Golden Rose



I’ve had this drawing finished for a while now. Been focusing on a lot of other things as well. That’s why this drawing is being posted a little late.

I wish I could draw and draw continuously and never stop drawing. To finish a drawing is quite challenging you never really know when the drawing is “complete” or “finished.” You just listen to your heart and the heart knows. That’s all I have to say.

The colors in this drawing are quite different compared to every other piece of art I have created. This drawing was more of a challenge than I thought. I knew using goldish, yellowish, tan and brown colors would be very challenging. I was up for the challenge.

I attempted my best with each tone and each color. To match the shades the best I can. Blending all the colors into one creating a whole picture. Many layers of different colors.

Each drawing I have to challenge myself in a new way. Something different compared to the last creation.

Now I’ll explain what this drawing resembles or means. This is just my interpretation. Possibly you’ll think something different compared to what I think. That’s okay, we don’t all have to think the same. Art gives you the freedom to think differently.

What does this golden rose mean to me? What’s the story behind and within this drawing? Well, I’ll attempt my best to explain my thoughts. Here I go….

Each life is planted with a seed. As we grown and learn all about living this life. We all grow and expand at different frequencies and energies. Each seed being different and no seed alike. But ironically we’re all quite similar. All a seed and all a flower.

Each day and moment this flower grows and dies. You can feed the flower or kill the flower. Love makes the flower grow and hatred makes the flower die. The definition of hatred and love is different for all souls.

In life, there are many aspects we have to focus on to become the greatest version we seek within. Or possibly you seek nothing. This adventure of a life and nothing excites you. That would be quite a boring and dull life.

Do you wish for a flower full of love and high positive energy? This flower grows with mass amounts of beauty. Nothing is stopping it to grow to it’s highest potential. The only thing stopping the flower from growing to it’s fullest potential is thyself. This flower is in meditation and lets everything “be.”

There’s a second flower. This flower is slowly dying of hatred and many other things. Each day this flower declines in energy and is fed with negativity. Never happy no matter what happens. No one besides thyself can create love. Love is from within. Ego controls this flower full of hatred. You can’t control the growth of the flower or the direction. That just happens and the leaves grow as they please.

Your soul is your seed. The seed never stops growing. You either grow with love or you grow with hatred. Each day the flower raises in energy or drops in energy.

At the end of life, you can become any flower you want. That’s just all up to thyself.

Life is nothing but a dream. Grow that flower of yours to the best potential.

Are you the greatest you that you can be?

Or do you just get by each day in a comfortable mindset? With no challenge or growth.

You have to be challenged to grow. Negative experiences make you grow into a stronger you. Without negativity, there wouldn’t be positivity. Appreciate both.

The final words I wish to say.

The golden rose you see within the drawing. This can be anyone and all souls. We all have the potential to grow and become whatever we wish. Light or dark.

We are all this golden flower in my eyes. Ying and Yang.

Grow your flower with love and ignore the hatred my friend.

I rather choose love over hatred. We need hatred to know what not to do.

Hatred comes and goes.

The love stays and is forever.

I look at this image and see bits and pieces of myself. I’m not perfect and neither are you.

We can all live with a golden soul. A loving heart.

Each day you can become a greater you and that’s all on thyself. There’s no one to blame, don’t point that finger at anyone but yourself.

Grow your seed with love or hatred and see where the journey takes you.

Goodluck growing your flower.



Quote #58


Meditation creates a separation between me, myself and I.

Who you want to be. (The illusion people put in your mind.) Uncertainty. [Me]

What they want. (What others expect) confused. [I]

What you actually want. (Your imagination and dreams) [Myself]

Me – the person you think you are. But in reality, it’s nothing like “me.”

I – I’m this person. The person people define you by. Nothing of your own thoughts. A thought of who you are to others. Ego. You care what others think so you have to look your best at all times.

Myself – the person you truly are no matter what. Behind closed doors and open doors being watched by millions at once. Soul

Instead, we are a world of oneness and we are all connected to the same source.

