+ followers, I’m going to release this new tab. With more “art” related creations. Similar to stories or lessons. Spiritual teachings. Been writing a lot of stories, poems, and a few other things. I’ll combine all of it into one tab I’m thinking.

I’ll attempt my best to have the basics of the tab added soon. I’ll sketch a blueprint of what the tab will look like. Then I can add each writing as I please. If I don’t do this after 5,000+ forgive me, hahahaha. I wish I had more time for arting. Too bad the “real world” is here.

I’m comfortable enough to share my thoughts with the world. Being an artist you do release and show the world your true self through your art and emotions. The real you, the person within the skin. Not the exterior, but the interior self. Thyself is truly exposed.

So at the end around 3-4 posts a week. Soon I’ll have this new tab, so another post each week or so. Much more to come…..

That seems to be a decent amount of posts for me, always try my best with the words and the flow of the blog posts. Hope I create love and happiness within each person. Thank you for reading and observing my artwork.

I appreciate every individual who has taken their own individual time to observe and read any blog posts. I’m sure some followers have read all 200+ blog posts. Thank you, this shows your loyalty and love.

The energy of love and happiness is felt within my heart.

Thank you, everyone, for reading everything and looking at all the art I post!

Much love. ❤

Quote #51

51Love is everything.

Love is something, and love Is nothing.

The choice is yours.

Be love, decide to act in love, or don’t love at all.

Love is the only thing that will fix or heal this world.

All I say is if you wish to change or create something. Take a look at yourself.


Are you proud of what you see and feel, if not it’s time to change today.

Tomorrow isn’t promised so you start today.

Tomorrow won’t be here and yesterday is only thought about.

Be here “now” or you’ll never truly be here.

There haven’t been many teachers within my life to guide me in the direction I wish to travel.

I have been grooving to my own frequency for a while.

As I was a child, I’ve always felt quite “different.”

Felt as if I had no potential in this world.

There are a few individuals that have guided me to where I currently am.

I’d like to thank these few individuals.

Especially, my mother, she has birthed me into this world.

Everyone has a lot to teach but few things hold a great lesson.

Let destiny create your future and not the ego.

Be very curious throughout this life, if you stop being curious your inner child is lost.

Live with your inner child. In a way, I relate this inner child with the intuition. I can relate the two.

Be in more tune with your soul and not the ego.

Trust this universe or don’t.

The universe is in more control than anything or anyone else.

Listen for the whispers within the universe to guide you to where you should be.

Your body posses you more than you possess thyself.

You possess the actions, thoughts, and soul. Anything that relates to the 6 senses. Yes, there are 6 senses. If you seem to be confused research the “sixth sense.” Energy is everything.

The rest is an illusion of control.

Sure, you might be able to be in control of some things, but the future has much to hold.

Can you withstand this life?

Do you live this life is suffering?

Life is suffering itself.

The challenge is to not suffer.

If you “suffer” you fail. Suffering is different for all souls.

The challenge of life is to not suffer. But instead to just be.

Be one with the universe. Know everything will be okay in the end.

It always is.

Don’t let your mind consume you, but be in control of your mind.

We all let go. But learn how to control thyself. All emotions will occur. Don’t fight back tears when you feel like crying. Cry if you feel like it.

Crying is a release of built-up energies. Crying is needed, otherwise, you’re not human.

Live in love.

Not with the ego, but the soul.

With the soul, the universe will guide you throughout your pathways.

If you’re not happy the pathway intended wasn’t “correct.”

After you find the internal happiness you have found happiness and love.

To love thyself is to love all.

Live in destiny. Trust the process.

Live in love.

Not with an ego and flowing with hatred. An illusion of possessing all things.

You possess nothing but the mind you’re currently using to read this and the soul within.

The thoughts and ideas. Imagination.

Material is nothing.

Money is nothing.

Experience is everything.

Health is wealth.

I can have one million dollars, but be mentally ill and unhappy.

Let’s say tomorrow I sell a piece of artwork for a large amount of money, but I happen to find out I lost my whole family overnight.

I would be devastated.

Every dollar is the same as the last.

Don’t have the dollar consume you. But consume the dollar.

We’re all lost in the end. All scheduled to go here and there and over there.

Without experience in this life, you’ll become quite lost.

Continue following the system or set your wings free and fly away.

