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I often come across images and videos that I relate to. If I relate to a video or image I see. Someone else out there has to relate to what I relate to as well.

Here is where I will post photos and videos that I come across that I relate to. I will attempt my best to reflect on each photo or video I post here.

Browse through the shared videos and photos if you wish to.

The energy in these posts will make you feel all different kinds of emotions. Emotions are all over the place throughout life.

Attempt your best to keep a positive perspective and a smile on that face of yours. Remember to take it easy my friends.

Life is too short to not laugh. Remember to appreciate the little things in life.


“Parents are psychologically pressuring their children” Garry Vee
“If You Feel Pressure” Jay Shetty










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Think For Yourself
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Charlie and Snoopy