500+ likes on Facebook. (Thank You) Let’s make it 600! ;) (link in the description)


facebook likesThis weekend I passed 500 likes on Facebook, very happy to have achieved this. I’d like to say thank you to everyone, for your support and loving energy towards the art and words I create.

It’s the reactions people have towards my creations that I appreciate the most. The love and positivity are felt from most individuals.

Not everyone will enjoy what you create or produce, but that is okay. All art is different in all forms. For different people and different thoughts. Some attract to other forms of art than others. We’re not all the same, all of our eyes are targeted towards different things.

If something makes you happy, keep doing it. Don’t only hope for an end result, but realize it will be a long never ending journey. I create the art for the purpose of enjoyment and love. Not money or to build my ego or any label of some sort. It makes me happy and clicks some joy into my soul/heart.

It’s as if art found me and I didn’t find art. It was that very day and that very moment art caught my eye, from there it lured me in. From there, I’ve been addicted and it brings never-ending happiness and joy to my heart and soul.

If I didn’t enjoy making art there would be no purpose in pursuing it. Or to even have a thought about art entering my life.

I can serve my purpose in this world, or just give up and do nothing. Without art, I would have nothing, literally nothing. It’s all I have, not all respect that. But whatever, this life is for me to live and not for another to decide it.

The only reason to give up is from fear and laziness. Also, there are these people that give you a vibe, that you’re totally wasting your time. But don’t fall for these kinds of people. Don’t let the negative opinions make you “give up.” Remember it’s about thyself and creating happiness within your soul. Be happy and ignore the negative words, people speak to you.

It’s just something within themselves to say to you, to feel better about themselves. For that single moment. An insecurity of some sort, thrown on to you to deal with and not the dealer themselves to deal with their own problem. An ironic situation. Much of this goes on in this world.

If something in life makes you feel a bliss of happiness then why stop? Just because some hater had some words to speak. Doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. Don’t let your enemy take you down to the ground. Show them what’s up and what you’re doing is “correct.”

Acknowledge, but ignore the hater. It’s just a negative energy being thrown at you. Don’t let the words flow in, ignore them and deflect the hatred.

Happiness is different for everyone. We can’t all be living on the same level. Then there would be no originality or individuality.

The haters should be your motivators. Close your eyes, make a vision, work towards that vision and don’t give up. Manifest your thoughts, become what you “dream” of. It’s all quite here, just put the work in. The thoughts and actions you put into this world will manifest one way or another, it’s just most don’t realize that. Everything is energy and you’re made up of nothing but energy. If you feel a certain way or think something, you can put it into action, or just ignore the thought and idea. Just a random thought passing your mind just like every other thought. To not manifest, but ignore, laziness and fear.

Show this world some love and positivity, it’s very in need at the moment.

The thoughts you thought were just passing by, if not grasped onto or held onto. This manifestation was just ignored. Think of your ideas and actions, then put your “dream” and ideas into this beautiful world.

You’ll be happy with the results, if not, well then it’s not true happiness. Look for something out there. Happiness lies within us all, it’s just we have to look for it.

Goodluck everyone.

Don’t give up on yourself! Please don’t, all the nonsense and suffering will be worth it in the “end.”

Don’t think I’ve mentioned anything about my Facebook on WordPress yet.

WordPress is my main source of attention at the moment. Where people see my art/ writings. Facebook is another platform I’m using. I get a lot of attention on Facebook as well.

Most of my attention is towards the quotes, which makes sense for Facebook. Just added up the shares on my quotes on Facebook. At the moment I’m at 325 shares on the quotes.

Thank you to everyone who has shared the words/quotes I have within. Appreciate the spread of love to others. 🙂 Especially sharing what I have to say. It feels good when you know you can make people smile with your words, or feel a relation of some sort. An emotion from within.

Emotions equal to art. Art is a therapist of itself, you leave this “real world.” Entering into another world of your own and only yours. No one else is there but you.

Facebook page is :https://www.facebook.com/BrandonKnollArt/

I’m at 535 likes at the moment. I wonder if we’ll make it to 600 in 24 hours. 😀

Not self-promoting, hahaha. Just saying. 😉

If all I get is 10 more likes or even 5 I’ll be happier than before, hahaha.

I send love and happiness to everyone! 🙂 Nothing but those positive vibes, hahaha. Appreciate the support of my art creations and the words I speak from within. Much more to come this year. The possibilities are endless and infinite, just keep your eye out for new creations.

Would appreciate if you clicked the link below and gave me a like/follow on Facebook as well. 😉

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Thank you!!!!

Much Love. ❤ ❤ ❤