Fly, fly, fly, fly, away and never look back.

Become the universe itself.

You’re capable of anything don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t.

When people hate they are nothing but envious of you.

Comparison of ego and the status Co.

Value is more important than success.

We’re all destined to attract towards different lives.

All individuals will not be the same. That would be a quite boring world.

Everyone wasn’t destined to live in this society or do the daily dance.

This is what I call it. The “daily dance.”

I rather be happy than have a nice car or a lot of money.

If you have to put your ego in front of yourself to be a person you’re not a person. Just a shadow of a figure. Love is there but lost.

Ego is used when you’re insecure and don’t know what to say.

We’re all one.

You’re not your achievements or success stories.

You’re every emotion, thought, feeling and action you manifest into this world.

Are you proud of this reflection or disappointed?

I don’t ask for fame, but I ask for people to come together and love.

Love is the strongest energy and frequency we possess.

Love is the only thing we can do to “fix” this world.

If you act in hatred you’re hatred. Your world will be full of hatred.

If you act in love you’re love. Your world will be full of love.

The choice is yours.

Grow the tree/flower with love or hatred.

Hatred destroys the soul.

Love feeds the soul.

Change can happen today.


Or possibly tomorrow, if that even happens.

Death is taking us all.

Take death or let death take you.

Become the universe or let the universe consume you.

Be capable of anything or have fear, laziness and a lack of ambition take you to the ground.

Get back up or let this world take you.

All you have in the end is your intuition and inner voices.

Follow your intuition in this world and everything will align.

True love, happiness, peace and harmony will manifest within your life.

Or continue to live with negativity and hatred within your life.

You’re nothing but your actions, thoughts, feelings and emotions. All energies felt.

Material is an illusion.

Ego is an illusion.

Thoughts and action are the real things.

It’s only when you act in this world that something will change.

Words can be said, but not applied. Many talk and few do.

With action, anything can happen.

Think it and manifest it or just ignore the thought and don’t live the dream.

Good luck everyone.

This life might be quite challenging.

You make loose many individuals and souls within your life.

But remember this.

Never give up……..

The only one stopping you is you.

You’re the reason you wish to give up.

All I say is to love and life will create itself, similar to a puzzle. Each day will be a new piece added and lived in love.

Keep adding to this puzzle every day and never give up.

Be proud of the reflection you see in that mirror.

All we can do as people is love and nothing else.

Take me seriously or as a joke, love is what I speak.




First colors added to the sketch. (Check it out!)


Took a break from coloring this and went to go eat. Here’s the progress of the drawing at the moment.

On Monday I colored for a little bit. Most of the day was used to finish up the final sketch. I Posted the final sketch and jumped right into the colors.

To decide what colored pencil to apply first to the paper is similar to life or death, hahaha.

The ease and flow of the drawing take a while. Over time the frequency of the drawing is found. After you have connected with the drawing you become the drawing itself.

The art will start to flow right out of you. It’s similar to when you’re writing and your hands want to type or write faster than capable.

Countless creative and crazy thoughts you can’t express them in such a short moment.

I “see” the future of the art but have to ease myself and not rush the drawing. When rushing unintentional mistakes will happen.

One color at a time and not 5. Or I’ll confuse the mind.

I need some octopus arms to color faster. Maybe I can work on two drawings at one time, hahaha.

You just have to let the art create itself. You don’t really create the art in the end. Someone else does. Who this someone is, happens to be whatever is within thyself.

As I say this I mean there’s a “higher self.” This “higher self” tells me to create. So I guess the intuition is what I speak without sounding crazy or delusional.

The mind and universe connect. The “Higher self” will know what is correct within each moment of time. Not the ego.

Don’t force this life, but just let it be and it will all happen. When you force the processes you’ll definitely crash and burn.

To be or to be in control.

The choice is yours.

When all I do is be and let my life happen. The art and words are produced. All of this is by accident and I don’t think of anything till within the moment.

Life is created by many little accidents creating one big picture in the end.



Finished the drawing. (Look closely)

DSC_0598Here’s the finished drawing. I’m sure I’ll add many small shapes here and there when coloring. I usually miss a few spots. Unseen till later on in the drawing.

I finished this last night. Was awake until midnight, maybe a little later. Didn’t realize it was 12 till I checked my phone. I was determined to finish this before I went to bed, hahahaha.

