Quote #76


I do not understand the way “my people” live this life.

Life is a gift and we are acting as if we are living in a reality of hell.

We ignore becoming our greatest versions.

In this life, no one cares.

Live blindly or live with clarity.

We all look forward to the next life.

Ironically ignoring this life “now.”

We are all infinite beings.

All you possess is the “now.”

Do not get lost within yourself.

Get your head out of your ego.

Be the real you.

Everyone is an imposter.

Real people you never forget.

Fake people are everywhere.

You cannot tell the difference within the fake people.

Fake people blend in.

They all seem to be the same.

Real souls stand out.

Fake people act in their ego.

Fearing their true self.

We have failed our creator of Mother Gaia.

Every action seems to be opposite of what it should be.

We are living life in reverse instead of forwards.

Dying in a slow decay.

Lacking love within our hearts and souls.

I feel the energy of the infinity within my soul.

I wonder if others are out there that feel energy emerging throughout themselves similar to myself.

Live this life blindly or with clarity.

Imagine each day being your last day on earth.

Let me correct that.

Imagine each moment being your last moment on earth.

Would you be happy or sad?

Live this life in negativity or positivity.

Be the controller or be controlled. 😉

The scariest chemical reaction that can occur within us all is “anger.”

In anger and in war, nothing is resolved.

More problems are manifested.

The person who “wins” whatever winning is.

Gets their ego stroked.

In the end, no one wins.

There are two sore losers.

Ego is a tricky monster.

The ego is not real.

The heart that beats in your chest is one hundred percent “real.”

Then again, what is real and what is fake…

You can feel the beat of your heart.

You cannot feel the beat of your ego, jahahahaah. 😉

The ego is not the soul.

The soul uses love and empathy.

The ego is an imaginary character of yourself.

In the center of thyself.

The “I” you define yourself with.

Then again.

Nothing is in the center of you or “I.”

Only your perception of who and what you are.

Is within you.

What others think of you is completely different than what you think of yourself.

The soul is the way to go.

Love is the answer.

Stop being fake with people.

Be the real you.

Or keep hiding behind closed doors and being fake.

If you are fake to others you are fake to thyself.

If you are real to others.

You are being real to yourself.

Others will be real with you as well.

Ignore being ignorant.

Ignorance holds nothing positive.

Your impact on others creates a magnificent energy shift.

All it takes is that “one person” to change the whole moment.

From negative to positive.

Face your demons straight on.

Or let others deal with your demons.

When you throw your demons on others.

The person you throw your demons on.

Has to deal with your emotions and demons.

Pass on love to others, not demons and hatred.

Are you the energy of love or darkness?

Energy never dies.

Energy only transcends to a new form.

Everything is energy remember that.

Be careful with how you live this life.

Deal the energies wisely and with clarity.

Instead of with ignorance and with the lack of love.

If you lack love within thyself.

It will be challenging to Express love to others and thyself.

If you possess the darkness you will manifest hell on earth.

If you possess the light and infinity you will manifest a heaven on earth.

It is that simple.

Life is simple.

Most do not understand themselves enough to treat others with respect.

If you treat others with disrespect, you will disrespect yourself.

How you treat others is how others will treat you.

There will be that one angry person that will come across you here and there.

Do not let this ignorant person suck the energy out of you.

Ignore the projection of others.

Let the person act foolishly and move on with your day.

Ignore manifesting more negativity in the moment.

The Ego acts foolishly in hatred vibrating in negative frequencies.

The soul acts in love and with beautiful intentions.

Ignore having your ego in your mind.

Live with your soul for once.

Give your soul a tryout.

That is all I ask.

Use your soul.

Instead of that bitter ego of yours.

We all deserve to “succeed.”

We are all equal and no person is greater than another.

Labels are just labels.

You live by labels.

Labeling yourself every moment as well as labeling others around you.

Or you live freely being the real you.

Free of labels.

If you bring others down to make thyself feel better.

You lack love within yourself.

If you lack love within yourself, you will have no love to spread.

Do not be the fake you.

Be the real you.

The real you represents the soul within yourself that speaks to you. (Intuition)

The fake you acts and thinks in the ego.

Ego is that ignorant voice of thyself speaking to your mind. (Not thyself)

Ego acts out when suppressed demons have not been dealt with.

The Soul speaks the same to all individuals.

Ego talks behind closed doors differently than normal.

If you shame others you are shaming yourself.

Everything is a reflection of thyself.

Is this you really you?

Or did someone tell you that this you they say is you.

Is actually you?

Think for yourself for once.

Use love in your thoughts instead of resentment.

You have to be yourself in this world.

There is nobody in the world that is similar to you.

You are the most original person I know.

All you have to do is be yourself.

If that means you question everything.

That means you question everything.

All I know is that I know nothing.

All I do is think abstractly with my mind.

Expressing the thoughts within my mind in an abstract form.

