milestone 150+ blog posts. (164)


Been meaning to post this for a while, achieved this a few weeks back. Finally found an open day for me to post this. Rather post drawing updates than a “thank you” message for 150+ posts.

Every Saturday I try my best to post a quote, so far I’ve been constant. Missed a few weeks for the longest time. But now I’ve been consistent for months. Post around two to three drawing updates a week.

Soon to be, when I hit around 4,000 followers, I’m going to release something new. A tab with more “art” related creations. Similar to stories or lessons. Spiritual teachings. Been writing a lot of stories, poems, and a few other things. I’ll combine all of it into one tab I’m thinking.

Think I’ll feel comfortable enough by then. Being an artist you do release and show the world your true self through your art and emotions. The real you, the person within the skin. Not the exterior, but the interior self.

So in the end around 3-4 posts a week. Soon I’ll have this new tab, so another post each week or so. Much more to come…..

That seems to be a decent amount of posts for me, always try my best with the words and the flow of the blog posts. Hope I create love and happiness within each person who looks at my art and creations.

Thank you, everyone, for reading everything and looking at all the art I post!

Much love. ❤