This sketch was quite fast and the drawing itself is large. I’d say all those countless hours of arting and using my imagination is finally paying off.

My speed and dexterity are improving. My eyes notice detail more than they used to. My imagination is expanding.

The future can bring an infinite amount of possibilities. Just never proceed to give up on the universe. It’s here for a reason, within your soul is a purpose. All you have to do is dig deep within the parts you normally wouldn’t enter and reflect on thyself.

Experience creates your life into a great life or maybe one of a roller coaster. This life will have many turns and unexpected accidents. Bumps and challenges will be in the way. It’s those who stand and continue to fight their battle that make it in this life.

Challenge yourself to be a greater human being. It’s within all of us, all you have to do is attempt.

This sketch took about 1 week. In the end, I’m guessing somewhere around 20 hours. Possibly a little more or a little less.

Find time for things you enjoy and can get lost within. To enter a whole new world than any other. A world no one else experiences besides thyself. Become your original self. Thyself.

Everyone have a beautiful day. Have fun observing the drawing.

Take your time, there’s no rush. Time is infinite, it’s only your mind that rushes you. The mind is quite powerful. Use it with infinite love and respect. If so, beautiful experiences will enter your life.

Remember to stay positive earthlings.

Much love!

Quote #50


Life is similar to a seed being planted.

This seed being “I.”

You’re this “I.” We all are this “I.”

I’ll explain what “I” speak of in a short paragraph and then I’ll continue to explain the analogy.

“You’re the tree. The actions are the fruit and the words are the leaves. The color of the leaves represents the emotions and what you feel from within. Depending on how you choose to live this life will create the outcome of your tree. All trees are beautiful in the end. All having a great story. Either good or bad. With regret or not. I believe ugly and great things are both beautiful. Grow this tree and everything within it to the best potential you can. Be the greatest and the strongest tree you wish to be. The secret ingredient to sprout the greatest tree is love. With love, you can have the happiest tree that’s flowing with all great kinds of energies. Growth is unlimited and forever don’t give up.”

As it rains, each drop of rain is a different thought of this earth. As the sun shines the earth brings all emotions and color. As the wind whispers millions of messages are hidden within the sky. As the universe is infinite, so are you. With fire, let there be light.

The physical body is proof of wear and tear.

Each leaf can represent each experience, thought, or day. Possibly all of these and many more.

Experience holds value and not money.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it buys temporary happiness.

Emotions create everlasting happiness.

Money does not create you. Experience does.

Money is an assistant in life, the rest is your emotion and thoughts. The actions you produce are the true value. The real energy and not the material.

Energy is value.

The energy of love is the richest thing in this world.

Take a look in the closest mirror near you.

Are you proud of what you see and feel within?

Is this reflection of a tree a proud happy tree or a sad tree full of hatred. In dire need of help?

Be proud or don’t be proud, but in the end, all that matters is if you keep on chugging.

Keep on chugging and that’s all that matters never give up.

Similar to “Thomas the choo-choo train.”

This is a favorite old cartoon of mine. I’m sure some will relate to this comment as well. If not, just imagine a train and be the train.

The tracks are the path and you’re the train. Chug along and have nothing stop you. You might possibly be taken down at moments, but never give up.

If you use one arm you use one arm.

That’s that.

Only a coward gives up.

Are you a coward or proud of who this tree is?

Change is always within.

Many will tell you what is “correct” or “incorrect.”

Only thyself knows this. Use that intuition of yours.

Or let it hide forever and ever.

To never express your imagination and to live within the darkness.

Change is within.

The only one to change this is you being this “I.” The seed I spoke of before.

Not me or that person over there.

Only the person reading this can change thyself.

The controller of the controller.

Thyself of thyself.

Be pushed around or take charge, but with peace and love.

Hatred is nothing but a stingy soul in disguise with a broken heart/ego.

Change is within all.

Don’t be controlled, but control thyself.

With love, of course, and not hatred.

Hatred keeps me uneasy and unfocused.

Love produces full attention and one cares what one is doing.

Love is the strongest emotion and energy we possess.

Love will change this world and nothing else will. Money cannot fix this world only love can.

All is say is if you wish for a greater world as I do.

Do nothing but LOVE.

