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You reading this, I want to let you know greater things are on the way.

There is no right or wrong. No one knows what the future holds for you. Your life is created by the hands in front of you.

If I gave you a drawing to color in. Would you carefully color in each piece or would you go out of the line and express what you really think.

Just because there are lines doesn’t mean you can’t color out of them.

You might enter the unknown, but the unknown is adventurous and infinite. Beautiful things can happen.

Don’t let anyone tell you that something you’re doing is wrong or correct.

The one who knows that answer is you. If it’s wrong, you will know it’s wrong. If it’s correct you will know it’s correct.

Create one of the most beautiful pictures you can while you’re here. Don’t leave anything unfinished.

Color all over the place and use all the detail you want. Be what you want, express how you feel. The colors you use are who you’re.

Become a masterpiece in your eyes. There is no perfection, but become what you are within. You’ll know who you actually are, we all do.

Good luck on creating your drawing of life, color out of the lines as many times as you want. In the end you’ll be happy for what you’ve become.

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Every day you live is another opportunity to become a greater person. Never look at yourself and compare, anything to another person.

You are you and only you. There is no one single person in reality. We all look the same, we just create ideas and thoughts based on are imaginations.

I look at you and think something different than another person.

I try my best to not compare myself to people but at time I do it. When I do, I always correct myself and remind myself that’s a bad habit. Become the greatest version of yourself and don’t become someone you’re not.

Everyone is aspiring to become a person who isn’t even related to them. Don’t follow someone because of the way they look or the material possessions they own.

Try to look at the heart and soul of the person you look at. The skin is just an incognito mask to cover the real person within.

You can play and adjust with your mask, but doing so changes nothing. All it does is change your appearance.

I don’t believe your appearance defines you but creates you as a person. Yes it helps make you who you are but not create you.

It’s just the cover.

The real you is when you speak or use actions. The words are just a hidden voice. We all have the same words and voices. We just sound different. The pages within create you.

When you look in the sky, you see a million different kind of clouds and birds flying around. You see a random vase of flowers and it’s beautiful. All these unique and different shapes and sized objects.

In the end being the same, but looking different in the moment.

Each flower was once a seed. All clouds are made of the same elements.

The sun and the moon look completely different. One is dark and one is light.
If they were to compare each other there would never be a chance.

Compare yourself to the self. Are you doing better than where you were yesterday. Each small step is that much closer to becoming greater. There is no rush, don’t mess up and take wise choices on what to do.

We all have the ability to become what we want. Stop comparing yourself to other people, but become what you vision and seek.

Be the different one and do things no one has thought of. If all you do is compare to others, it will be hard to seek real and true happiness.

Do what is best for you and not others, know when to say yes and no. Don’t let other use you or destroy you. Take charge of yourself and compare yourself to where you were yesterday and improve the best you can.

Progression is progression any amount is greater.

Don’t compare to the past, but learn. There is always time for improvement. Just remember to never give up on yourself. Life hasn’t gave up on you so you shouldn’t give up on life.

Thank you for reading this Goodluck on becoming the greatest version of yourself. I believe in all of you.

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quote 22

When you speak, vibrations are produced.

When you hear, vibrations enter your ear.

When you taste, nerves send signals to your brain.

When you breathe, you breathe in and then out. Air enters your lungs, then carbon dioxide comes out.

When you touch, signals shoot throughout the body identifing the texture.

When you imagine, you see and interpret creating chemical reactions in your brain. Creating the picture within your mind.

This is the same for all of us, this is all I think of when I imagine a person. Or a being of conscious.

Every doing is vise versa, everything begins and everything ends.

We’re all the same actors, of life.




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You can think or believe whatever you want, all I ask for is don’t kill people or start wars. Belive what you believe and accept it for how it is, if you use aggression in your thoughts or ideas all you do is cause war. The ego kicks in and tries to correct whoever for being wrong.

Instead maybe try to talk things out and be at peace instead of shooting bullets at each other and feeding the fire.

You start saying things that you only regret and don’t mean at that moment. Creating a new path every time.

Every action or thing you do in this world affects the past, the present and the future.

The past action was the action you just made, in that present moment you can’t reverse.

It affects what you feel in this current moment.

The future has many doors to lead to, you decide them.

A fire and a fire only grow and grow. Never to heal.

A fire and a calm wind have a chance to spread.

