Mandrillus sphinx “Growing Refelction”


This drawing is finally completed. On Monday is when all of the coloring was finished. Just had many other things going on and couldn’t post until today.

Like I always say there’s no reason to rush the process unless you are rushing yourself. All you have to do is breath and take it easy, everything will follow through just be patient.

Today I’ve sprayed the drawing and took a picture as well. The picture you see now.

All of these little processes combine into this bigger picture. In the end, creating all the hocus pocus/art we conclude to seeing in this final image.

This is a drawing of a “Mandrillus sphinx.”

I call this “self-reflection.” Don’t normally have much of a story to share behind most of my pieces. There’s more of an emotion, similar to strings being played on a guitar.

I’ll share a little bit of what I’m thinking on this one.

The story of this piece of art can resemble a reflection of what has all happened in the past year or so.

It has been about 1 year since the first drawing I posted/created. To begin my journey of becoming an “artist.”

I checked the date of the first drawing I made when I started my journey. It was the 14th so in 6 more days.

If you have been following, I’ve had this blog for about a year now. It’s been a very fast year. I remember drawing the horse like it was yesterday.

The first drawing happened to “break the ice” that’s a good term I can think of.

I faced many fears and let go, just to create art and not worry about the end result. But care more about the process. Don’t have fear when I place the pencil on the paper.

Challenge the reflection I see and show what I’m worthy of. Instead of giving up in fear and turning the opposite direction, running away from the problem instead of facing it. Causing more problems in the long run than “fixes.”

My goal in art is to feel a nirvana for art and believe anything is possible. To create art and believe I won’t make “bad art.” Your mind messes with you telling you what is correct or not correct. Either way could be correct. Art is an example of that analogy.

Nothing is bad art it’s just the way you interpret each piece of art. People give me all different thoughts towards my art. You need this to grow as an artist. I never know what to think about my art or myself, I just do these things to do them. In the end, I’m all of what I do and create, so are you. Be original and have faith in yourself as a person. Don’t give up on yourself, there’s never a reason to be found.

The more I progress the more I improve artistically in all areas and aspects. There are just times my mind overtakes me and tells me to give up. Usually, in the end, I don’t give up became art is the only thing I have. If I give up on art, I would have nothing in a way.

All I’m focusing on is being happy. Art adds to the happiness, it’s something that I can do that I enjoy.

Without art, I would be lost in this world. I would have no direction or idea where to go.

Instead of harming myself or hurting others I use art to release my negative energy.

Each sketch or line is the structure of what I feel. I don’t know why I create a certain shape or line, it’s all just in the moment of what my emotions tell me.

Same with the color it’s all in the moments and ideas within the brain. A manifestation of creative ideas applied on paper.

To be creative you have to enter the subconscious mind. It’s quite easy for me to do that. Art helps me express my crazy subconscious thoughts. I feel as if I’m living in another world compared to most. The mind of “artists” are quite crazy, or maybe it’s me just saying that having an opinion. Who knows.

It’s all about the focus and control of your energy if you’re delicate with your energy you can accomplish whatever you desire.

So I guess to simplify what I just said, everything you see in this image is a reflection of myself. Being who I’m today. In the end, it’s best to turn the negative into the positive.

Everything you wish for is within your hands, it’s just most give up and don’t see what they’re capable of. Remember to not give up on yourself.

This is a reflection of “thyself.” Being me in the end. All of the good and bad put together into one image.

We all will have crazy lives, that’s just how the universe plays its games. The way you respond to the situation will create the outcome of the moment.

All of my emotions are put in my pieces of art. This one can show what I feel within this year. This is what I look like.

This image may be horrifying or beautiful to you, either or would work in my eyes. Honestly, it’s a bit scary looking, but very pleasant at the same time.

I guess it will just be the way you interpret the image yourself.

This is a drawing of a “Mandrillus Sphinx.”

To me this animal is a beautiful animal, I would love to be one for a few days. Hahahahah.

The face is a beautiful color. This animal would be interesting to encounter, but there’s no need to bother them.

Enjoy the drawing as you please, thank you for viewing this piece of art.

Have a great day everyone! 🙂

I appreciate everyone who observes my pieces of art and reads everything.

Much love ❤