Quote #60


Imagine having no reflection.

All you felt was the energy within and that is it.

Take a moment to take a look at thyself.

Not literally instead spiritually.

The emotions and energy you feel within.

Feel your own aura.

Is what you feel pleasant or with negativity.

Do you actually believe the things you believe.

Do you follow what is best for you.

Is this the you that is you.

Think about that, each time you judge or look for flaws within an individual.

Is this the you that is you.

Change is possible and within all souls.

Change thyself before you start changing others.

When you begin to change thyself others will follow and lead along.

Try to ignore following others.

Be a leader and not a follower.

Be you and don’t follow the crowd.

Think the thoughts you wish to think because they attract towards you.

Being yourself is quite challenging in this world.

It is a balance of many different things in life.

Equaling out all the energies.

I recommend each person adding peace and love into their life.

Positive energies.

You can’t forget about thyself.

Mind, body, soul.

Water, food, air, sun, working out.

Self-care is important.

Other ideas are hiding within my mind as well.

We tend to forget the things that are important.

Ironically living life in reverse.

All the important things are unheard of or unseen.

Everything seems to be completely opposite of what it should be.

Each individual shall seek to focus and balance one’s self.

In this world, many worry about their ego and forgot about thyself.

Is this act of “you” the real “you.”

Don’t let material, labels, ego, numbers, envy, greed, jealousy.

Past experience. The thought of the future.

Or anything else that isn’t here in this very “moment.”

Destroy you.

Everything is a competition of some sort at the end of the day.

Or that is what it just seems like.

It is better off competing against thyself than others.

Competition helps you improve as a person but don’t have the ego go over your head.

Perfection is impossible.

If the world was perfect the world/universe wouldn’t be here.

Life would be quite easy and unchallenging.

All the purposes would be fulfilled and no jobs to be worked or things to do.

The world would be better off not being here. Nonexistent.

Life itself is quite challenging. Don’t have your mind consume you.

Dreams are only dreams because they were never brought into this “real” world.

When you fail it is nothing but a learning lesson.

Failure is a part of life.

We all fail and we all “succeed.”

The definition of “failure” and “success.”

As well as many other words.

Is different for all people.

Perception is everything and we will not all think the same but possibly quite alike.

It is the moments that destroy you that create you.

When you wish to give up you are growing deep down within.

That is only if you face your fears.

The roots slowly growing stronger and stronger.

Growing with unease but very pleased.

Facing the demons and not letting them consume your soul.

Remember fear is nothing but the imagination.

All we possess is the “Now.”

The rest is there but never to fully grasp.

Just a thought.

Don’t have a single thought destroy you.

Work for a better you than who you were yesterday.

Remember the mind is very decisive.

Fear is only a thought. Don’t let the mind take control of you.

Take a look at thyself and ask this question.

What do “I” have to offer to this world? Not others around me.

Before you judge or say anything.

Question your own thoughts and ideas.

No one is correct or incorrect.

Stories passed down and down.

Everything has the chance to be true and everything has the chance to be false.

It is just how you look at it.

People are living too much in the moment and forget the moment.

Within the moment of the moment, they are living in.

Step inside another box before you step in your own.

The world doesn’t revolve around you or center around you.

But then again this life is all about you.

The heart knows correct from incorrect.

Is this me, the me, that is actually me.

Possibly nothing but a thought and the real “me” is never here to be.

Instead, just a lost and confused bumblebee.

Flying around in all directions never knowing where to go but just going with the flow.