When there is a calm breeze in the air, no one gets hurt or nothing starts on fire.

No one is perfect, but as long as you try your best, that’s all that matters.



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The words and thoughts that go through your mind create you. What you think of or say you become.

Saying or thinking one single different word could change your life forever.

The words create everything we have. Math as well. We need math and language for mostly everything.

Without these two subjects we would be lost. Where did these come from? I’ve always wondered that. I have thoughts and ideas. I read a lot of Egyptian history and about the pyramids. I recommend you do as well, very interesting.

A single word can change you forever. There are several hormones that are produced off thoughts and ideas in the brain. Cortisol is one of the hormones.

When you feel under stress, woried, scared, tense or angry. Some sort of negative feeling. A negative hormone is produced, called cortisol.

Symptoms of this are rise in blood pressure, higher cholesterol, artery wall inflammation and a few more symptoms.

If I were to tell you that just thinking negative thoughts could physical harm you might think I’m crazy, the facts are in the science.

Our bodies are nothing but just a bunch of chemical reactions going on at once.

Listen to your body and try your best to control your Energy/happiness levels.

If you think negative you become negative. If you think positively, you become a positive person.

If you focus on a skill or craft your body focuses on that craft. The hormones throughout your body get a high in a way. It’s a long story to explain. Similar to a mad scientist working, hahaha.

The same goes with a word. Just keep saying it and thinking it and you’ll see the results of it trust me.

Become what you think, and say.

I might sound crazy in all of this but, this is how I express myself.

I believe it to be true. Science proves a lot of things, but then again, nothing can be 100% true so I guess in all theory we will never know anything.

So saying that. We know nothing as a species we only have ideas. Everything we learned was created by someone just like you. Let the thoughts in your mind be free. Dont let the words and things you see change you.

Listen to the words and phrases produced in you. Don’t let negative phrases enter within. Still listen to others, don’t ignore them but listen.

This is how I explain this in a way.
There’s a barrier/wall in front of your subconscious mind. The thoughts and voices you hear all knock on the door.

In my imagination I imagine a huge glove hand, knocking on the door. Using a fake voice as a incognito, but an evil message is in front of the door. You control the opening and closing of the door.

Who you let and what phrases you decide to come in, create who you are.

Listen to the correct knocks, if the knock of the words entering your mind is incorrect.

The doors must stay shut. If they open, you are temporarily taken down for that moment.

When the doors open part of you is destroyed. You can rebuild yourself and heal the doors.

The choices you make and decide, open or keep the doors shut.

Follow your heart and soul and the thoughts and dreams you have will happen right in front of you.

The words can reflect off the doors being ignored or you can let them right on in.

The door being damaged, it takes a certain amount of time or “math” to open or shut.

The damage is the math being involved, I believe so.

Like what I said before, we need math and language or we would know nothing.

Just never give up.

Good luck to you all, takecare and be sure to monitor what goes in and out of the gateway to your soul.

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quote 19

All of our paths are different. Everyone goes down a different path.

When you think freely you start crossing the correct path.

If you keep following the correct paths you will reach a light of eternal happiness.

This light is whatever you create it to be.

You will feel free, eventually the correct roads will just happen.

Without time to sit and think about what road to cross, you will likely go down the wrong path.

Creating a false path, choosing the opposite of what you have now.

Over time of just choosing the wrong paths you get lost and it never ends. It’s just constant lefts and rights.

When you think before you do something the light finds you. You don’t even have to find it.

You can always start going down the correct path, that’s just up to you.

It’s not for me or anyone else to know if the path is correct. Don’t ask me, I don’t know the answer to your thoughts. Only you do.

If the path seems to be correct follow it, if not maybe think a second time or a third. If you still are thinking about it maybe just don’t go down that road.

You will only know and no one else.

That’s the thing life happens to you and you don’t happen to life.

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quote 18

I am what I have always been. I will never change or grow up. I’m a child at heart and forever.

I am me and only me. I don’t know what this question means.

Why would I “grow up” and become someone I’m not.

All it means is you have “changed”

The only slavery is within the mind. Let it take you or be free.

So when you ask me what I want to be when I grow up, my answer is


There is nothing to Chace after or follow but Me.

Become your greatest version and follow what is right.

Do what is best for you.

Are you living this life for you or someone else?

Sorry I have’nt posted a quote in a while, ill start doing them regularly.