Quote #31 Repost (New Addition)


Judging others for how you feel, it makes sense. Try to take it out in a positive way. Not aggressive.

The hurt have been hurt.

People often forget to transfer the negative energy into positive. Creating more ignorance in the world.

Guns are better than love.

What an insane world we live in.

We are beings made to create conflict. To forcefully have thoughts about everything.

The conscious was created to have conflict and to argue about things. Have an opinion.

The challenge is between the people and the earth is living proof that we are failing as a world and nation. Anger and greed destroy the world.

There is always time to improve things, we better start sooner than later.

People live their lives as if it is their last in the depressing and sad way. Not beautiful and in love.

Try to appreciate the moments as they pass by. Instead of being bitter and angry. Complaining about every little thing that your mind thinks about.

Just take a deep breath, look into the beautiful painted sunset in the sky and appreciate the moment for how it is.

Right now you could be in pure darkness and death. Nothing could be happening.

A dark room with no view and no noises or the idea of thyself. All you could do is think in your subconscious. Possessing only the echo of the mind.

There would be no past experiences or future ideas.

You would be born into nothingness and leave this world into nothingness.

As if you were never really here in the first place.

Imagine that.

Everything within all your moments put together being gone forever and to never be seen again.

Your life will flash before your eyes. One moment you are here the next you are gone.

It is as if you never lived.

Life is nothing but an illusion. You might as well start living “now.”

In a way, death or darkness is similar to mediation.

You are in pure darkness.

In mediation, you lose control of thyself. No sound and you get lost within the depths of the mind.

The main focus is to think nothing and after you think nothing you become nothing.

Similar to darkness or death.

I suggest meditation for everyone.

It is easy to get lost in the meditation.

You forget your ego and drift off.

It is an eye-opening experience. “Third Eye.”

Life itself is a gift, maybe you think I’m wrong but like I said.

That is the challenge, to accept others for their thoughts and ideas.

If not agreed on using rational talking and discussing. Problems can be figured out in a peaceful way.

In the world, we live in today. To relieve one’s stress we do the opposite of everything we should be doing.

Love is the answer in my eyes.

Love is the only thing that can heal this world.

An abundance of love and nothing else.

There is no pill or secret weapon besides true pure love.

Giving an individual the love and attention they need. Most likely they will not latch out.

The hurt have been hurt.

The hurt souls are reflections of others.

The “bad guy” Is confused and uncertain about what he is doing.

Moving without thought or idea.

Being ignorant. Attacking one’s side saying thyself is correct and the other is wrong.

To say someone is wrong and thyself is correct is not a discussion of peace and love.

More like bullets and pulling on legs. Anger and greed thinking of only thyself importance.

The other to be ignored and not cared about.

I don’t see any love in that.

Without receiving love it is difficult to give love, maybe you can but most can’t.

Love others and pass it on to everyone.

After we figure out nothing works the worst situation happens.

Then we learn, but too bad it will be too late.

The actions already happened and there is no going back.

Be aware of what is going on and what you do to others. If the words you wish to speak are nothing of love or the actions of positivity, keep them to yourself.

All you will do is hurt yourself and all the ones around you.

I’m going to continue spreading love everywhere I go and maybe people will tag along with me.

Remember when someone is being ignorant, they are just confused and a misunderstood person.

There is no correct or incorrect.

A 6 can be a 9 and a 9 can be a 6.

It is just the perspective you want to choose.

Whatever you choose to think, creates thyself.

Not thyself into everyone else.

Become you and do not try to create others into something they are not. We will all have different intentions and such in this world.

I send love and happiness to everyone, have a beautiful day! 🙂

Judge me as you want, it will not bother me. We are just two different individual human beings.

Try the best to lose the ego, the self-worth of thyself. It is more on the individual’s self to control the ego compared to anyone else. We all have an ego. I’m in the process of losing my ego.

The ego destroys itself thinking it is correct, but usually is guided in the opposite way intended.

Keep to yourself unless the intention is appropriate. The intention you have creates or destroys the moment. Reading people’s intentions are quite easy. Respect is the best thing to acquire from others. It is rare these days.

The ego destroys the individual

To not have an ego. Is to have an ego. I thought to not have an ego, therefore to not think I have an ego. I do have an ego and so do you. It is just how we control it. The ego is similar to a mask or cloak. At any given moment you can put it on and take it off. The actions, words and the amount of energy adds up to each individual. Representing their ego.

To create or destroy thyself.

Life is in Your “Hands”




I’ll try my best to explain this piece of work.

I used two pieces of paper to resemble a real life illusion.

There are two hands reaching into the blue sky, facing palms in. If you become the painting it’s as if you are holding your hands into the bright blue sky.

Myself interprets this drawing as this,

I Raise my left hand into the sky then my Right, confused and unknown, here I am. Usually all alone. Questioning existence itself.

Why am I even here? What is the purpose to life? So much goes on through my mind, I’m not sure if anyone else thinks what I do.

The only reason I know I’m living is because of my 5 senses. Without senses you have no way to know if your living.

Imagine if you were born into pure darkness. Heard nothing, felt nothing, saw nothing, smelt nothing, tasted nothing.

Your here but not, all you can do is think of what all 5 senses would feel like, but you wouldn’t know anything to even begin a thought. So appreciate what you have now. Life is this precious thing, I want you to pinch yourself or start waving your hands up in the air. Scream and make noise. Acknowledge your here, be crazy, make your blood start pumping, live in the moment!!

For me one lifetime isn’t enough I wish to live many more, hopefully this thought comes true.

Since I’ll never know today I’ll live like it’s my last day, same with every other day. All days are the same, it’s just how you create it.

I know I’m not a perfect enlightened human being, but everyday I try my best to become better than I was yesterday, the greatest version of myself, if you say your perfect I doubt it. Life is never-ending and you have much to do.

Get out there and explore, see what is out there but be safe in doing so. Don’t waste this life, you will have many regrets. Take action right away and don’t wait. With a life full of regret it’s similar to never even living because you never enjoyed your days.

The first day you were born is similar to when you wake up, you don’t know what will happen, life hits you with crazy things, it’s just how you handle them. Without struggle you can never build yourself as a person, this makes challenges important in life.

We all receive the gift of life, the same gift but all different. This is your life, take control. Do what you want or find a way to make change.

Remember to tell yourself what you want and usually you will get it.

Life is real, the hands in front of you are yours. Its like you’re playing a video game but not.

This piece resembles the gift of life and how you are in control.

Appreciate the gift of life and never live in regret, continue living the life you want.

Have an empowering life forever, have a good day everyone.