3,000 + followers. <3 Thank you.


Checked my WordPress during lunch. Usually look at my WordPress around that time.

Noticed that there were 3,000 followers. Never got a milestone achievement, telling me that I reached this amount.

It’s not about the number at the end of the day, but it’s interesting and helps me out a lot in a way.

Without all the comments, likes and feedback on my work I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

Each and every one of you, make a difference in my life. Every person is the same to me. I don’t favor one person more than another.

Thank you for 3,000 followers, I appreciate everyone for joining me on my artistic journey.

I send love and happiness to everyone, have a fantastic evening!

Much more to come, remember to believe in yourself and anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it.

Also, never give up. The reasons can list on forever, true greatness lies within you.

Thank you….




More color (Almost done)



This is the progress of how far the drawing is at the moment. I thought here would be a good time to stop and take a picture.

The whole picture is almost colored in but not completely. With a bit of time and effort this will be done in no time.

The colors in this one are quite fun to play around with. At times the colors I decide to use take up most of the time. By looking at the color of the pencil, I can imagine what it would look like on the paper. There are so many colors to choose from.

Wish I could use every single color. But only one version is being created. My crazy mind thinks about multiple versions of each drawing, thinking of all the ways I can create this.

With what is done so far, does anyone have a guess on what this could be?

look closely and don’t guess right away, remember the answer will not be given away. Only hinted towards.

The goal is to finish this up tonight, no rush so if I don’t that’s okay.

Until next time.

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Quote #25

quote 25

Words were just given to you and each letter has its own noise.

There’s a definition for each word.

All words are the same in the end. We all use the same words and language. Interpreted into other languages. But in the end all the words we speak are the same.

All the definitions are the same.

I can’t create a word without certain rules. vowels are needed. I’m not sure if any other rules are needed. I guess a definition of some sort could create any word.

You might know, but I’m not sure if anyone knows anything because we all know the same information.

It’s just handed and given to all of us, but we interpret all different moments into are own frequencies and energies.

Let’s say I draw a picture of a beautiful vase of roses.

I stole the shape of the roses and it’s just a replica of what I see. Un original but in a sense being my own.

The triangle is a shape, only because you’re told. Shapes need certain sides this and that. Can only have certain angles and so on.

These rules were just created and given to us without are own thought or opinion.

For all we know red is purple and purple is red.

Who made the color red, the distinct color red. Why not ksjgjrikdn red.

Maybe the colors we see are just not what we see. Everything you’re told is either written or hidden somewhere.

Originality and individual things are pure genius, if you have something to offer this world, I ask for you to try your best to find a way to do so.

Within the imagination and thoughts if you can produce something in the un existent and unknown, different. Bring your gift to this world now.

I create art and write just because I do, there is no other reason then doing. Find something you can just do.

Maybe one day I can make something original, and I aspire you to become the greatest version of yourself.

Don’t become me, her or him. There’s only one and that’s what is within you.

Originality is the greatest discovery this world can seek.


More color added


This is how far I am right now, I have a few more hours to work on it.

Here was a good stopping point to take a picture.

The colors I’m adding are about the same.

I’m close to finishing this, I’m trying my best to not hurry and finish it. Taking my time to add as much detail as I can.

Detail is my main focus in this piece.

With the image being at where it’s. What do you see?

Remember this could be anything, look closely.

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Update on drawing


I’m taking a break at the moment. This is how far I am right now.

The colors are taking quite a while on this one, they’re fun though. Very relaxing in a weird way.

All of the guesses have been similar or completely different from each other.

When you try to figure out what the image could be, try to not look at the comments first. I know you might be tempted, but to make your mind think more. Just observe and comment what you see.

With what colors I’ve added, what do you see in the image as of right now?

The answer will not be given, but I’ll have hints and clues to what it might be.

I appreciate everyone for observing my work.

Thanks and have a great evening!


Quote #24



You reading this, I want to let you know greater things are on the way.

There is no right or wrong. No one knows what the future holds for you. Your life is created by the hands in front of you.

If I gave you a drawing to color in. Would you carefully color in each piece or would you go out of the line and express what you really think.

Just because there are lines doesn’t mean you can’t color out of them.

You might enter the unknown, but the unknown is adventurous and infinite. Beautiful things can happen.

Don’t let anyone tell you that something you’re doing is wrong or correct.

The one who knows that answer is you. If it’s wrong, you will know it’s wrong. If it’s correct you will know it’s correct.

Create one of the most beautiful pictures you can while you’re here. Don’t leave anything unfinished.

Color all over the place and use all the detail you want. Be what you want, express how you feel. The colors you use are who you’re.

Become a masterpiece in your eyes. There is no perfection, but become what you are within. You’ll know who you actually are, we all do.

Good luck on creating your drawing of life, color out of the lines as many times as you want. In the end you’ll be happy for what you’ve become.

Finished sketch (With color)


This is how far I was this morning, I took a picture before I started coloring more. Have been working on this part for the past few days.