This is a universe of we and not I. Without all the souls we would all be soulless

The I is much of the ego speaking.

Ego is usually possessive and not shown in love.

Yes, we need an ego for identification.

We don’t need an ego to be possessive. Saying we possess this and that.

This is my land and not yours.

Huh? What does that even mean, actually I’m quite confused with this whole possession thing.

I find no happiness in possessions. The happiness is created with other forms of energy.

Emotion itself creates happiness not the illusion of possessions. Sure everything might appear to be 100% “real.”

In all reality what you think is “real” could end up to be quite “false.”

Love creates love and hatred creates more hatred.

It’s quite simple, even though some haven’t firmly grasped this.

If anything mother nature the creator of life itself posses everything around us.

We possess nothing that we think we possess.

All you possess is this current moment. The “Now.” The rest is nothing but your imagination.

Let’s say you die tomorrow. Your soul will transcend elsewhere.

Your flesh, organs, bones and the human carcass you “possess” will go nowhere. It will look the same way it looked the moment your soul went elsewhere.

You don’t really possess anything but only think you do.

I believe the only thing that I possess or acquire is my imagination and thoughts.

The rest is nothing much but a glance of the eye. Imagine being blind. Sight is a gift itself.

You are borrowing or temporarily using everything. Nothing is owned by thyself.

This game of life. To live within the matrix or to live outside of the matrix.

One moment you are here and the next moment everything vanishes within a few moments.

Appreciate every moment of this life. For all, you know this is your last day on earth.

Tomorrow isn’t promised but only thought upon.

Your soul is different compared to your ego.

Ego and soul are different people.

There is a higher power that lets you live this life.

The air you breath isn’t even yours.

These trees aren’t ours.

The animals possess themselves. We don’t possess anything.

But man’s ego and power keep controlling without any hesitation.

It’s only when the last tree falls, or when we don’t have a sip of water left.

It’s only in this moment of loss that we’ll worry and be concerned about something.

We are quite the controlling and possessive handful of people.

When we can control something we don’t hesitate to take power.

When we don’t appreciate the outcome our ego becomes greedy and unloving.

The “we life” is much of the soul.

When I say “we life” I mean it takes more than one to mingle or do anything.

A combination of energies is needed for greatness.

Don’t hand the power to the incorrect hands.

Power within the incorrect hands will cause massive destruction.

Sharing is caring.

See the thing is this.

Do you think your soul and ego are the same? What you are compared to what you think you are.

Soul seems to be childlike.

Ego seems to be more fitted with the adult.

The ego adapts and does what it pleases.

The soul knows what’s correct at all times.

The ego hesitates to know correct from incorrect. The ego just knows everything no matter what.

The soul follows love and positive energies that attract towards thyself.

The ego is quite confusing. It can be used with intention or negativity.

When the ego is used all boundaries are ignored and possibly the ego will unleash all energies.

Usually a belief of some sort. That creates who you are.

Similar to all these thoughts I throw on everyone reading this.

I use my soul and sometimes use my ego. Mostly the soul.

Don’t have your ego stand in front of your soul.

Your soul is more of who you are compared to your ego.

The ego is nothing but a price tag or a label on a shelf.

I’m not a label, price tag, number or statistic.

I’m love.

I’m great.

Are you a soul filled with love.

Or an ego filled with hatred.

Your destiny is created upon hatred or love.

Elevate your soul and decriminalize your ego.

The choice is yours.

(5,000+ Followers) Thank you!


Reached over 5,000 followers a few weeks ago. Never got a milestone achievement, telling me that I reached this amount of followers.

At the moment I’m at 4,182 Close to 4,200.

The rate of my status and analytics keeps improving, slowly but surely. That’s all that matters. Each little step counts as much as the last step. Or you wouldn’t be where you’re right “now.”

I’d like to thank everyone out there who has followed this account. Every view, share, like and follow. It all means a lot to me in the end. It shows the support and love of the artist.