Good luck on the growth of your tree everyone.

We all look similar but completely different in the end.

Use your originality and don’t become a copy in this world.

Produce some energy into this world and you’ll be received with some energy in return.

Some people are born to be negative, are you one of them?

These are the examples of what to not be in life. Negative and full of hatred. Is there even an ounce of love to come across.

All have a soul, some choose to show it. The others hide it forever. To never express to this external world but to keep it in the internal.

Hatred is the ego, love is the soul.

Depending on the action determines the growth of the tree. Being thyself.

To live in the “now” will create the most beautiful tree.

The one who chooses to live in the “now” will be the most beautiful as they can be.

Grow beautifully…

Or grow with a root of hatred within the veins of your tree. With love lost within the air.

Or with love towards everything and all actions.

Love enjoys hiding from hated.

Hatred enjoys hiding from love.

Hide in love or hide in hatred.

Darkness or the light. To become darker each day or brighter and full of love.

All the colors of the rainbow plus more or pure darkness.

Love grows the tree to its greatest potential. Hatred has the tree drop in energy. Filling the tree with a false future and negativity to Everlast.

Grow to love or die with hatred.

To scream with the ego and overhear the voice you speak with. I’m pretty sure you can already hear yourself.

The ego tends to let go a lot in this world. The people usually do this without intention, it just happens.

Love is forgotten in the air.

Be influential to the children.

Live this life with love or dread each day with more darkness within your soul.

Love is within all.

Just very hard for some to dig out of themselves.

People are often others reflections. Saying that you become what you see and attract to. You’re your friends and you’re the things you possess your time into. The energy you produce is you.

You will become just like all the other trees around you if you continue doing what you’re doing now.

Change is the best for the growth of the tree. When you love the colors of your tree will be beautiful and not full of hatred or darkness.

Chopping an axe at the tree, creating hatred or feeding it with love.

Each thought is a leaf. Each action is a branch growing. The tree itself is the representation of the whole being this “I.”

However, you want to look at it. Use that imagination of yours.

The mentally ill don’t make excuses. It’s usually the people they are around. Also, the energy being absorbed. The circumstances of the moment create your reality. It’s just the way you handle it and your outlook on the situation.

Treat others with respect.

The one and only thing I learned in school was the golden rule.

“Treat others how you want to be treated.”

I’m definitely thinking many individuals still need to work on this.

The rest was all repetitive and the same.

This stuck with me forever.

I’m not sure what I learned in school. It’s just a culture thing. We all have to go.

All it’s is a competitive rat race against others.

That’s all this world is.

Ego and competitiveness. Envy and greed.

“Treat others how you want to be treated.”

This is the rule and thought I live by every day maybe others can join me in the dream.

People often tell me what I believe is impossible. All I have to say is that’s quite negative.

If you wish to make a change in this world. The first thing you can do is take a look at yourself. Thyself.

This is a never-ending journey.

Achieve to be the greatest version you wish to be.

Love is all I speak.

Love is all I ask for.

I’m love.

Treat others how you want to be treated or you won’t know how it feels to be treated.

We live in a world full of people who expect to be treated without even giving love or anything in return.

An ego, me, I and myself world. Center of attention. insecure souls all over and throughout this world.

Live this life and expect nothing but have everything just happen.

Decide to live in hatred or love.

Take and take.

Forget and don’t say thanks.

Or do the complete opposite.

Choose to be a ghost of emotions walking throughout this world. Or live life to the best potential you wish.

Love is in the air, but mostly forgotten.

80,000+ views. Thank you! :)

I’d like to say thank you for 80,000 views on the blog! 🙂

At the moment I have 82,363 views.

I wouldn’t have made it here without any of you. Literally hahaha, the only way I can get views is if people view my blog. There’s no other way. I always say it’s not always about the numbers or amount of fame you receive but the pure happiness and joy you get out of what you do.

We’re all the same person, in the end, nothing much, but mirrors of individuals looking at themselves.

Throughout the process of creating this blog and everything with my art. I have had a lot of love created. However also a lot of stress as well.

Each day is a new day to learn something new. I’m learning new things every day. It’s quite amazing how that works, hahaha.

This blog brings a huge experience in my life that I thought I would never be doing. If someone told me these exact words a few years ago.

“Hey Brandon, you’re going to make a blog in the future.”

