Mandrillus sphinx “Growing Refelction”


This drawing is finally completed. On Monday is when all of the coloring was finished. Just had many other things going on and couldn’t post until today.

Like I always say there’s no reason to rush the process unless you are rushing yourself. All you have to do is breath and take it easy, everything will follow through just be patient.

Today I’ve sprayed the drawing and took a picture as well. The picture you see now.

All of these little processes combine into this bigger picture. In the end, creating all the hocus pocus/art we conclude to seeing in this final image.

This is a drawing of a “Mandrillus sphinx.”

I call this “self-reflection.” Don’t normally have much of a story to share behind most of my pieces. There’s more of an emotion, similar to strings being played on a guitar.

I’ll share a little bit of what I’m thinking on this one.

The story of this piece of art can resemble a reflection of what has all happened in the past year or so.

It has been about 1 year since the first drawing I posted/created. To begin my journey of becoming an “artist.”

I checked the date of the first drawing I made when I started my journey. It was the 14th so in 6 more days.

If you have been following, I’ve had this blog for about a year now. It’s been a very fast year. I remember drawing the horse like it was yesterday.

The first drawing happened to “break the ice” that’s a good term I can think of.

I faced many fears and let go, just to create art and not worry about the end result. But care more about the process. Don’t have fear when I place the pencil on the paper.

Challenge the reflection I see and show what I’m worthy of. Instead of giving up in fear and turning the opposite direction, running away from the problem instead of facing it. Causing more problems in the long run than “fixes.”

My goal in art is to feel a nirvana for art and believe anything is possible. To create art and believe I won’t make “bad art.” Your mind messes with you telling you what is correct or not correct. Either way could be correct. Art is an example of that analogy.

Nothing is bad art it’s just the way you interpret each piece of art. People give me all different thoughts towards my art. You need this to grow as an artist. I never know what to think about my art or myself, I just do these things to do them. In the end, I’m all of what I do and create, so are you. Be original and have faith in yourself as a person. Don’t give up on yourself, there’s never a reason to be found.

The more I progress the more I improve artistically in all areas and aspects. There are just times my mind overtakes me and tells me to give up. Usually, in the end, I don’t give up became art is the only thing I have. If I give up on art, I would have nothing in a way.

All I’m focusing on is being happy. Art adds to the happiness, it’s something that I can do that I enjoy.

Without art, I would be lost in this world. I would have no direction or idea where to go.

Instead of harming myself or hurting others I use art to release my negative energy.

Each sketch or line is the structure of what I feel. I don’t know why I create a certain shape or line, it’s all just in the moment of what my emotions tell me.

Same with the color it’s all in the moments and ideas within the brain. A manifestation of creative ideas applied on paper.

To be creative you have to enter the subconscious mind. It’s quite easy for me to do that. Art helps me express my crazy subconscious thoughts. I feel as if I’m living in another world compared to most. The mind of “artists” are quite crazy, or maybe it’s me just saying that having an opinion. Who knows.

It’s all about the focus and control of your energy if you’re delicate with your energy you can accomplish whatever you desire.

So I guess to simplify what I just said, everything you see in this image is a reflection of myself. Being who I’m today. In the end, it’s best to turn the negative into the positive.

Everything you wish for is within your hands, it’s just most give up and don’t see what they’re capable of. Remember to not give up on yourself.

This is a reflection of “thyself.” Being me in the end. All of the good and bad put together into one image.

We all will have crazy lives, that’s just how the universe plays its games. The way you respond to the situation will create the outcome of the moment.

All of my emotions are put in my pieces of art. This one can show what I feel within this year. This is what I look like.

This image may be horrifying or beautiful to you, either or would work in my eyes. Honestly, it’s a bit scary looking, but very pleasant at the same time.

I guess it will just be the way you interpret the image yourself.

This is a drawing of a “Mandrillus Sphinx.”

To me this animal is a beautiful animal, I would love to be one for a few days. Hahahahah.

The face is a beautiful color. This animal would be interesting to encounter, but there’s no need to bother them.

Enjoy the drawing as you please, thank you for viewing this piece of art.

Have a great day everyone! 🙂

I appreciate everyone who observes my pieces of art and reads everything.

Much love ❤

Close to being finished……


Stopping at this very moment to take a picture, then will continue coloring in the shapes. Thought right here would be a good spot to stop and take a picture.