All 1,000+ new followers, thank you! I appreciate the love and support of my art/words.

With this growth of the audience, you learn new things about yourself that you never knew existed.

I appreciate this growth everyone has let me achieve. I wouldn’t be here without all of you. Literally, I’m making a post for 5,000+ followers. All of you did this for me thank you.

It’s not about the numbers at the end of the day, but it’s interesting and helps me out a lot in a way.

Without all the comments, likes and feedback on my work I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

Each and every one of you makes a difference in my life. Every person is the same to me. I don’t favor one person more than another.

Thank you for 5,000 followers, I appreciate everyone for joining me on my artistic journey.

I’m going to add another section/tab to my blog soon. I said as soon as I hit 5,000 I’ll do this. This new section will include things along the line of……

(Stories, Poems that rhyme and Free Verse Poems, poems that don’t rhyme. More of a flow of words coming out. Thoughts of the week.)

I said this a few months ago. I have the blueprints sketched out. Of what it will look like on the website.

Hoping to have this all set up soon. Will have to see when this is accomplished, hahaha. I’ll attempt my best to get everything set up soon. Not sure when.

I’m still writing things just not posting everything at the moment.

I send love and happiness to everyone from the bottom of my heart. Love to all. May we all unite and make peace with each other.

One love. ❤

Much more to come, remember to believe in yourself and anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it.

Also, never give up. The reasons can list on forever, true greatness lies within you.

Thank you….

18 Years Old (Portrait) High School


Most of the art I have posted has been recently created. Within this year or the last year. This drawing is from when I was a senior in high school.

I was either 18 or 17 I don’t exactly remember.

The assignment for this drawing was to use the same pattern over and over. Small little details put together to create a bigger picture. The pattern I decided to use was triangles.

For some weird reason, I struggle with realism. Most of my art contains unrealistic or impossible images. Things that are unimaginable.

I always tell people my art is “abstract.” I honestly have no idea what it is. I just make the art and whatever you think is all on you. I just follow what people label things as and say “abstract.” That’s the only word I can think of.

In class, we always had to draw realistic drawings and paintings. I would always break the rules and create my own art. I never wanted to create what the teacher was telling us to create.

I don’t know how to follow the rules. I’m always trying to find a way to change the rules. It’s easier for me to adventure on my own and learn. I rather fail, fail and then fail again. All you have to do is keep on going and never give up.

Art is a trial and error process. I don’t look at anything being “incorrect” more like it could be improved or enhanced.

Art is art, have fun with it. Don’t stress it.

Over the past few years, I have just been going at my own flow and creating my own style here and there.

Almost done with the drawing.


I took a picture of the drawing before I started coloring today. The drawing is close to being finished. I stayed up quite late last night.

Whenever I get the chance I stay up as late as I can. It’s during the night when I get the most creative energy.

The colors in this drawing are very challenging at the moment. I’m attempting my best to separate the shades and tones. I could just half attempt, but then it’s not as much fun.

Not sure if I’ll finish this tonight. I keep adding and fixing little things here and there. Really want the colors to pop so focusing a lot on the little details.

This drawing is taking longer than I thought. Just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean I’ll finish in a shorter time.

The experience is unknown and what is felt can’t be experienced until you attempt yourself. Don’t plan and rush things out. Just go at your own pace and you won’t make as many mistakes as you intended. It’s only when you rush that you’ll stumble and fall.

Now I begin coloring again. You have to forget time when you’re arting. The only thought is the art. One little shape at a time.

Quote #57

57There’s no incorrect or correct. We’re told what everything is so we just agree and continue following the traditions and cultures.

To never create or to find ourselves. Create this life and don’t decide to go down the predestined path.

Things are just the way they’re because that’s the way they’re.

The people discuss and agree with the thoughts.

This is a complex but simple way of explaining it.

If we want to “know” or “learn” anything. We end up asking someone else or looking up the answer.

Is the answer we’re given the actual answer?