If this was told to me about 1-2 years. I doubt I would believe or understand what this individual was telling me.

At this moment I’m quite happy and appreciate all of the viewers of the blog. The key is to keep the happiness and to not let anything take you down. In life, you will be taken down in many different moments. It just matters if you stand back up. We all fall, but very few stand back up.

I appreciate everyone who has viewed or looked at my art/writings! Each view matters as much as the last.

Thank you for letting me reach this far. I appreciate every single individual out there. I can feel the love and energy from everyone.

It’s quite hard for me to express myself sometimes. I always try my best on here and the same with my comments. I always try my best to answer each and every comment. If I miss one or two of your comments I’m sorry, hahaha. Forgive me.

P.S. I’ll answer all the comments soon, sorry about that. Have been quite focused lately. I’m pretty sure only a few individuals will see this. Thank you and I appreciate everyone for waiting, hahaha.

There’s a total of 11 countries with 1,000+ views. On the 70,000 view post, we had 10 countries. Thank you for 1 more country. Many more will join the 1,000+ club very soon.

All the other countries that didn’t make it on this list. I thank you as well, I can’t forget anyone.

Screenshot (3)

Didn’t have time to make a thank you post until this weekend. I guess that’s what happened hahaha. Meant to do this sooner just have other things within my life to focus on as well.

You can’t forget about yourself, without yourself you wouldn’t be here at all. Remeber to breath everyone, make time to breathe hahahaha. Have a great afternoon everyone. I appreciate each and every individual as much as the last! 🙂

Thank you!

Much love. ❤

More added to the drawing, almost (finished)…


The progress of the drawing at the moment. Took a break to go eat something and a few other things as well. I have multiple drawing sessions throughout the day.

The days I create art I usually cut the day down into pieces. I never plan my days they just happen as they do.

If you plan the art the actual art won’t produce. Instead, the energy would be something similar to work or a duty. When creating just create and think about nothing.

Have a free and open mind when creating art. Or you’re causing more stress than you need.

Art is supposed to be a meditative exercise not a workout, stressful or a duty of some sort, hahahahaha.

Create art for the purpose of the art and no other reason. Use the special ingredient of love on each piece you create.

Over many hours of practice and trial, you’ll be able to accomplish anything your heart desires.

I do notice my pace and speed increase on creating art as well. People have told me the same, remember to never give up on yourself.

Just manifest the thoughts and put some actions towards these thoughts.

Don’t let the thought just be a thought. Instead, manifest the thought you hold within your mind. Put this thought into your reality and manifest it.

Art is nothing but mostly little manifestations combined into one big manifestation.

Throughout the process of where I’m at this moment compared to the last drawing update. I’ve completed quite a decent amount. I’m finding the flow to this drawing, but also not really, hahaha.

Everything was going great and this happens. I’m sure many other artists or individuals will be able to relate to what I’m about to say.

I’ll do my best to sum this up without being confusing.

Okay, so when arting you have an ideal picture within your mind of what you want to produce. In reality, you’ll never know what the final result will look like. Only an idea. Art isn’t perfect and wasn’t made to be.

Being an artist at times the “perfectionist” come out of us. I’m not even kidding when I say this.

I probably erased the same section over and over and over. To redraw what I just drew.

I’ll get tense and believe in my mind what I see on the paper isn’t “perfect.”

So I’ll end up erasing all areas around and everything within the designated area. I rather completely restart the area than pick and choose. It’s easier on the mind.

Whenever I get tense or overwhelmed I lose track of my focus and this happens. Then I start to erase everything and it’s an eraser party, hahahha. I have to stop myself and walk away or I’ll ruin the whole drawing.

I never do rip or destroy anything. I have thought of doing so to be honest, hahaha. At times I do feel like it.

Remeber art isn’t supposed to be perfect otherwise it would be a never-ending piece of art, hahaha.

Thank you! 🙂

Started another drawing…..


I’ve been taking a photo of this drawing for the past hour, hahahaha.

Still figuring out this camera. Always try to crop the image the best I can. Sorry about the picture not being perfect Opps, hahaha. Life isn’t perfect so I guess it’s okay.

I’d say this is about 5+ hours of sketching.

Similar to what I always say. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about this drawing at the moment. The progress of this is just a segment of the drawing. It may be quite confusing to understand what is going on at the moment.

