Finished Sketch


Here is the Finish sketch, I added some color, but I’m only going to show you this for now.

The color could give away the answer, plus showing you the complete sketch with no color is always interesting. You see, every detail in the sketch.

Sorry to sidetrack, but I just had an interesting thought, here It is.

I just thought of this right now.

The sketches of the drawing are the skeletons and the color is similar to flesh.

We are created upon the inside, thus being the sketches. The sketches create us as a person. The colors of life create our flesh, the beauty on the outside. Just like this world.

The colors on the outside show beauty and much more.

Without color our world would just be a bunch of skeletons. Hopefully someone understands what I just said.

Maybe I just confused myself.

Now here, I let you to stare at this image, and make up what your imagination sees.

You may begin now…….


New drawing, beginning of sketch.


This is the start of my new drawing. I usually look through random pictures.

This picture caught my eye. Usually when something catches my eye, I end up drawing that picture.

I’ll give away one hint.

This animal is quietly intelligent compared to others.

Maybe you can make up the image, and see what I see.

Goodluck guessing.



I Finished up the drawing on Thursday.

There were many different guesses on what this could be. Some were correct, others close. A few were off by a lot.

I’m not saying there’s a correct image of this drawing, you create whatever you want. What you see is what you imagine. If you see different than another person, who cares.

In my eyes this is a drawing of a Fox. Like I said before, we all see differently. So I see a certain image of a Fox. Just because I see a certain image doesn’t mean you’ll too.

Create whatever image you want of the fox.

My art is tricky at times, people see multiple images at once. Making it more interesting in a way.

Now I begin my new drawing.

Nearly finished. A little more left.


This is how far I got on Thursday. I worked on it on the weekend for an hour or two not much, but it helps.

I’m thinking I should finish this today.

Does anyone have a guess on what this could be?

If you look at each patch of detail maybe you can sketch out the picture my eyes see. If not, that is okay. Create your own picture. It can be whatever you want it to be.

If I say it only looks a certain way, then it would be perfect. I doubt anyone has made perfect art before, it’s impossible.


Quote 16


This saying/quote involves my art and to life.

Example, the “Iguana” I drew it was very challenging. I took countless breaks and deep breaths. When I was drawing or coloring, at times my arm felt like jello.

I needed to relax and draw with less weight on the paper.

Challenging yourself like this is good. It was very frustrating and hard in the moments of making the “Iguana” Yes drawing comes natural in a way, but the more detail the difficulty goes up.

Imagine if the only things I created made me react with some challenge.

I got tense and had to take multiple breaks and many deep breaths. Think about it sitting here for countless hours making art gets tiring. Your body is still in one position for hours. Soreness starts to occur. I get up and stretch sometimes.

Then go back to the drawing, you have to push yourself self or the drawing will just sit there and never get done.

The only one that will finish the drawing is me. If I do nothing, the drawing will be still.

So in the end, I can never give up or I would have quit art a long time ago, I feel like giving up all the time. But in the moment is when you can push yourself and become a greater person than who you were before.

Keep doing this and greatness will come your way. If you give up, except what you expect, but don’t be surprised what you’re handed with.

I would have no art being produced. That would make me sad. I could never imagine a world without art and the thrill it gives to my life.

Drawing is the same as life, in my analogy. I can create whatever I want. Everything is art.

So if you understand what i’m trying to say, what have you came up with?

Added more color, close to being done.



On the last post I mentioned you would have an improved guess, after I added more color.

If you look closely at each patch of the colors, maybe you can draw out what I see. Or you may create a different picture in your mind. But that’s okay, all of our imaginations are different.

We all have different minds and thoughts.

With the color added does anyone have a guess, don’t guess right away think and look for a few minutes if you have to.

People come to conclusion to quick, always rethink twice, for all you know you rushed and didn’t think twice. You could see 2 or 3 animals. Or 1, it’s all on the observer.

Not trying to confuse anyone, just saying look closely.

Update on drawing. A lot of little detail.


Here is my progress from Thursday. I worked on it a little bit during the weekend as well. Only a few hours, but every second helps.

There are a lot of colors and detail, if you look closely you might see the full image. If you can’t see what is going on now, when I’m finished with the drawing and explain you’ll probably have an improved guess.

Having the style I have sometimes the detail is confusing to interpret. If you are an artist, maybe you can see the full image.

I’ve had few people guess the correct image right away.

With what I have completed, can anyone guess what this image could be?



Update, not much added. But a little.


On the last post I mentioned that I might not get much drawing done. On Monday normally I have one of my drawing days.

Except this Monday was Memorial Day, I had family over. I wanted to draw but, i could’nt, hahaha.

I would have been rude, locked up in my room, all alone. Being anti Social.

At the end of the day I got an hour or so of drawing in.

Today I’ve worked on it for a few hours. Im posting my current progress. I’ll post what I get done today on Monday.

With what has been added, can anyone guess what this could be? The next update or 2 you’ll have a clearer answer.


Update on drawing, Corner colored in.


This is the progress of how far I got on Thursday.

It’s taking longer than I expected. Like I said before, I don’t rush on my art. The detail is a little crazy.

Today I was quite busy with other art related material. I doubt I will get that far today but, any progress is okay with me.

With what I have colored in, does anyone have a guess of what this could be now?

Everyone have a great Monday!


Quote 15


Look around the room you’re in, what do you see that is surrounding you, everywhere you look?

I see colors and shapes. So do you. But does anyone really pay attention to these shapes or colors?

Or do we just walk around ignoring the image of life itself. Life is one big painting. One huge art piece, we walk around in. Try to appreciate life as much as you can.

We live with a bunch of shapes and colors everywhere we look.

It may be that people who make art or relate to art, just pay more attention to this 3D world we live in. Others just see the shapes and colors and ignore, never to pay attention.

When people ask how I draw, I tell them “just how I see” some how I can see deeper into the shapes and I see what no one else does. I don’t know how this happens, it just does.

I just need to sit back and observe and object for a long time, I’m very slow when it comes to my art, I never rush. I was always the last one to finish things in school like tests and my art. One time I spent 2 weeks on a drawing, only a few appreciated it, but it was more for myself. I always paid more attention, but payed so much attention, I usually got lost behind all the other kids.

I don’t say this was a bad way, at times I felt “diffrent” but at the end of the day I didn’t really care I just did what I knew was best for me. There is no need to rush on something, just take your time. The time in this world will last forever, just take a deep breath.

If you rush something to a certain extent you might actually add time into this world. What do I mean add time to this world, you can’t add time? Imagine if you’re rushing and then boom, everything breaks or falls now you have to pick it up.

This maybe be an intense one, but this is what I thought. Imagine there is a bomb about to go off, the diffuser has 20 seconds or the bomb goes off.

In that moment, what does everyone do? Maybe just give up because 20 seconds isn’t enough time, he gets anxious. He starts sweating. He goes up to the bomb he is rushing, rushing so fast. The bomb goes off.

Instead he could have taken a deep breath and calmly defused the bomb. Yes an intense situation, but it’s possible. Anything is.

Yes 20 seconds isn’t a long time, but it takes 10 seconds to defuse. As long as he doesn’t “rush” and mess up. He will succeed and be the hero.

A very weird analogy, but it’s the first thought I had in my head.

Whenever I take a break the skill drops. The more I draw the deeper into the shapes I see. This may sound weird and confusing, but this is my best way of explaining my art to everyone.

Just sit back and stare at an image or object, can you see more of a meaning or purpose behind it. The details of the object, piece by piece. The shapes of life.

All these shapes come together and create this place we call the Universe.

My art creates this world into an Alternate World, another perspective on what I see. A new world.