Is it just the way it’s supposed to be?

That saying you always here. I don’t enjoy this saying, but it’s thrown around quite often.

“It’s what it’s.”

What is it?

It’s what?

Life consists of “rules.” Also, many things are already identified for us.

As if everything was already answered and everything is already here.

These words I write and think are the words I use because they’re “correct.”

That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

If all of these words I was saying acquired no context, then I wouldn’t be speaking with them.

There’s a purpose for everything possibly. Or maybe that’s what we’re told and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

I’m neither incorrect or correct in anything I say.

Instead, a book or another person will tell me if I’m correct or incorrect.

I’m not sure if 1 human is incorrect or correct.

We don’t know the answers we have conclusions to back up our answers.

We all just follow the “laws/rules.”

Every subject possesses its own answers and rules.

In a way, this creates us into drones or robots doing the same things every day.

Answering all the same questions with the same answers.

Nothing “new.”

A life of the constant and no change.

With the imagination, anything is possible.

There’s no “incorrect” or “correct” in art or using the imagination.

Sure you might create or imagine a mistake, but it’s not necessarily “wrong.”

When creating art you’re never wrong or incorrect. There’s no one correct way to be creating.

All of what you do is correct and in the process, everything aligns the final creation into one.

All people and artists should have their own style.

I believe everything is art and all things are art.

Something that is an “illusion” within the mind brought into this “reality” of a life.


It’s all from the individual’s perspective.

I’ll explain my side, hahaha.

I’m neither correct or incorrect. It’s whatever you want to think.

Everyone believes things differently than others.

No one posses a correct or incorrect life.

All of this is a part of the journey.

I never actually say what I’m thinking when speaking to most individuals.

I feel as if I will be too complex or what I wish to say will have too much information.

I over think things a lot. But not in a sickening way. Just with curiosity. The imagination is quite crazy.

I don’t believe some things that people tell me so I go out into this big word and adventure for myself.

We don’t all possess the same ideologies.

I keep my mouth shut most of the time.

Art is a form of expression. You may say what you wish, but realize there’s an intention behind everything, even if you don’t think about it.

Words add up to emotions. Similar to creating a calculation of numbers.

The numbers are words. The words are numbers. Everything is emotion and energy. The final outcome of each equation will be different. The outcome is emotion.

This might be a confusing concept to wrap your mind around. Try your best.

Instead, I’ll speak if talked to. I don’t like to cause a ruckus or negative emotions.

I avoid harming others and try to not offend anyone.

The intelligent speak and the wise listen.

Usually, I’ll be quiet and say nothing.

The ego is always correct. A war of the egos, hahahaha.

Keep me out of that. I’ll just let the fool continue screaming over their own voice in stupidity.

The voice of thyself echoing over and over.

Imagine seeing a reflection of your idiotic self. Would you be happy with this reflection or concerned?

If you don’t agree with my beliefs or ideologies that’s okay.

I don’t want to hurt or kill you.

All I wish for is everyone to have love within their hearts.

I’ll just fabricate what I wish to say.

So in a sense, I’m “fake” but not. Most just can’t handle the truth.

This means everyone else could possibly be acting fake as well.

This life is very ironic and confusing.

If you attempt to be who you really are the whole world talks.

Everyone has an opinion don’t have their reality of a thought destroy you.

If you say nothing and follow the others, all will continue following and say nothing.

Similar to a flock of sheep. Be the black sheep and be yourself. Don’t follow the others.

Your life is a lie.

Do individuals fabricate their words. I feel as many of us do.

Act in ego or act in love.

Love accepts. Ego challenges.

Ego is acceptable in certain situations.

My best way to explain this “correct” and “incorrect” thought is this.


We’ll all think and believe differently.

We’ll all eat and drink differently.

We’ll all follow and appreciate different things.

We’re all different.

Did I happen to say the word different at all?


I could keep on going for a while, but I think you’ll understand now.

Let’s say tomorrow the whole world explodes.