Should have taken a picture sooner than I did. Most of the time I get too lost within the drawing to stop and take a picture.

Now we continue and see what this drawing turns into.  Hoping for the best, taking it easy and we’ll see what happens.

700+ likes on Facebook. (Thank you!) Let’s make it 800 ;) (link in the description)




Reached over 700+ likes on Facebook. I posted a thank you post for 600+ likes on Facebook as well. This was on February 25th.

At the time being my page was at 637 likes. That was about 1 month and 1 week ago.

I remember making the blog post for 600+ likes as well. 1 month and 1 week is a long time, but then again not. That time went by quite fast. I remember making almost every blog post. Memories are easy to remember if you focus on the moment and think back.

Remember to not consume your mind with negative thoughts but positive. Everything else is your imagination. All we possess is the “Now.”

To think the same thoughts all the time over and over might create the mind to go crazy. Be careful with your mind, please be safe with what you do.

When reaching 700+ likes on Facebook I felt a sense of happiness, hahaha.

I always say the numbers don’t matter at all. They don’t but for 100+ more likes, I’d like to say thank you. I wouldn’t be here without anyone. Whoever has liked my page is helping me out even that much more. I appreciate everyone, thank you! 🙂

The last time I posted I was at 853 shares on the quotes on Facebook. This was 35 days ago, I think I’m correct, hahaha. I’m going to count them up quick and see where I’m at.

At the moment I’m at 1,472 shares. I had to add this up a few times. The reason why I’m saying this is because I can’t believe this. Not bragging or shinning my ego, It just amazes me. People actually want to hear what I have to say.

In 35 days I got 619 shares. This is about 18 shares per day. The numbers compared to last time have increased a decent amount.

The last update for 600+ likes.

(528) shares in 48 days.

(11) shares per day.

In 35 days I achieved 619 shares. So more shares in less time. My status keeps on increasing slowly but surely. I really do appreciate the love and energy of the people.

The amount of time between the two posts is 1 month and 1 week ago. 35 days.

I’d say the reason why I’m sharing this is that I want to tell everyone that anyone out there can do anything they wish to do.

It’s all about your mindset. Manifest those positive thoughts and the universe will return you with much greater experiences. Be negative everything will have a drag. Look at everything in a positive way, life will be so much greater. The choice is yours, my friend.

Thank you to everyone who has shared the words/quotes. Appreciate the spread of love to others. 🙂 Especially sharing what I have to say. It feels good when you know you can make people smile with your words, or feel a relation of some sort. An emotion from within.

All I dream of is for love to spread everywhere similar to a disease of some sort. One day something will happen. Tell me no, well I’ll just say. “Quite the negative, mind you have there, hey?”

We all think and create our own realities. All you have to do is manifest positive thoughts and ignore the negative. Look at the deeper message within each moment. What is hiding for you to learn? Anger might be the best answer in the moment, but is it the smartest.

Emotions equal to art. Art is a therapist of itself, you leave this “real world.” Entering into another world of your own and only yours. No one else is there but you.

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I’m at 742 likes at the moment. I wonder if we’ll make it to 800 in 24 hours. 😀

Not self-promoting, hahaha. Just saying. 😉

If all I get is 10 more likes or even 5 I’ll be happier than before, hahaha.

Happy Easter by the way. I’m not religious, I do appreciate this day though. This is a beautiful Earth. I’d say I’m more of a spiritual man. Love is the only thing I follow. Ask me what Race, Religion or who I’m. All I will say is “love.”

I’m love and only wish for love to spread to others. Love is my answer to everything. If someone tells you love is wrong. They just need some loving themselves, hahaha.

I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or tell anyone they’re wrong about any of their beliefs. I believe we can all think whatever we want. Just don’t destroy or hate others in the process and just love.

Believe whatever you want as long as you can love the people and spread a good energy to this world. Be proud of the reflection you’re.

I send love and happiness to everyone! 🙂 Nothing but those positive vibes, hahaha. Appreciate the support of my art creations and the words I speak from within. Much more to come within this year. The possibilities are endless and infinite, just keep your eye out for new creations.

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I’d like to say thank you to the new followers on WordPress as well. Thank you!

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Thank you!!!!

Much Love. ❤ ❤ ❤