Quote #48


As each snowflake falls from the sky. Each flake of snow is neither the same as the last. All having their own identity and dimension of life. Similar to us humans.

We’re the universes snowflakes. Mother nature’s children. We’re all beautiful the way we’re. There’s true beauty within each identity. Originality is hidden deep within each snowflake.

Similar to each human. All humans are original and are beautiful in their own way.

The greatest version is not reached until the end of life.

There’s no giving up on the universe.

The more you wonder about everything the more your mind expands.

Don’t pity yourself. Be the strongest and purest snowflake you can become.

The greatest version is never over, perfection is infinite.

Each day is granted for a new adventure.

I’m a reflection of all your insecurities.

We all feel similar emotions, just in different perspectives.

They will think you changed but in the end, was it you or really them? Or thyself that has changed. Only a person who hasn’t changed would notice a “change.”

Thyself or a suppressed personality to never shine within this world. To never live when actually living. In the end, all not being real but being completely real. Choosing to not live the life you wished of but another’s life was lived instead.

Therefore, there was nothing and in the beginning, there was nothing. A big game of “nothing.”

This is quite “depressing.”

Thyself is suppressed and acts out in ego out of confusion. Power is ego, love is intuition

The open mind is the wise mind. The closed mind is the intelligent mind. Intelligence means you know everything. Wise means you ponder on all things.

Have society mold your mind or mold that mind of yours.

Be in control of your mind. Or let your mind be controlled by others. Not even possessing your own mind in the end. I don’t mean the ego but the soul.

Don’t regret this life, please don’t.

Suppress those feelings and turn them into more scars and wounds.

Or fix them and turn these reflections of yourself into a greater version compared to yesterday.

Don’t let the past consume you. Have your thoughts consume you or consume your own thoughts and be in control.

Negative into negative or negative into positive. There’s something great and beautiful within everything. Lessons are quite useful in life.

Through experience, the universe will talk to you and guide you where you should go.

Listen or don’t.

Or continue to suppress those feelings and create more demons and scars within. To partially heal or to never heal at all.

To die with demons or to die with the light.

To die a happy and friendly soul. Full of love and beauty.

Or to die bitter, angry, envious, greedy and acquiring a huge ego.

Be humble.

Mind over matter and soul over ego.

I’m nothing of a material man but more of an energy man.

I rather mess with the energies than the materials surrounding me.

Alchemist of feelings and energies, hahahaha.

Every time your brain thinks a thought, your brain makes chemicals so you can feel the way you’re thinking.

Get lost within all the things or get lost within yourself. (the mind)

Either way, you’re lost.

One is better than the other.

I’m nothing but a man of love and energy I am nothing of a material man.

All I wish to be is a man of truth and to be real with the people. To not live in a world full of lies we hide every day. Ignoring every moment but in reality, we all know much confusion is within this world.

You’re born naked and die naked.

All material is here and there.

The energy is here forever and will be transcended elsewhere.

To live in the spiritual world or the material world is your option.

To live in both is okay. Don’t let material posses you but posses your material.

Be one with yourself and not lost without yourself.

Love your self first before any other soul.

Or continue to consume and suppress those feelings from within.

This could possibly be your last life or maybe there are more after this.

Would you be proud of what your life has reflected on so far?

Who you have become and not what.

Personality is everything and material is all elsewhere.

The energies and not the material or ego.

The soul and energy of your heart.

Be your greatest version.

The only thing that creates you being this “i” we speak of, is your belief system impressed within your mind. It’s hard to change someone’s thoughts process.

Open minds are rare to find in this world.

People only think what they know, no matter the circumstances. (Ego)

People are who they’re, change is rare and hard to find.

Don’t be scared to be original and express your ideas to this world. Don’t be scared, behind that flesh body of yours.

Just be who truly wish to be and stop hiding.

I don’t fear many things. Though, I do fear to live a life I never wished upon. But there’s no need to think this. Create the life you wish to create.

The hole will only get deeper. Enter more into the darkens of the abyss or possibly see the light at the end.

44 thoughts on “Quote #48

    • I appreciate your comment a lot.

      I can feel the energy and love within the words you speak. Thank you for being so sincere and genuine.

      Happy you can feel this towards the words I have to say.

      Thank you!

      Much love.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m just being me. Attempting to be the greatest version of myself.

        True, I can agree with you. As I write and think these I also speak the words into existence. Manifesting all parts and areas of these words.

        The words hold energy the people determine this.

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  1. Ad ognuno di noi madre natura ha fdato un’impronta diversa dagli altri, siamo originali e unici.
    A volte è difficile accettarsi e per questo ci facciamo plasmare dalla società o da chi ci è vicino.
    La cosa importante è sapere che ognuno di noi nasce con un carattere che non è modificabile, alla lunga esce fuori, la personalità è invece ciò che si compone mano mano che cresciamo, ed è influenzabile.
    Ci dobbiamo amare, anche perchè l’essenza stessa di noi è l’anima. E questa non ha copie.

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    • Yes we all have our own outlook on nature. All original and unique.

      I can agree with that, the challenge is to not do this. To mild yourself and follow what your hear says.

      Yes we can’t be changed but we only grow through time.

      Yes love is the only answer. Soul is everything. All being different.

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    • Awesome to hear that! 🙂

      I appreciate you enjoy that line and commented to say so. Shows the concern and energy put towards the post.

      Thank you!

      Yes, very much so. We only obtain growth with challenges in life. Be defeated or defeat.

      It’s just the perspective. Remember to never give up.

      Have a great day! 🙂


    • You don’t seek the light, the light seeks you. Your objective is to follow the light.

      The light seems to be seeking you in this moment. More than ever.

      Listen to the universe and follow it’s ways. Act when told upon.

      Change is the only constant. Go out there and create many endeavors.

      Follow the path of the intuition.

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