21442168_1747118305343852_1474433509_nThe complete and finished drawing.

Using this color scheme was a little different than what I’m used to. It was a little challenging using darker colors. Most of the tones are very similar or almost alike.

I only used a few colored pencils on this whole drawing. When I create the tone I just add white. I’ll try my best to explain. Lets say a “shape” is dark, ill grab what pencil I think is correct. Then add the amount of darkness I think is needed. Apply white over the dark area. Then add the darker color again. etc..

layer on layers.

Keep doing this till I’m satisfied with the results. Moving on to the next shape. one by one. A slow but steady process.

If the “shape” needs to be dull or light I add a tint of dark pencil and mostly white.

It’s similar to mixing paints in a way. Just using pencils. hopefully I did a good job of explaining that.

There were many guesses throughout the process of creating this, ranging from all over the place. If I could go through all the comments and gather them up, i bet you would imagine most of them in your head too. The fact you can see something means you’re using your imagination.

As always I never give away what’s going on in the drawing that’s for you to create in your mind. You create the story, all I do is create the picture. It takes nothing but a picture to think a thousand words. speechless but not.

This is a drawing of a Lion. I used black, gray and white colored pencils to create this. Interpret the picture as you imagine.





Almost Complete


This is how far I got on Thursday. With having this color combination it’s a little tricky to fill in all the shapes.

The shades are different in every shape. No two colors the same next to each other. Maybe similar, but a different tone to create the picture.

I’m thinking I should finish this either tonight or early in the morning next time I draw. No tension put onto the paper or the art won’t create the way it’s suppose to. Take deep breaths and slowly over time each shape will be filled in.

A long game of patience, to be honest making art helps me with my everyday to day life. The patience it takes to create art you realise how important patience is. At times I feel like getting angry, but then I remember “patience” Dont give up.

With what I have colored in, what do you see so far? Has your previous guess changed from your last?

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Progress on Drawing.



The colors on this are quite different than most of my past drawings. I’ll probably end up making another one like this. I’m not sure what I’m drawing next.

This is how far I have reached since Monday. I worked on this drawing for a while on Sunday as well. I’m doing the best I can with the colors to separate each section.

As of what I have right now, what do you see?

If you see something crazy, still comment and let me know.

Maybe you have already guessed, but now your guess is different.

For comparison.

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Adding color now. (Black, Gray, White)

21175344_1728536810535335_413527008_n (1)

Iv’e been working on this quite quickly. It’s a little smaller than most of my pieces, but has a lot of little details.

The colors in this one are different than most drawings I’ve made. For some reason I feel like drawing a black, gray and white drawing. It brings out a different beauty to the eye.

These are the colors we would see if there was no light. Reality would be completely different. Appreciate the simple fact of colors.

If this were to be in bright colors and happy colors the energy of the picture would reverse. Maybe you look at this and feel different than you would if there was color.

Imagine a dark and gray, glommy world. All of the time. No sun or colors. It would be kind of depressing. But interesting on how humans would act towards each other.

With the color I have added, do you see any image? If so, what do you see?

No one is ever wrong or correct. Any guess is accepted.

Thank you for looking at my work.







Finished Sketch.


Here is the finished sketch. I ended up coloring part of it as well. Whenever I finish a sketch I always want to show you without color for your interest.

With no color your eyes don’t know where to focus and you’ll look all over the place. Maybe your eyes focus to one area, creating a picture within your mind.

All I will say is look at the darker areas. The patches of black will identify what the picture is. If I did’nt color in the darker areas, I would get lost in my work myself. There would just be lines connected everywhere. Doing this helps me out.

With the sketch being finished what do you see in this image?

Remeber to relax and not get overwhelmed looking everywhere. Take your time and think of what your eyes see.

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Progress on the Drawing.


As I said in the last post, the proportions were messed up. When drawing this piece I noticed things wern’nt matching up.

I had to erase a major section and restart. If it looks a little different don’t be confused. I rather restart on a little part than being lazy and ignore it. Perform at your best.

With what I have done so far, does anyone have an idea what this could be? Look closely at every detail and try to imagine within your head what you see. You might see more than 1 object or thing. Or maybe you see nothing.

Just look and observe that’s all I ask for.

I’m going to start posting the link to the previous post, so you can compare the two if you would like.

Here is the link :





Start of the new drawing


It took me a while to find a picture that caught my eye. Eventually I decided to draw this image.

The paper is turned sideways. I have masking tape holding my paper down. Try to ignore it, sorry about that.

I noticed that when I was last drawing, I messed up some of the proportion. The current image might be changed a little bit, but the same idea.

I know I don’t have much here. With what I’ve drawn so far, can you guess what this might be?

Take your time observing there is no rush.





Here is the Complete drawing. I finished it a few hours ago, I couldn’t spray it right away so I had to wait a few hours.

I’m working on something right now, not sure how I’m feeling about it, but I say that about everything.

I just finished spraying it and this is what It looks like.

I checked last time I posted the start of this drawing and it was one month ago. A month for this drawing isn’t too bad. At least that’s what I think.

In this drawing, my main focus was the detail. Hopefully, you can see the whole picture and make up the detail yourself.

There were many guesses on this drawing. Guesses from all over the place. Objects, maps, patterns, different animals and many more ideas.

The Image in this drawing is a Leopard. A lot of people were guessing a form of feline/cat.

I never want to tell you the answer at the beginning or I’ll ruin the fun of the art. As you can see if you have been following for a while, you make guesses and over time you get hints. Eventually, you have an idea of what I’m drawing.

If there is anything I can do to improve my posts, let me know.

I’m not going to tell you what’s going on. I could, but I’m not going to. Use your imagination and create your own picture.

I did the same thing with my Fox drawing, here is the link. Take a look if you would like.

What does that brain of yours see. All of you will see something different. What you see is what the image is.

Enjoy the picture as you please, thank you for taking a look at my work.

Have a great day everyone!

Almost finished, a little more.


This is the progress of how far I got on Monday. I flipped the drawing upside down and colored it in.

If I reach my hand all the way across ill smear the colors together.

So far it’s turning out. How I said in the last post, I’m hoping the eyes turn out. If they do the picture will turn out, the way I imagined.

Looking at the picture as of right now, what do you see?

Remember to look at the patches of color. The colors make up each part of the drawing. createing the whole picture.

Take your time to observe, there is no rush.

I’m thinking either today or Monday I’ll Finish the drawing, it depends on my speed.

Have a great day everyone!





Progress on drawing



This is how far I got on Thursday. I also worked on it a little bit last night.

It’s coming along quite well at the moment. I’m just hoping the eyes turn out the way I imagine. Me saying it has eyes is a little hint in a way. It’s something living then.

The different shades of colors separate each part of the drawing. Look at it closely and look at each patch of color and try to make up the drawing.

Take your time and don’t rush.

Take a guess after looking for a while.

What do you see?