Meant to take a picture sooner, but I got too carried away with drawing. I was too excited and just wanted to draw. I have to remind myself everyday that I have a blog. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy making these it’s just a hassle to make these. But worth it in the end. I enjoy every moment of making these. I just wish I could spend every second drawing, hahaha.

The colors on this one are interesting. I keep challenging myself, it seems to happen on accident. I don’t even think about making something this difficult. It just happens. The amount of time, effort and detail consumed out of me makes me enjoy these large pieces.

I like making short pieces as well. For the time being, I’m making these at the moment. I have many ideas for the future. Sereies I guess you can say. Things hiding within my imagination.

With the colors being added, does anyone have an idea of what this image could be?

Everyones current guess is similar or alike at the moment. A few with out of the box guesses, which I enjoy. Because of the depth you put into looking at my art.

Let me know what you think in the comments……

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Finished sketch


I’m not sure if you notice if I added anything. I had the left corner to work on. Here is the finished sketch. I’ve been done with this sketch for the past few days.

I’ve worked on it for a while the past few days. This was a quick sketch, but the coloring is taking a long time. I’m going to be playing the patience game. But it’s totally worth it in the end.

One thing I’ve noticed that I’m improving on is feeling no fear when I draw these. I get cramps and sore. Sometimes feel like flinging my arms in the air like a crazy man. Then you come to realization that’s probably not the best way to deal with the problem.

So I take a break to make the soreness go away. I don’t get lost it just takes a long time to finish. I could just make little quick drawings, but for some weird reason within me. I only want to draw these huge challenging drawings. I like challenges in life, if I were to make “easy” drawing like pancakes. I doubt my skills would improve.

I used to be full of fear and anxiety before every drawing, line or color I put on the paper. but now it’s as if I feel nothing. The inner artist is starting to come out I believe. I’m noticing a lot of change. I get this feeling of bliss.

It’s in the moments where you don’t want to be where you improve. Drawing helps me a lot in life, it might sound crazy, but you’d have to be me to understand. Or maybe all the artsy people understand me. It teaches you a lot about life.

With the sketch being done. What do you see in this image? Remember the answer will not be given, but only hinted towards.

Look closely, obsereve the dark shaded areas and use that imagination of yours.


Quote #23



Every day you live is another opportunity to become a greater person. Never look at yourself and compare, anything to another person.

You are you and only you. There is no one single person in reality. We all look the same, we just create ideas and thoughts based on are imaginations.

I look at you and think something different than another person.

I try my best to not compare myself to people but at time I do it. When I do, I always correct myself and remind myself that’s a bad habit. Become the greatest version of yourself and don’t become someone you’re not.

Everyone is aspiring to become a person who isn’t even related to them. Don’t follow someone because of the way they look or the material possessions they own.

Try to look at the heart and soul of the person you look at. The skin is just an incognito mask to cover the real person within.

You can play and adjust with your mask, but doing so changes nothing. All it does is change your appearance.

I don’t believe your appearance defines you but creates you as a person. Yes it helps make you who you are but not create you.

It’s just the cover.

The real you is when you speak or use actions. The words are just a hidden voice. We all have the same words and voices. We just sound different. The pages within create you.

When you look in the sky, you see a million different kind of clouds and birds flying around. You see a random vase of flowers and it’s beautiful. All these unique and different shapes and sized objects.

In the end being the same, but looking different in the moment.

Each flower was once a seed. All clouds are made of the same elements.

The sun and the moon look completely different. One is dark and one is light.
If they were to compare each other there would never be a chance.

Compare yourself to the self. Are you doing better than where you were yesterday. Each small step is that much closer to becoming greater. There is no rush, don’t mess up and take wise choices on what to do.

We all have the ability to become what we want. Stop comparing yourself to other people, but become what you vision and seek.

Be the different one and do things no one has thought of. If all you do is compare to others, it will be hard to seek real and true happiness.

Do what is best for you and not others, know when to say yes and no. Don’t let other use you or destroy you. Take charge of yourself and compare yourself to where you were yesterday and improve the best you can.

Progression is progression any amount is greater.

Don’t compare to the past, but learn. There is always time for improvement. Just remember to never give up on yourself. Life hasn’t gave up on you so you shouldn’t give up on life.

Thank you for reading this Goodluck on becoming the greatest version of yourself. I believe in all of you.

100+ posts. Milestone



I got this a few weeks ago. After this post I’ll be at 110 posts. I thought I would share this with everyone. 100 posts is a lot of posts to think about.

All the words typed, thoughts created. The time put into each one. I try my absolute best on each post. Sometimes I don’t know what to say and other days I can type away.

I appreciate everyone that has followed and put their time into reading each and every post I’ve put on here. Your precious time consumed on my blog, I thank everyone for one last time.

Have an Amazing weekend everyone! Don’t forget to keep a smile on that amazing face of yours.