Tonight was your last night to ever live.

No one was “correct” or “incorrect”

You’re only within the reality that you imagine.

So you’ll transcend wherever that’s.

Sure I’ll go to hell, she’ll go to heaven.

All the sinners will be put in darkness and have nowhere to go.

I could care less, take me where I go.

Who knows what will happen.

Beliefs shouldn’t separate us.

We’re all idiots as we’re all smart.

All “correct”, and “incorrect.”

I bet we all go to the same place.

I’m a sinner and so are you.

If life was perfect, nothing would be here.

Neither would you. Life is all about the challenges and rebuilding yourself.

Life is unpredictable. Anything is possible.

Death is just a thought. I don’t feel death.

I’ll worry about this life and manifest what I wish in this life and not the next life.

Life is nothing but a dream.

Dream it how you want it.

The destination after this.

Where that’s I have no idea and I don’t know if anyone does.

The imagination is quite crazy.

Isn’t it?

The way of life or however you decide to live is not the same for all of us.

One life is never ideal for all souls.

Now I leave you here to ponder and think.

Is this who I really am?

Or am I living within a false reality?

(Update) Haven’t posted in 13 days.


If you’re an active follower you might have noticed that I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks. The last time I posted was May 27th.

I apologize for not posting when I normally post. Each person matters as much as the last. I appreciate every soul that puts energy towards my craft.

If you thought I went into a hibernation or possibly died, I’m back now hahahahaha.

I was in Arizona for a week on vacation. This is the reason I was missing for such a long time.

After a long mental break of arting, I’m happy and excited to create again.

Thank you, everyone, for being patient. I Apologize one last time for not informing everyone before I left on vacation. I was too focused on the drawing. I wish I had more time for creating.

If the energy is at a high, then I don’t interrupt myself to write up a blog post.

The drawing should be finished soon. I’m going to play around with the colors all tonight and tomorrow. Not rushing the process.

Having fun with the colors. (Drawing update)

DSC_0992I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I’ve noticed that when I begin drawing I don’t want to stop and make a post. I believe it will ruin the art. I’m too in the zone to do that.

Instead, I just took a few minutes to get a picture of the drawing at the moment that I thought was okay for an update.

The last update compared to this was just a fraction of what Is done now. That was a week ago. I’m going to keep doing what I think is best. The art is more important than the posts.

I’ll still post as much as I can. Just when I think it’s necessary. If I’m focused then the update might take a few more days than expected.

Don’t worry, I’m still working on the art if I don’t post. Posting just takes up a lot of time sometimes. I do enjoy talking to the people as well. Don’t get me wrong.

This color scheme is quite challenging at the moment. It’s a weird variety of colors. I’m taking my time and I know I’m working slower than normal, but the final product matters more than just rushing every moment.

Okay, now let’s continue and see where this drawing leads us….


Quote #56

#56My best way of explaining this is with a phone or a router. Something that needs continuous energy to be running at all times.

WiFi for example. We have Bluetooth. The connection within the air.

We’re all connected to something of a higher power.

I observe and feel this human body.

There’s a connection of some sort that runs each and every individual.

Food helps maintain the weight and structure of the body. Something else powers the energy of our soul.

What makes your heart beat?

Every moment your heart beats you don’t tell it to beat.

The beating is similar to the “connection.” As our hearts beat a connection is connected to every other thing around us.

A field of energy.

This might be hard to create within your mind.

We’re just walking telephones with a signal.

I question where the source is. Or maybe I’m quite delusional.

My imagination could be getting to me. Or possibly I’m onto something.

The connection of us all. That saying you always here.

“We’re all one.”

Were all connected to this certain energy.

This energy could conclude to a god or higher energy/power you can say.

The mystery that separates us humans from this earth.

The energy within.

Where does this energy come from.

I was talking to a friend the other day.

I said something along the lines of this.

“What makes your body stay alive?”

It was quiet for a few moments and I was answered with “food.”

I’m eating something at this very moment while writing this.

