Finished the drawing. (Check it out!)


The drawing has been finished for a while.

A few individuals guessed what this sketch could be in previous posts.

This drawing is different compared to most of the drawings I have been arting on.

This piece of art has more of a “meaning” behind it.

Yes, all pieces of art speak to you differently.

Even if it is quite difficult to manifest a perspective of what you are observing.

What you see within the art is what you see within yourself.

What you interpret the image into is a reflection of your soul at the moment.

Art lets you appreciate the moment for what it is.

The moment is all we possess.

Live a positive life over a negative life.

The choice is yours.

Manifest what you please.


About 60% finished with the sketch.


About 60% of the drawing is complete in this photo.

This drawing is coming out nice and smoothly.

All you have to do is go with the flow and the flow will guide you to where you need to be headed.

There is no one destination.

Instead, there are infinite doors with infinite possibilities.

Remember to never give up on yourself in the hardest of times.

We have the negative moments in life to help us push through the emotional roller coaster in this life.

Practice how to withstand adversity.

We will all fall, but very few have the courage to stand back up on their two feet.

It is easier to give up and to not try at all.

Then to follow your passions, goals, and dreams.

If you live your life in fear you are ironically living within a false reality but only to dream of what “you could have been.”

Could, would and should.

These words are past tense.

Attempt to never use these words.

All we possess is this moment.

Focus on the moment or you will become lost in between all the other moments in life.

To never appreciate the moment fully for what the moment holds.


Started a new drawing. (Check it out!)


The last drawing that was completed was “Jean Michel Basquiat.”

Took me about 2 and a half weeks to sketch and color.

If you missed the last drawing, go take a look.

To post all the updates including the final picture took about a month or so.

I often apologize about not being up to date with my posts.

It feels weird to be posting sketches I am currently not “arting” on.

The “real” world interferes with “creative minds.”

Depending on how my energy is.

I will post nothing for the longest time.

The art itself is more important than all the likes, followers, shares, and comments.

You can have millions of likes, followers, shares, and comments.

In the end, to never feel validated by other individuals.

All of that attention will have to keep manifesting itself otherwise you will feel “unloved.”

Remember to make time to love yourself.

If you forget to love yourself, you will forget how to love others.

Take some time to express your inner child instead of having your arms crossed with such a serious face.

Smile more instead of manifesting all of that negativity into your life.

Live that positive life.

Why so serious muahahahahahaah!!!!!!! (Joker’s voice)

Almost complete with the drawing. (Check it out!)


In this picture, the drawing is almost complete.

The variety of colors I am using is uplifting the energy of the process.

You come to a realization where you have to take a deep breath and you realize art is all about the moments and not the “final result.”

The “end result” would not be here if it was not for all the moments in between.

In this society, most individuals are seeking an “end result.”

The journey of life never ends until you “end.”

Appreciate the moments as they pass.

There will be a moment in time where these moments you are experiencing right now at this moment will never happen again.

Live your best life.

Be your unique self and express your soul to the universe.

You are you for a reason.

Be you and fear nothing about yourself.

Spread your wings and free yourself from all the tension society creates within your soul.

Do not take this life for granted.

Life is a gift.

One day you will be here.

Another day you will not be here.

Appreciate this life sooner than later.

Before this life is gone in a blink of an eye.

Life is my riches.

Much love to all the beautiful people!

Slowly taking shape. About 50% colored.


The image is starting to take shape.

I am always “worried” about the eyes and facial features when I am drawing a person.

All you have to do is believe in yourself and trust the process.

Within my subconscious mind, I believe in myself.

In my conscious mind.

The “logical” mind is telling me “it is impossible.”

That is the trick of the psyche.

The subconscious has you believing in things that make no sense to others but thyself.

The conscious mind has you believing in “logic.”

Sometimes you have to forget logic and use fantasy instead.

Life should not be taken too seriously.

If you “control” yourself too much.

You can never “free” yourself.

This life is a game in the end.

Be a part of the game.

Losing yourself in every moment.

To never find yourself.

Unless you wish to be in control of thyself and your thoughts/actions.

To enter the matrix or to leave the matrix.

I love the color scheme I am using in this drawing.

These colors are exploding with color and energy.

I never know what I am doing when I am creating.

Then again, I know everything.

You become lost within your creations when you are creating.

You become the art itself.

As I am drawing and creating.

I am transferring pieces of my soul onto the paper itself.

“I” represent parts of myself onto the paper.

Art is mostly subconscious thinking.

You have to “think outside the box.”

To manifest new ideas and creations.

To be inside the box or to be out of the box.

To not be yourself or to be yourself.

In the end, we all have a “choice” to do what we wish to do.

Choose wisely, my friends.

Choose wisely……

More crazy colors added.


Recently received some new drawing paper I ordered off the internet.

The brand is “Strathmore. ”

I have heard a lot of great reviews about this paper/brand.

Before I was using different paper a little thinner than the paper I just got.

Still, thick just not as thick as the current paper I will be using.

