Quote #72


I observe the world every day.

Always thinking how lucky we are to live this life.

Life itself has many privileges.

I believe we abuse life and all of the privileges provided.

In this life, we are living.

Most are in a comfortable mindset.

If we are uncomfortable, we instantly begin to worry about nothing but everything at the same time.

As if the whole world is crashing towards our feet.

Ego is here, but then again not.

Attachment creates suffering.

Remember to ignore creating attachments in your life.

The moment is here and then the moment is gone.

Anything is possible within a few moments of time.

Life has many surprises waiting for you every moment.

One moment you are breathing.

The next moment you are in a deadly accident.

There are only a few days away till death takes you.

Imagine that.

Now what.

What do we do?

Imagine death taking you at any moment.

I would regret nothing and keep on living the same life I am living now.

Creating love and positivity in this world.

Spreading smiles to others.

Making people laugh to raise the vibration in the world.

Loving myself each moment.

Learning about life itself.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Creating beautiful art.

There is always something to learn about thyself.

Health is wealth.

Wealth has no health if you are ignoring thyself.

Most will probably think that I have no idea what I am saying.

I examine the words that I write in front of me.

Most of the time what I write.

I understand and it makes sense to me.

To everyone else, I have no idea if you will understand.

Expression is everything.

Without expression you could not be yourself.

You are only here because of the ego.

The ego is only here because you think of the ego to be here.

The birds flying in the sky.

I doubt each bird thinks about their ego.

The fish that swim throughout the oceans and have no thought of where to be or who they are.

Most likely do not think about their ego.

We humans walk around in this fishbowl of an atmosphere.

Always thinking about our ego.

We act as if we know everything.

Who knows if anything we know is correct.

We are all given a name and an ego.

After we are given our name we think we possess everything in sight.

The only thing we possess is our soul.

I am not certain if we even possess our own soul to be honest.

Did you ask to be here.

Or did life itself just happen and possibly you were a lucky one.

Who has the opportunity to live on planet earth.

While everyone else was put on the waiting list.

This life on earth is just a visit.

Before this, you were in the spirit world.

I doubt animals become as depressed as humans do.

Humans complicate life more than needed

If anything the birds and fish have accomplished more than the humans.

Animals are perfect examples of how to live this life.

All you have to do is experience life itself with zero worries and attachments.

Animals do not own material or have money.

You can say we are “advanced” animals.

If you think outside of the box, most humans are “uncivilized.”

Most of what we do is inhumane.

We depend on machines and robots to assist us in living a “greater” life.

The animals get along more compared to the humans.

The animals work together and have no separations or labels between each other.

When you see the birds flying in the sky.

No one is left behind.

When you see a school of fish swimming together.

There is no one left behind.

There are no Democratic or Republican animals.

There are no races or skin colors for the “animals.”

As you can see.

The animals are happy and better off than us “humans.”

If anything we lack “intelligence.”

The animals seem to be smarter than us.

The man possessed an ego.

After man possessed an ego.

At that moment the world shifted from love to hate.

Ego does nothing but creates separation and labels.

The birds are in the sky without even knowing they are in the sky.

Similar to how the fish are in the water without knowing they are in the water.

Us humans are in the atmosphere performing life itself.

Without even knowing it.

Everything is connected to you without you even knowing it.

The universe controls you more than you control the universe.

We are just visitors on this planet earth.

After you die who knows where the next beginning is.

Erase all of the labels and attachments.

Learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

When you are uncomfortable with life.

There is only greatness on the other side.

Continue following the path you are already headed down.

Or create your own path and conquer what gets in your way.

We have so much but need so little.

We abuse the true purpose to mostly everything.

Next time something bad happens just remember how lucky you are to have what you have.

If you have a thought to complain.

Instead, reflect on that thought for a bit.

If you reflect you will realize everything is not that big of an issue.

The problem is only as big as create it to be.

Turn the negative energy into positive energy.

Unless you want more wars going on.

War is the definition of stupidity and ignorance.

Wars usually consist.

Of individuals not agreeing about something.

When we do not agree with each other.

In this world we begin to start pointing fingers.

If individuals do not agree about something.

The “correct” solution is to talk things out.

Ignore becoming defensive.

Just because we live in a world full of people who do not agree.

Does not mean we have to kill each other off.

No one owns this earth beside the earth itself.

Ego creates war.

Individuals have to raise their ego.

This ego is each person’s “self-esteem.”

If you decide to talk down about another.

In theory, this will make you feel greater than another for a moment.

Is this the wisest choice.

Why do you have to talk down about others.

When talking down about others you raise your collective ego.

The people that you talked about.

Are probably raising their collective ego degrading you in their eyes.

Talking down about you as well.

However, that happens to be.

I do not take part in degrading others.

All I wish to do is to spread peace, love and positivity.

Everything is connected to the ego.

Ignore seeing the world with a negative view.

A mindset of negativity is not healthy at all.

Just create love and more happiness in this world.

We have more hatred than love.

Or possibly we have more love within our souls than hatred.

The problem is everyone is too scared to show their love in this world.

To love yourself is to love everyone else.

Love is what we need.

Go up to five random people and tell them you love them.

For all, we know that could be the first time someone was told that they were loved.