Yes eating food and absorbing all the nutrients is what makes us live.

All the things you consume become transferred into your DNA.

The value of thyself matters all in the end as well.

The pH level of your blood matters. The lower the pH the higher risk of disease.

Heavy metals destroy your body/soul and pH levels.

Certain foods contain certain pH levels.

Certain waters and drinks hold certain pH levels as well.

You want to have a high pH level in your body.

Be aware of what you put into your body.

The body is nothing but one huge chemical reaction.

Many cells. Each day you create or kill cells.

Depending on the cell count you’ll live or die.

What you decide to do either creates cells or kills cells.

Treat this temple with respect.

Be the best you that you can be.

I’m thinking on a deeper level than just “food.”

Sure this food sources and powers my body at this very moment. But what is that source or that power.

I’d say it’s the soul of each individual.

The soul, makes your heart beat and when death occurs, then your soul drifts apart from this world.

What is the source of the soul you may ask me.

Well, I don’t really know that. I’m not sure if anyone really knows.

I’ll try my best to explain this in a simpler form.

The highest energy is in nature.

Life is nature itself and we’re the life itself.

The thing in the middle is unknown.

The connection of all things aligning into one.

This is what makes us humans go so crazy.

All of this fussing and fighting.

That’s what I believe.

You have to just recognize your breath and everything will be okay.

Sex is the beginning and death is the end.

Pure darkness or to ask yourself is it time to be one with thyself.

Treat this life with respect.

Especially mother nature.

Nature is technically your mother.

Mother nature.

We’re mother natures creatures. I’m not sure if mother nature is happy or disappointed.

Take a look around and the answer will be answered with nothing but a glance and no words.

You’ll be able to feel the energy itself.

This life isn’t even my life. So there is no reason to take this life or to waste this life.

There’s a difference between suffering and pain.

Pain is a literal disease.

Suffering is a mental disease.

We’re all in pain and we’re all in suffering.

The one who is completely numb feels neither pain or suffering.

This life is quite the roller coaster of emotions.

But remember this.

If it wasn’t for all the bad things that have happened to you within this life you wouldn’t be here right “now.”

This human experience is the most beautiful thing you can ever imagine.

The only reason to receive is to give.

What is money worth if it doesn’t add up to any love.

It’s just really hard to keep a positive mindset 100% of the time.

It’s okay to feel sad and to cry.

It’s okay to feel what you want to feel.

It’s okay to be who you wish to be.

Just don’t hold back anything you will regret.

We live in a world full of woulda, coulda and shoulda people.

Wishes and dreams are thrown down the drain to never question or give an idea to.

Life is nothing as we see it. Only as something we can imagine or dream.

When death happens there will be no turning back.

Tomorrow isn’t promised and is only thought about.

Appreciate the now or you will never appreciate this life in true love.

All we possess is the now.

The rest is never really there, the imagination is messing with you.

The richest lives, usually are never shown to the world.

All of this is for you to answer and not me.

I believe we’re all spiritual children within. In the future, we will evolve with love.

The imagination is limitless and it can take you anywhere you wish to be.

Be as you wish and everything will be set free.

True happiness will start to enter your life and everything will happen.

“The way it’s supposed to be.”

Mindset is everything.

Goodluck with this daily battle.

Much love to all the beautiful people.

First colors addedd. (Check it out!)

DSC_0975Here’s the progress of the drawing at the moment. I was thinking before I started adding some more color I should take a picture now.

This is a small drawing compared to the rest I have done in the past.

Saying that this should be finished sooner than later. Just because the drawing is smaller doesn’t mean I should hurry and rush the drawing.

All time is the same. You only create the time within your mind. (Anxiety)

Experimenting with the colors on this drawing. Not sure what will happen, but all you can do is trust the process. If you don’t trust the process you don’t trust thyself. More like a false belief or reality.

Manifest the thoughts you have hidden within the corners of your mind. Transfer all the inner thoughts into this “real world.” Be the real you.