Almost Complete


This is how far I got on Thursday. With having this color combination it’s a little tricky to fill in all the shapes.

The shades are different in every shape. No two colors the same next to each other. Maybe similar, but a different tone to create the picture.

I’m thinking I should finish this either tonight or early in the morning next time I draw. No tension put onto the paper or the art won’t create the way it’s suppose to. Take deep breaths and slowly over time each shape will be filled in.

A long game of patience, to be honest making art helps me with my everyday to day life. The patience it takes to create art you realise how important patience is. At times I feel like getting angry, but then I remember “patience” Dont give up.

With what I have colored in, what do you see so far? Has your previous guess changed from your last?

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Progress on Drawing.



The colors on this are quite different than most of my past drawings. I’ll probably end up making another one like this. I’m not sure what I’m drawing next.

This is how far I have reached since Monday. I worked on this drawing for a while on Sunday as well. I’m doing the best I can with the colors to separate each section.

As of what I have right now, what do you see?

If you see something crazy, still comment and let me know.

Maybe you have already guessed, but now your guess is different.

For comparison.

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Adding color now. (Black, Gray, White)

21175344_1728536810535335_413527008_n (1)

Iv’e been working on this quite quickly. It’s a little smaller than most of my pieces, but has a lot of little details.

The colors in this one are different than most drawings I’ve made. For some reason I feel like drawing a black, gray and white drawing. It brings out a different beauty to the eye.

These are the colors we would see if there was no light. Reality would be completely different. Appreciate the simple fact of colors.

If this were to be in bright colors and happy colors the energy of the picture would reverse. Maybe you look at this and feel different than you would if there was color.

Imagine a dark and gray, glommy world. All of the time. No sun or colors. It would be kind of depressing. But interesting on how humans would act towards each other.

With the color I have added, do you see any image? If so, what do you see?

No one is ever wrong or correct. Any guess is accepted.

Thank you for looking at my work.