Finished up the drawing about an hour ago. I Always clean the image before spraying it. When doing that I check the paper for pencil shavings from the colors and fill in white areas that are easily noticeable.

Whenever a piece is done, I look at it and think it’s never done. Something can always be added or messed with.

I have to stop myself or I would work on one single piece my whole life, hahahaha.

You never know when you’re really done, I guess you’re done when your guts say. “Okay, I think we’re done here now.” hahahaha.

Throughout the process of drawing this, there were endless guesses. Like always, the guesses ranged from, the image I was thinking, things I never thought to be in the image and many more ideas. It’s always enjoyable and interesting when people look at my art.

Sometimes people see things that I never knew were in my art, and it’s just there. It just takes time for my mind to process others ideas and images. I don’t always see what everyone else sees. I try my best to use my imagination and see what the viewers see

I guess anything could be in my art. When there’s no color, the range of ideas is infinite throughout the mind. With color as, well, anything could be in the image too.

It’s all about what the viewer decides to see. They say what you see defines your emotions in a way. How you’re feeling at the moment.

Everyone will see the same exact image, but not necessarily. Depending on the individual the image will be transferred differently. Seeing the same image but in the end, we’ll all look at it differently creating a new story for each one of us.

Let your imagination take over and create a picture for you to see. Don’t hold on, let it be free. Think no thoughts and just focus on the colors and shapes to create a final image.

In this image, I see a colorful octopus.

When looking at this drawing the meaning of it will be different for everyone.

My first thought is freedom or a free-spirited soul. All the colors represent the journey happing within the octopus, crazy looking to most but happy and full of colors being the emotions on the inside. Feeling all emotion that can be felt. From the worst emotions to the best emotions. Every feeling that is possible. Notice how I say that this is the inside of the octopus. It’s the inside that only matters. Each person is like this octopus. All revealing different colors and such. Never to really show, but it’s all within. Being the emotions, creating each individual.

This octopus is on a mission and nothing is in its way, the colors also represent the strength and vitality of the spirit of the octopus.

Like I said before what you see is how you feel emotionally.

Each drawing in a way. After I complete it, I’m the drawing. I feel what the image looks like. The colors represent how I feel at the moment.

I feel like a colorful octopus on a mission and nothings stopping me. I’m riding on a wave at a certain frequency enjoying this journey of life day by day. For each day to bring new endeavors. All challenges accepted to create thyself into the greatest version that’s out there.

Life itself and the experiences you create are the greatest teachers that are out there. Learn and mess up, both are needed. Life’s not a clean and simple paved road, there will be many twists and turns.

Just never lose your balance or frequency, kinda like riding a bike and in the end, everything will be okay. Follow your gut and heart.

I’m this octopus and so are you, it’s just that we will all interpret It differently.

I shared my story. What’s your story? What do you see in this image? There’s no right or wrong, share as you please.


shark done

Here is the complete drawing. I finished this one quite quick, compared to my other pieces.

Lately I’ve been playing around with my schedule to add every moment I can into my art. Every second you put into your craft you improve that little percent more. It’s the small moments that build up and create the larger pictures. Every sketch every color, everything.

One other thing I’ve noticed is my speed on making art is increasing by a lot, it’s turning into muscle memory. I’m drawing stuff and sometimes i don’t know how, it’s just like everything else out there. Put in the time and reap the benefits.

Yes, i get frustrated still and “mess up” we’re all not perfect. That’s an impossible challenge. No one is 100% perfect or even 110% perfect there is no perfect.

This drawing for example, the shapes and colors. I can put them anywhere i want and people would probably tell me they still like my drawings. It’s hard to “mess up” Being an artist i do have the problem where i want everyhing to look perfect. At times you’ll cacth me drawing the same thing over and over. Then an hour later im satisfied, it’s just the artist in me.

There were so many different guesses on what this could be. I heard things from animals, different dimentions or worlds, masks, people standing and a few others.

See the thing is with art you can imagine whatever you want. There is no freedom or rules, you do as you please. There is no boss or teacher or directions. Just the crazy mysterious mind playing games as it pleases.

The final drawing is a shark to me, if you observe and look at all the detail. You can make up each individual piece. There are a few major pieces to look at, to identify the shark.

If you don’t see the shark at all, like i said before. There are no rules, i’m not correct in saying this is a shark. Neither are you in thinking what your answer is, it could literally be anything to anyone.

Just observe the picture and enjoy what you see for the moment, that’s all I ask for.

I appreciate every single on of you who look at my art. In a weird funky way, without all of you maybe i would’nt be where I am today. Everyone has bad days, reading the comments and loving things people say brighten my mood up. Sparks your mood up, makes you feel creative.

Thank you one last time, everyone have a great day!