Do not let others tell you how to live this life.

This is your life.

Not another’s.

Or are you willing to give yourself up to someone else besides thyself?

Letting another control this life.

Instead of thyself controlling this life.

This life is your life.

Live this life to your greatest potential.

Remember to love yourself, everyone.

Without love life will be a venturous adventure.

Power is scary in the wrong hands.

Our system is being controlled by crazy people.

Power is not needed.

Power is suppressed emotions of the past thrown onto someone else.

We are better off living in the “now.”

In the “now” beautiful occurrences happen.

Remember energy travels and never stops.

Anger creates anger.

Love creates love.

The smartest decision is to act in the “now” instead of the past.

Most live through their pasts.

Instead of the “now.”

Without the “now” you will never truly be here with “thyself.”

The “now” is a feeling of bliss energy.

In the “now” no emotions are felt similar to nirvana.

The past uplifts emotions out of people.

love or darkness.

Ying and yang.

Past, future, and “now” thoughts.

Ignore having the mind overpower you.

Be in control of thyself.

Do not have others be in control of you.

If others are in control of you then you are not you.

When you control thyself then you are you.

Be controlled.

Or control the controller. 😉


Everyone is themselves behind closed doors.

When the doors are open people hide their true self.

The reason why people suppress their energy and are scared to show their true self.

Is because of one imaginary thought.


False- Evidence- Appearing- Real.

If you are yourself In front of others.

You will be accepted over a period of time.

You will also have love vibrating within your soul when you are your true self.

In the end, you should be yourself no matter what because being yourself is the greatest gift in this life.

It is up to the people to accept you or not.

Remember to accept thyself.

Accepting yourself is the greatest thing you can do.

One love…..

21 thoughts on “Quote #76

  1. I noticed you used the word “love” a lot in this post. My favorite line is…”Love is the Answer.” I’m especially on board with this post because I strongly believe that “Love” is all there is. With it, we can conquer all. “Love” keeps us present and in sync. Exactamundo. “Love is the answer!”

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  2. That’s a lot to unpack. I agree with most of this especially the bits about ego. Whenever I act out in a way that is not my true self usually ego is to blame. I have to take issue with your stance on anger – not to disagree completely it’s just that sometimes anger is a self-preservation technique. It can be a wall between it’s host and crushing despair, I know about this. That said it still needs to be processed so you can get to the core and work through. Also not a fan of fake people.

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    • I appreciate you for reading the writing.

      Happy you can notice the flaws within yourself. We all have flaws. When we act in negativity. Hopefully after the moment is over. You realize your stupidity and attempt to become your greatest version.

      That is okay. We are not all here to agree with each other 100%

      I understand what you are saying here. But personally I just ignore people and their negativity. Sometimes it is wiser to let the “other” to win. In the end both people are just foolishly screaming over each other. The negative person is just confused and lost. Bleeding their negativity on to others.

      Unless it is life or death. Then I will act back, hahahaa.

      I understand you point of view. But like you said we wont all agree 100%.

      We agree with certain points and ideas.

      Same, hahahah. I feel as if many people act fake without even knowing they are fake. But that is just me.

      It takes a lot of time to realize the life you are living. If you accept thyself or not.

      Thank you for your time and energy.

      Always love having in depth conversations.

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  3. As always Brandon beautiful thoughts and expressions right from your Soul. Sometimes there is good anger where it is self-preservation, not the destructive anger which is out to harm. Ego, is one of the biggest problems we have on this Earth, it is negative and often demons feed it. Allowing our soul to control our entire being is the way forward. Love and more often sympathy should be shown. Trying to keep an equalibrium around negative, harmful people can be a job in itself, important to keep control of your own ego/mind as these people are full of mind games, imposters, and lies. Maintaining our own environment keeping it spiritually clean is important. Bless you.

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    • Always attempt my best to Express my inner thoughts and soul.

      Yeah I understand what you are saying but I dont believe in anger hahahah. I know it sounds ridiculous. But it takes more energy to work yourself up and get angry then to just take it easy and realize the only issue/problem is the one you manifest and in reality most people work themselves up for nothing. It is like they crave and enjoy the dopamine rush from getting angry hahaha. The power and ego trip.

      I rather die being myself and living the life I choose instead of being programmed for think a certain way.

      I don’t label myself in a “religion.”

      My religion is love. Everything is love for me.

      People act like animals more than civilized humans that we are.

      Very true. Ego destroys this earth and the people.

      Yeah the past experiences feed people to act in the now which feels like the past for them.

      To live in the now is challenging for most.

      Yes we should be living throughout our heart and souls instead of the mind.

      Yeah you just have to ignore the “energy vampies.”

      That’s what I call people who are negative most of their life.

      Exactly. Keeping the mind spiritually clean is the safest way to perceive things.

      When the mind is clear and at ease. The ego usually never take over. