Black Widow Spider

black widow spider

Just finished up the drawing about an hour ago.

Here are the final results. The artist within me is telling me that I’m done now.

In the beginning of this drawing, I had no idea where it was going. The legs of the spider were the most challenging. But quite exciting to create.

I’m not going to say what’s going on exactly. That’s for you to create within your imagination. There’s no one correct answer.

Imagine it as you want, we will all see something different within the image.

Depending on the person you’re. The image will interpret into something different.

The final image is a drawing of a black widow spider.

This spider is black everywhere except on its abdomen. A red hourglass is drawn on its stomach as if the spider is art itself.

It’s the most venous spider in North America. 15 times more deadly than the rattlesnake. Very few actually die from the bite. But it’s still very deadly.

They say spiders only attack if they’re attacked. They’re friendly animals, just a little scary looking. But then again if you zoomed in on a human, we’re kinda scary looking too.

The fear of spiders is just your imagination messing with you thinking into the future. That the spider will attack you, but in reality, it’s more scared of you than you’re scared of it. I learned a new word in the process of making this piece. “Arachnophobia”. Extreme fear of spiders.

The human compared to a spider is something like “Godzilla”. Hahahaha.

Most animals, bugs, creatures and so on. They’re all crazy looking and it looks like an artist created most of them. The detail in some animals is crazy as if someone sat down and painted everything on the skin of the animal.

When I look at the black widow spider, this is what I see.

A dark form of love.

The red represents some sort of love. The hourglass represents time.

A black widow spider is very, very loving it’s just that it’s looked at and judged to be “scary” looking.

When you mess with it, you’ll get bit. Just like when you’re in love with another human. Toxic love is still love, don’t confuse the two. Both will seduce you.

love and toxic love.

When people argue they still end up loving each other. Toxic love, but still some sort of love. It messes with your brain, making the decisions difficult. The individual will know if love is within their heart or not.

The bite is the venom, turning into arguments/problems that are in the relationship. Still some sort of love, but toxic love. Not certain on how to handle a situation.

The hourglass represents endless time.
The red represents love.
The venom represents the toxins within the relationship.

This is a spider of dark, toxic love, that tries it’s best but fails every time. No one sees the real beauty in it. Just venom and evil.

Within this creature shines true, pure love, it’s just hiding behind the evil scary looking outside.

This is just my thoughts about this animal, nothing I said was correct. Just my imagination talking to me.

Interpret the picture as you please.

Appreciate everyone for following my art, have a great night!

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

A black widow spider might get you at night.