Have a good sized piece to still work on, taking my slowest time on this part. Each shape that’s colored will either make it or break it. My artist eyes will be scrutinizing each piece and color to make sure it’s “Perfect” in my eyes.

Almost done with this drawing, it has been quite the journey so far with this drawing. My faith within myself hasn’t left me. Usually, surprised with the end result of each piece. The possibilities could be endless.

Never to actually know what it will look like, until the very end. Can only imagine and manifest what it shall look like in the ending process.

Not sure how long this segment will take me exactly, just going to go with the flow and not rush myself or I’ll definitely make a mistake. At times I bite my nails or lips out of nervousness. Been trying to fix these issues, when I get tense creating I have to walk away for a moment and come back.

There’s is no need to get nervous it’s just the mind playing games. You create your own reality, don’t have temporary emotions consume you. Be your strongest version.

Now I continue on with the coloring and see where we get.

With the image being where it’s, what does your imagination suggest this could be?

Sunday Update (Almost complete)


Here’s the progress at the moment. Added some color Saturday and all throughout the day today. So far I’d say I’m happy with how it has turned out so far.

The main focus of this drawing is the detail as you can see. The depth within the detail makes me quite lost. In a good way, imagine a boy walking down a path. A butterfly happens to pass by the boy, he starts chasing the butterfly and not the actual path.

Creating a new path in all different directions. The possibilities of what could happen are endless. Not a narrow one-sided pathway leading to the same destination every time.

That’s me, that’s how lost I get in my drawings, making each possibility infinite. To question what color or shape to put where. Why is this correct or not. Drawing is similar to dissecting an image with your eyes. Detail is so pure you don’t know what is correct or not.

This is an example of why I like to go abstract, this real reality seems to “perfect.” But then again it’s not. Art lets you create your own outlook or perspective on things.

The hand and thinker within the brain apply imagination to this external world, making it into this reality of a world. Creating a physical new energy form that was never here before, something that’s “Priceless.” Literally a new discovery of some sort, a new species, rock or plant. A wild discovery of some sort. Something that’s “New” and not a “Copy.” A “one of a kind.”

In my art, the reality is lost. There is no way of turning around. Detail is all about performing at the best you can. Abstract lets you do things that most don’t think of, it’s at times my mind goes off similar to a light bulb when I get creative genius ideas. It always is depressing when you forget your most creative ideas, hahaha. Try to have a journal or notebook with you at all times. Or even something as simple as your phone.

Immediately write down or sketch your idea and manifest it into this real world, it’s only the “crazy ones” who try things differently than everyone else. Be that “crazy one” be original and go out there.

For all, we know that “One stupid idea” could have changed the world or your whole life for eternity. Don’t let the mind control take you over.

Express and go with the flow, who cares the art is for yourself in the end anyway or it’s more of a duty.

Art is magical if you think about it, one single color or shape could change the whole picture forever. Each drawing could be a different color of tones but similar colors, like pop art.

Just trying to create ideas and help peoples minds with their imagination. Will color some more on this tonight as well.

Tomorrow is a new whole art day. It’s the night where I live so in the morning it will be another day of art. 😀

Some of you will be reading this and looking at this while I’m asleep. In another reality of a dream, having fun with the imagination there as well as the “real world.” Dreams are nothing but the Internal you, everything that you’re and think of creating you.

Enjoy the drawing as you please, comment what you see in the image if you’d like.

Take your time and observe the drawing with detail, don’t just take a glance and guess what the image is. Let the image take you over and become the image, what do you see?

Slowly but surely, each shape matters as much as the last.


This is taking longer than you’d think, each shape has to be designated its own color. Without having the “correct” color in each shape, the picture wouldn’t be complete, but a broken mess.

As of now, it kinda looks like a broken mirror or shards of some sort. Each piece being transparent or see through. A color is given to each piece. Giving the picture a popping effect, it’s just the way your imagination plays games with your mind.

This is a drawing, not to confuse anyone. Just describing the sketches and detail, being an observer of my own art. It’s always interesting to stand back and look at “your” own art.

“Brandon never really knows what to think about his art, he just makes it. The definition is created by the individual or persons looking at the art. The creation is the only thing that matters, I’m art and I live through the art. It’s just about the moment of each moment that creates the next.”

I don’t have a name for this type of style. Often asked by many, but there’s no answer. Think and create what you want within your own mind. Don’t ask me, for I don’t have the answer to everything.