In this world, some individuals get no love.

While others obtain mass amounts of love with zero appreciation.

The definition of love is different for us all.

Attachment to anything creates suffering.

We are here to be and then sent elsewhere.

Wherever that happens to be.

Every day I wake up I question more and more of what is going on.

There are ridiculous things going on in this world, that should not be happening.

For some reason, everything continues the way it is.

I do not know why the world works like this.

Everything continues the way it does.

All I have to say is if you wish to make a change in this world.

Start by changing yourself for the better.

One day the world will change.

People will realize how important life itself is.

Then we will stop living this life in ego and hatred.

Instead, we need love.

With love, each individual will truly live the life they desire.

I will never give up on the world.

The earth is still here so there is still a chance.

There is change within all of us.

It just takes effort.

Good day, everyone

60 thoughts on “Quote #72

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  2. I love your words Brandon. It’s hard to watch the world sometimes in its current state, especially when you’re an empath (which it seems you are too). If more people could approach each day with gratitude it would make for a better world. Keep shining your light – you’re not alone. Keep positive!!

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    • Love that you appreciate the writing. 😊

      Yeah I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes you wish you could “fix” the negativity. All you can do is create and Express. In expression itself there holds mass amounts of love and energy. It takes perception to change people minds about their reality.

      Yes gratitude is a greater practice. Be appreciateative of everything. Millions of other soul only dream of our lives.

      For sure, will continue being myself.

      The light is infinite. Most just live life in pessimistic thinking.

      Manifesting a reality of despair.

      Spread the love forever and ever!!!!



    • I love that you appreciate the writing! 😊

      Thank you for existing as well. Without you and every other soul in this world.

      There would be no you or me.

      We all need each other in this life.

      We are all in this together.


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    • Yeah no problem, on my free time I browse through other blogs.

      Happy to hear the loving energy in your comment.😊

      Hahahaha, I appreciate you enjoyed the read that much.

      Much more to come.

      The future holds infinite possibilities.

      All you have to do is believe and manifest your reality to life.

      Much love!


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  3. There is a big difference between living and co-existing amongst gutless, spineless sheep . You should always strive to be abnormal and like no other.
    I have absolutely no desire to fit and blend – I live by my own code

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    • Very true. The meaning of life is not to buy material and pollute the world.

      Creating using your love and soul to bring others together is a more of a purpose compared to most of the illusions people base their lifes off.

      Exactly, to be abnormal is to be thyself. If you copy others you will do nothing but turn into a robot and enter a false reality that is not for you.

      Be the leader instead of the follower.

      Live this life to be you and only you.

      Same, I am a “strange” one hahahha.


      • Thank you for your response. In my opinion, “the need” is something of vital value, that we can’t live without, but it can be sacrificed for a higher purpose, while when we “want” something, we listen to our Ego, that can push us to break boundaries, just to reach it, to have it, living us at the end with a bitter taste !!
        When it comes to “Love”, obviously it is a “superior need”, unburdened of selfish feelings, still unknown to many people, an endless force, created by the dexterous “Hands of God”.

        Merry Christmas!!

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      • As I mention in my link Roxana , for many it’s in human nature to question the unknown . And you are taught to fear by mortality of deception from society. When you take yourself away from what is an acceptance and see the world through open eyes not absorb by self comfort but take risk knowing you can lose nothing and gain everything. You see how amazing life truly is not consume by self or how many likes or what are status is. That is living with purpose through conviction of executing your will to act .

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      • Thanks!

        Yes kanye are consumed by their ID.

        It is about “us” and “we” hahahah. We are all in this together.

        Sometimes you have to blame the system though.

        People become products of their environment.

        Unless taught something else. Perspective is hard to learn for many.


      • Very true this why for me , Brandon it can be very challenging dealing with passive people I do not know how to correlate causation and affect . Never compromised your true self for social acceptance. Only one that will be consume is you . By the way I invited you follow me the choice is yours …I respect you for being true to yourself and never say sorry or apologized to no one for that ..ever!

        I will tell you something I m finding out first hand its okay to say I’m not okay I need help .

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      • We all have something “wrong” with us.

        But you always attempt your best with everyone for “who they are.” Even if you don’t like them form them. Hopefully, other individuals respect you for you. If not it is their loss.

        Yeah, I noticed that. Yes, it is hard to be your true self. May judge but in the end, they are doing nothing but judging a mirror of themselves.

        Yes, that is okay to say.

        I believe you should take on the energy for how it is in each moment.

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      • Brandon there is site I been following very powerful testament to have cruel and cold reality life can be : Outoftheshadows18 check it out cheers. I would like to beable to have open channels of communication do have an e-mail or other means ?

        A P E X

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    • Thank you!

      Yes we do, the ego and soul confuse each other.

      Is your heart poor or rich? That is the real question.

      Needs are required.

      Want is mostly useless material.

      Ignore the illusions of life.


      • If we enrich our hearts with “things” containing high energy, we will easily feel that we are living at a higher frequency. If we do the opposite, draining our hearts with low energy “things”, of course our hearts will suffer, feeling so poor, not having anything substantial to nourish themselves with. Our the choice…We are children of God, so we need to be rich as Him. That’s a need that we can, unfortunately, ignore, many times.

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