Finished the drawing last night.

Never really know what to say or explain after a drawing. I’ll do my best to explain this one.

At the beginning of creating this piece of art, like always, you never know what the final product will look like. You can have ideas and use your imagination.

But however, if you give up on something, nothing will be achieved. This drawing was quite fun to create in the process.

Before making a drawing I have no idea, or plan to what’s next to create. It kinda happens in the moment. I look through pictures and focus on certain things.

Looked through 100’s of pictures and usually there’s one that catches my eye.

This one caught my eye and I sketched this one. It’s as if the drawing lured me in and I didn’t choose the drawing. This life happens to you and everything is aligned in a way.

When using certain colors you feel certain emotions and in that moment of creating whatever piece you’re making. You feel those colors.

The colors in this drawing were calm and stress relieving. Feel a lot more relaxed and stress free after creating this, you get a beautiful feeling after creating a piece of artwork.

It sets you free in a way.

When creating art it’s similar to life being created,┬áhahaha.

A way to explain my thoughts.

Hope you can enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Look at it and observe as you choose. The imagination creates and defines what you see. Also who you’re. We’ll all see something different.

This is a drawing of a zebra.

The guesses through the process of making this were all over the place like usual.

I enjoy confusing the audience at times, it makes you use your own ideas and imagination. Instead of me giving you the answer to my work, step back and look at it. Create your own ideas and thoughts, my ideas are neither correct or incorrect.

Enjoy the drawing as you please. Interpret the drawing into your own reality.

Everyone have a beautiful day!


More color (Almost done)



This is the progress of how far the drawing is at the moment. I thought here would be a good time to stop and take a picture.

The whole picture is almost colored in but not completely. With a bit of time and effort this will be done in no time.

The colors in this one are quite fun to play around with. At times the colors I decide to use take up most of the time. By looking at the color of the pencil, I can imagine what it would look like on the paper. There are so many colors to choose from.

Wish I could use every single color. But only one version is being created. My crazy mind thinks about multiple versions of each drawing, thinking of all the ways I can create this.

With what is done so far, does anyone have a guess on what this could be?

look closely and don’t guess right away, remember the answer will not be given away. Only hinted towards.

The goal is to finish this up tonight, no rush so if I don’t that’s okay.

Until next time.

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More color added


This is how far I am right now, I have a few more hours to work on it.

Here was a good stopping point to take a picture.

The colors I’m adding are about the same.

I’m close to finishing this, I’m trying my best to not hurry and finish it. Taking my time to add as much detail as I can.

Detail is my main focus in this piece.

With the image being at where it’s. What do you see?

Remember this could be anything, look closely.

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Update on drawing


I’m taking a break at the moment. This is how far I am right now.

The colors are taking quite a while on this one, they’re fun though. Very relaxing in a weird way.

All of the guesses have been similar or completely different from each other.

When you try to figure out what the image could be, try to not look at the comments first. I know you might be tempted, but to make your mind think more. Just observe and comment what you see.

With what colors I’ve added, what do you see in the image as of right now?

The answer will not be given, but I’ll have hints and clues to what it might be.

I appreciate everyone for observing my work.

Thanks and have a great evening!


Finished sketch (With color)


This is how far I was this morning, I took a picture before I started coloring more. Have been working on this part for the past few days.

Meant to take a picture sooner, but I got too carried away with drawing. I was too excited and just wanted to draw. I have to remind myself everyday that I have a blog. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy making these it’s just a hassle to make these. But worth it in the end. I enjoy every moment of making these. I just wish I could spend every second drawing, hahaha.

The colors on this one are interesting. I keep challenging myself, it seems to happen on accident. I don’t even think about making something this difficult. It just happens. The amount of time, effort and detail consumed out of me makes me enjoy these large pieces.

I like making short pieces as well. For the time being, I’m making these at the moment. I have many ideas for the future. Sereies I guess you can say. Things hiding within my imagination.

With the colors being added, does anyone have an idea of what this image could be?

Everyones current guess is similar or alike at the moment. A few with out of the box guesses, which I enjoy. Because of the depth you put into looking at my art.

Let me know what you think in the comments……

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Finished sketch


I’m not sure if you notice if I added anything. I had the left corner to work on. Here is the finished sketch. I’ve been done with this sketch for the past few days.

I’ve worked on it for a while the past few days. This was a quick sketch, but the coloring is taking a long time. I’m going to be playing the patience game. But it’s totally worth it in the end.

One thing I’ve noticed that I’m improving on is feeling no fear when I draw these. I get cramps and sore. Sometimes feel like flinging my arms in the air like a crazy man. Then you come to realization that’s probably not the best way to deal with the problem.

