Color has been added…


Started adding color last night. If you have seen the most recent post, it was the full sketch.

Here’s the link, if you haven’t seen the full sketch. :

or browse through my page for the last post.

Last night I finished the sketch plus colored for a bit. I’d say this is 1.5-2 hours of coloring. Filing in each shape takes up almost twice as much time as the sketch. The color combination has to be determined for each shape and what darkness or lightness is needed in each shape. Without the correct tone, the image could be completely thrown off. The tones are infinite in a way, but not really. Eventually, you’ll run out of colors.

I’ve always wondered if there are colors we still don’t know of, kinda like how most species haven’t been discovered. Not sure if all the colors have been “created” Like a math equation, certain colors equal out to one color. A sequence of colors. Imagine a similar world with every color we see now, but this world posses no colors we see now. A world of unidentifiable colors, shapes and everything we see now isn’t here. But everything different, It would be like trying to explain to a blind person what colors are that have never seen anything but darkness. Darkness itself is a color.

Anyway, when coloring in each shape, I mostly use black and white to brighten or darken each color. Sometimes I’ll use different colors besides white or black. My eyes can “see the future” when looking at colors or having an idea. Not completely, but most of the time. What I imagine I can create or put down somewhere.

My mind just knows how much black or white I need. Don’t know how to “teach” “or “explain” how to create art. It’s just kinda created in the moments. There’s no one perfect way.

It’s all on the individual to bring the talent out of themselves. Art helps express originality.

Now let’s slowly add the colors in. Similar to building a puzzle, instead you fill this one in. A coloring book. One weird looking coloring book, hahaha.


Sketch complete.

full sketch

Here is the finished sketch. I’ve added a few details here and there all around the sketch, that don’t appear in this current image. My mind is very weird with detail. The more detail the more pleased I’m.

Used to be scared of bigger drawings and artworks but now I want to work larger scale and with lots of detail. Have no idea why but that’s what my mind is telling me.

The sketch being where it’s. My mind looks at it, and like always. You get that unsure feeling, nothing is ever really “done” technically I could go super crazy with the detail. But at the moment I don’t have endless time, only varied.

Believe in yourself and put some energy towards your thoughts. You’ll accomplish things and wonder how you even did them. Don’t tell yourself you can’t even do it, without a single attempt. It’s within us all, fear is just hiding “it” deep with your soul.

Whatever “it” is, varies for each person. Only the individual knows.

Each drawing is a new lesson of some sort. With the full sketch being presented, what do you see in the image?

Remeber anything is possible with any colors as well.

Coloring this at the moment, taking a little break to post. Then continuing to work for a little bit.


Sketch Almost Finished.


Thought I would take one more picture before posting the final sketch. This is how far I’m at the moment. Didn’t post as many progress pictures as I meant to, sorry about that.

Got to hyped up in the moment of sketching and didn’t feel like stopping to take a picture. Would have ruined the moments of creating the artwork.

When the time is correct or when I’m done for the moment, that’s when I take a picture.

I’m like a little kid, sometimes I’m so excited to draw that I forget I have to take progress pictures. That’s why some drawings have more updates than others. Apologize for that.

I’ll Adjust things as I please and continue adding to the artwork till my eyes indicate the piece is done being sketched.

Will post the final sketch soon. Let’s see what this turns into.


Update on the drawing.


Here is the progress as of right now.

Like I said before, the main focus of this piece is the detail.

Not sure how I’m feeling about this piece. But I always feel unsure about all my pieces. Knowing when to be “finished” is quite difficult sometimes.

The colors and shapes seem to take longer than the sketch.

Now I begin drawing and see what we come up with. Hopefully, this turns out the way I’m imagining.

Won’t give up, but won’t seek perfection either. In a way, a messy unrealistic creation drives you a little crazy. Also, the most creative and fun to express in my opinion. Abstract sometimes messes with your mind, but perfection is ignored. Unrealistic things occur abnormal things.

That’s the fun of it, creating things that aren’t existent. In the end, nothing matters in art. Be free with it don’t let it possess you. Create away, you can always just create a new piece don’t stress yourself. Sketch an idea or write it down if you don’t want to lose it.

There are ways of tricking your mind out of fear.



Started the new drawing…


Wasn’t sure on what to draw this time. Asked my mom to think of something for me to draw. Gave her 24 hours to think of something.

She showed me two different pictures. I told her, “Let’s look for different ones”.

We looked for an hour or 2. This picture startled both of us. But in a good way, it was a crazy looking image. Deciding to do this one, in my mind I feel fear. Just being honest.

Trying my best to not feel fear. Keep telling myself this, “Each line and sketch is the same as the last, time is nothing but a thought.” By telling myself this I don’t get nervous and I vision myself finishing the final product without giving up.

Sure, it might not be completed the way I want it. But who cares, I will still learn a lot, at least I’m doing something that challenges me rather than being easy.

Looking at this without knowing what it is might be quite confusing. My main focus is the detail. My mind tells me “Quality over Quantity.”

Now I’ll try my best to complete this. Not promising anything crazy, let’s see what happens. The main focus is detail. Hours put into this will be ignored, just need to find a flow to follow on. Keep steady and go.