The color on the new paper I got is a little tan as well.

The tan color is supposed to help the image pop out even more than normal.

Going to have to think of new drawing ideas.

So I can use the new paper.

Will be brainstorming in my head thinking of what to draw next.

Again, I apologize for the post not being up to date.

I post when I can post.

I appreciate everyone’s patience.

Thank you and much love! 😊

New colors added! (Check it out)


New colors added to the drawing.

You have to enjoy the process of the art otherwise everything will be “forced” with zero flow.

When there is zero flow.

The art will not manifest itself into existence.

I practice breathing exercises before arting.

Lowers the “intensity” my mind is manifesting.

Remember everyone.

“It” “is” all in your head.

Whatever that “it” happens to be.

“Is” it all in your head?

How do you know if what you feel and sense in your presence is “real?”

Take it easy.

Live in the moment.

All we possess is the moment.

After the moment has passed there comes the next moment and the next moment.

The moments never stop happening.

If you think about it there is no moment beside the moment that happens before this moment.

The past is the past.

The future is in a constant cycle of revealing itself.

Breathe and remember you are the controller of this life.

You have a “choice” every day.

To be anything or to do anything you want in every moment of this life.

Let your surroundings consume you.

In the end, becoming a product of your own environment.

Unless you wish to dig deep within your own soul and adventure the depths of your individual psyche.

“We” all possess an individual unique self.

If you bother to express your unique self to the world or not.

That is up to you.

Follow the herd of sheep or become your own leader manifesting your own destiny.

You have the ability to manifest any future you desire.

The energy you put into this world you will get in return from the universe.

Do not become a victim.

Do not play the self-pity game.

Become your greatest version everyone.

Have a great day all you beautiful souls!


Added color to the new drawing!


Have been quite busy the past week.

Working every day instead of arting.

Taking care of the physical and mental mind.

Took a picture of the drawing a while ago.

I apologize for the random posts.

I post when I get the chance to.

I know time is infinite and we have time when we make room for time.

Mental and physical health is more important than anything.

People forget about the internal and only wrap their mind around the external.

In my mind health is wealth.

Wealth is not important.

Riches do not define you.

How rich your heart and soul are defines you more than ever.

Take care of yourself, everyone.

Will be posting updates in the near future.

Finished the drawing (2 days to complete)


This sketch took me 2 days to finish.

Ironically I am posting the final drawing a few weeks after I have finished it, hahahaha.

When I say 2 days, usually that consists of 8-10 hours a day.

I feel as if I “create” or “art” slower than most artists.

That is okay in my eyes.

You must appreciate the process of the art as well as each moment that is spent creating.

If I am feeling an infinite amount of energy sometimes I lose track of time forgetting to eat and drink.

Losing feeling in my whole body losing myself within the art itself.

12 hours can go by and time will feel infinite as if there is nothing but this very moment.

When time drags you are living in the future.

Waiting for a destination that is nowhere to be.

Waiting for a “future” that is never here in this “moment.”

When time makes you anxious you are thinking of the past.

What “could” have I done.

There is no “could” all there is, is the now.

Without the “now” there would be nothing.

There is nothing but this very moment when creating.

All these mind games I tell you…

The moment holds infinite power.

The power is within you.

When creating art you enter a whole new reality.

Entering other dimensions compared to this dimension on “earth.”

That is on the days I have the chance to work on art.

There are days where I do not art or sketch/draw at all.

My posts are not “up to date.”

I attempt my best to post and be as active as I can.

Do not put all of your energy into the “virtual” world.

Remember to spend some time in the “actual” world.

Focus on the moment and breathe in that fresh H2o

Started a new drawing. (Check it out!)


222 f

Started sketching this drawing a while ago.

Took a picture before I got too carried away with the sketching.

I always finish the sketch ten times faster than how long it takes me to color the whole drawing itself.

To me at least. In my subconscious, the colors matter more than the sketch itself.

Then again, you can contradict that and say the sketch is more important than the colors.

Once the colors are applied to the paper you cannot “erase” the color that was applied.

The color that is applied is once and done.

Possibly that is why I care more about the colors more than the sketch.

The sketch is the structure and the color is the emotion/energy within the picture.

My sketches are similar to a bunch of spider webs.

My eyes often begin to bulge and hurt.

I have to take short breaks depending on how “anxious” I am.

The reason why I put quotation marks around the word “anxious.”

Is because I believe we all have a form of “anxiety” or “mental disorder.”

No one is perfect and if you say you are perfect you are the biggest liar in the world.

Life is about turning the imperfect into the “you”

Be yourself instead of aspiring to be someone that is not even yourself in the end.

Become your greatest version.

I usually practice a breathing exercise before arting in any form.

Meditation is the key to balance your energies.

If it were not for my meditations/practices and patience the art you see now would not present itself.

Life is a balance of all the energies combined into one.

You have to figure out what is best for “you.”

Everything is related to or connected to the same center point. (The Soul)