This life was given to you to do that yourself. To adventure, go out there and explore this beautiful world. This can be done within the depths of the wildest imagination. Just let yourself be free of all your burdens.

In a way, art shows all the emotions and tension put onto paper. There is no real purpose to create other than to create. Or the purpose of creation is lost, we don’t want that.

Taking my time, deciding within my mind each color for each shape. There’s no right and there’s no wrong. It’s just what the mind thinks, the individual thinks they’re correct or incorrect.

Art kinda reminds me of math in a way, but in math, there’s usually only one answer. The process is similar in a way, the color combinations and sketches. The structures and such. Now I leave you here to ponder and think what this could be.

Now we continue the process and see what we come up with…………

Let the imagine consume your soul and look deep within the picture. Remember anything is possible, don’t second guess yourself and think you know everything.

What’s in the image? Remeber to take your time and there’s no rush, art is pure patience.


Two large segments added, lots of little detail


It has been a bit since the last drawing update, sorry about that. Was going to post a while back, but it got too late. Ended up getting very lost within the drawing. There’s this feeling I get when I’m in the “zone.”

I’d like to call this “drawing nirvana.” That’s a word I just thought of, maybe it’s a legit thing. If it’s, feels like I get it 75% of the time. Always attempt at my very best to enjoy each moment of each artwork. If not, then the potential will be lost. Don’t want to make this a sort of work, but play instead. Have fun with it.

Art shouldn’t be created when you’re not ready, but then again it’s safe to just pick up a pencil and go. We all break through somehow, one way or another.

There’s always a way for something if you truly care about it. Just use your energy correctly. What’s stopping you, that would be nothing but yourself, thyself. Excuses lack energy.

If I’d give up on drawing this and not try my very best, then there’s no reason to begin drawing this at all. Why start if you don’t fully care.

Put forth 110% or don’t even try at all, if it’s just a thought ignore it. If you truly care, step forward and take the challenge on. Have as much fun as you can on each adventure. Don’t stress it, just remember to breathe. Always keep going, even if it’s one step at a time.

Might change some parts of the drawing. Most of the time, I change up the colors and tones. Miss some shapes as well.

What do you see in this very image?

This is how far I’m at the moment. Let’s see what I come up with, here we go……

More color added, to be continuted…


Been pulling all-nighters often, was up till 1 am coloring this last night. Have colored for quite a bit today. Was waiting a little bit longer into the night till I took a picture.

This is the progress as of right now. You know I’m in the “zone” when the time is forgotten and the flow is found. When this happens, drawing feels like no other. We’ll see how late I will color tonight.

Hard to explain the feeling drawing gives me, it’s my true love. That’s what I can say, hahaha.

Taking my time with this, the detail is the main concern. Enjoying the colors I’m using. Going a little crazy, not used to working so small and detailed like this. Said this to myself before this drawing. “I want to challenge myself, there’s no reason why I can’t accomplish anything.”

To actually think about that it makes total sense. There’s is no reason why can’t run away from what I love. Through challenges and things, I’m not used to. That’s where I learn and improve.

The drawing muscle is built. Then you can keep challenging yourself a little more and more each time. Over time you can accomplish anything, as long as you don’t give up.

Each drawing is a new sort of lesson. This one is teaching me a lot so far, having a lot of fun with it. Totally am feeling this drawing right now. Hopefully, it turns out the way I’m imagining.

What does everyone see? The colors are crazy on this one.

Update on the drawing, new colors added


Taking a break at the moment, here’s how far I’m right now. A few new colors have been added since the last update.

Look closely at the detail to make up what each piece is. The colors and their tones create each individual segment of the drawing. Imagine if you were to see a grid, each part is its own segment.

Try my best to work in each segment, but my mind is all over the place coloring left and right. All I can say is I get bored of the same color sometimes, not sure why I color all over. It just happens, helps me focus more not so much tension in one area. Can relax and move all around.

I feel like I have a short attention span but that makes no sense. I create art sitting or standing for countless hours. Art’s just something I actually care about, so that’s probably why I tend to attract towards art more than most things.

Take your time when observing and draw a picture out in your mind. The new colors might change your guess or maybe not.

It doesn’t look like a lot has been done, but it’s because a lot of the detail is very small at the moment. If you can zoom in you can observe it. All the patients will be worth it in the end. Not creating anxiety within my brain.

Can only imagine the final product, now I continue to draw and see what we come up with. This one is quite delicate and fragile at the moment when I say that. I mean it’s going by slowly but with a lot of attention.