So I take a break to make the soreness go away. I don’t get lost it just takes a long time to finish. I could just make little quick drawings, but for some weird reason within me. I only want to draw these huge challenging drawings. I like challenges in life, if I were to make “easy” drawing like pancakes. I doubt my skills would improve.

I used to be full of fear and anxiety before every drawing, line or color I put on the paper. but now it’s as if I feel nothing. The inner artist is starting to come out I believe. I’m noticing a lot of change. I get this feeling of bliss.

It’s in the moments where you don’t want to be where you improve. Drawing helps me a lot in life, it might sound crazy, but you’d have to be me to understand. Or maybe all the artsy people understand me. It teaches you a lot about life.

With the sketch being done. What do you see in this image? Remember the answer will not be given, but only hinted towards.

Look closely, obsereve the dark shaded areas and use that imagination of yours.


Update on drawing


This is how far I am at the moment, I’ll have a while to still work on it.

I thought here would be a good place to stop.

I’ve added quite a bit since last time, It’s taller now. Look closely at the dark shaded areas. If you use your imagination and thoughts you should be able to come up with an idea of what this might be.

If you’d like here is the previous post to compare :https://chaoticshapes.com/2017/09/25/new-drawing-progression/

Take your time and look closely. Let me know what you see in the comments.

Your guess, could be the same as last time, or maybe it’s the same. use that imagination of yours and try to find something.

Thank you for viewing my work



New drawing (progression)


Here is the beginning of my new drawing.

The reason why I have a lot of extra space showing is eventually I’ll have that area covered. There will be more added to the upper area as well.

Try to imagine the blank space with a full sketch.

As of right now, what do you see in the image?


shark done

Here is the complete drawing. I finished this one quite quick, compared to my other pieces.

Lately I’ve been playing around with my schedule to add every moment I can into my art. Every second you put into your craft you improve that little percent more. It’s the small moments that build up and create the larger pictures. Every sketch every color, everything.

One other thing I’ve noticed is my speed on making art is increasing by a lot, it’s turning into muscle memory. I’m drawing stuff and sometimes i don’t know how, it’s just like everything else out there. Put in the time and reap the benefits.

Yes, i get frustrated still and “mess up” we’re all not perfect. That’s an impossible challenge. No one is 100% perfect or even 110% perfect there is no perfect.

This drawing for example, the shapes and colors. I can put them anywhere i want and people would probably tell me they still like my drawings. It’s hard to “mess up” Being an artist i do have the problem where i want everyhing to look perfect. At times you’ll cacth me drawing the same thing over and over. Then an hour later im satisfied, it’s just the artist in me.

There were so many different guesses on what this could be. I heard things from animals, different dimentions or worlds, masks, people standing and a few others.

See the thing is with art you can imagine whatever you want. There is no freedom or rules, you do as you please. There is no boss or teacher or directions. Just the crazy mysterious mind playing games as it pleases.

The final drawing is a shark to me, if you observe and look at all the detail. You can make up each individual piece. There are a few major pieces to look at, to identify the shark.

If you don’t see the shark at all, like i said before. There are no rules, i’m not correct in saying this is a shark. Neither are you in thinking what your answer is, it could literally be anything to anyone.

Just observe the picture and enjoy what you see for the moment, that’s all I ask for.

I appreciate every single on of you who look at my art. In a weird funky way, without all of you maybe i would’nt be where I am today. Everyone has bad days, reading the comments and loving things people say brighten my mood up. Sparks your mood up, makes you feel creative.

Thank you one last time, everyone have a great day!


Almost complete.


I woke up really early this morning and got a huge head start. It might look like I don’t get much done when I post but I do. Choosing the colors takes more time than anything else.

Put in a few extra hours, than normal.

Lately I’ve been waking up really early I’m thinking it’s the creativity in me wanting to express itself. To much imagination to sleep, hahah.

It was around 2pm when I stopped to take a picture of my progress. I’m guessing I’ll finish up the drawing by tonight.

I don’t want to rush and try to finish the drawing just to post the full version. I would need time to spray it as well.

That could ruin the quality of the art, no rushing is needed. Mistakes aren’t real in art, but when you rush usually you’re adding time on. You’ll stumble and fall.

With what colors and details I have added, does anyone have a different guess on what this could be? Or maybe your thoughts are the same.

Let me know what you see in the comments.

Remember only hints will be given till the end of the drawing, thank you everyone and Goodluck guessing.

Everyone have a great evening.