Focusing the same amount of energy on each segment as the last. In the past few paragraphs, I said I move around often, I still use the same amount of energy. Just in a different segment.

With forced energy, something might be stumbled upon. Not taken care of correctly. Art is very delicate, in its weird ways. Then again not, it’s all about how you feel at the moment.


More color added and some detail.


Took a picture of the progress about an hour or two ago. Thought this moment in time would be a good place to stop and take a picture.

On the final sketch, I got ahead of myself and forgot to take an extra progress pic or two.

Since the last update, a few new colors have been added. With the style being the way it’s, as of now, it might be hard to create a picture within your mind.

When the final drawing is complete, it’s as if all the colors align themselves in that moment. A puzzle having the last piece being added. Boom! All aligned, hahaha. Every little piece matters as much as the last.

Try my best to make all the detail I can. Only I and a few others can see my drawings in person. Not sure if the microscopic detail is visible in the pictures I post. It kinda shows if you click on the image and zoom in with your phone. Buying a camera soon, some new things are coming on the way.

Pulled an all-nighter. At 11:30 pm my mind was hit with an urge to draw really bad as if I was crazing a food. But instead, this was my imagination I was craving for. Stayed up until 3:30ish am, maybe a little later.

Wish I could work on art all day and night, hahaha. One day. If I had the chance or opportunity to, I would pull all-nighters every night of the week. I can only imagine it now. That’s the “dream.”

Look at the shades and shapes before the colors. Remember in art the colors don’t really matter at all but then again we need them or no picture would be here. If only the outlines showed, everything would just have edges, no filling or weight you can say. The Skeleton of the drawing.

When saying this, I mean the colors can be an infinite color combination. You don’t have to follow the rules with the colors be free.

What do you see in the Image? Let your imagination take over and not yourself.


Color has been added…


Started adding color last night. If you have seen the most recent post, it was the full sketch.

Here’s the link, if you haven’t seen the full sketch. :

or browse through my page for the last post.

Last night I finished the sketch plus colored for a bit. I’d say this is 1.5-2 hours of coloring. Filing in each shape takes up almost twice as much time as the sketch. The color combination has to be determined for each shape and what darkness or lightness is needed in each shape. Without the correct tone, the image could be completely thrown off. The tones are infinite in a way, but not really. Eventually, you’ll run out of colors.

I’ve always wondered if there are colors we still don’t know of, kinda like how most species haven’t been discovered. Not sure if all the colors have been “created” Like a math equation, certain colors equal out to one color. A sequence of colors. Imagine a similar world with every color we see now, but this world posses no colors we see now. A world of unidentifiable colors, shapes and everything we see now isn’t here. But everything different, It would be like trying to explain to a blind person what colors are that have never seen anything but darkness. Darkness itself is a color.

Anyway, when coloring in each shape, I mostly use black and white to brighten or darken each color. Sometimes I’ll use different colors besides white or black. My eyes can “see the future” when looking at colors or having an idea. Not completely, but most of the time. What I imagine I can create or put down somewhere.

My mind just knows how much black or white I need. Don’t know how to “teach” “or “explain” how to create art. It’s just kinda created in the moments. There’s no one perfect way.

It’s all on the individual to bring the talent out of themselves. Art helps express originality.

Now let’s slowly add the colors in. Similar to building a puzzle, instead you fill this one in. A coloring book. One weird looking coloring book, hahaha.


Sketch complete.

full sketch

Here is the finished sketch. I’ve added a few details here and there all around the sketch, that don’t appear in this current image. My mind is very weird with detail. The more detail the more pleased I’m.

Used to be scared of bigger drawings and artworks but now I want to work larger scale and with lots of detail. Have no idea why but that’s what my mind is telling me.

The sketch being where it’s. My mind looks at it, and like always. You get that unsure feeling, nothing is ever really “done” technically I could go super crazy with the detail. But at the moment I don’t have endless time, only varied.

Believe in yourself and put some energy towards your thoughts. You’ll accomplish things and wonder how you even did them. Don’t tell yourself you can’t even do it, without a single attempt. It’s within us all, fear is just hiding “it” deep with your soul.

Whatever “it” is, varies for each person. Only the individual knows.

Each drawing is a new lesson of some sort. With the full sketch being presented, what do you see in the image?

Remeber anything is possible with any colors as well.

Coloring this at the moment, taking a little break to post. Then continuing to work for a little bit.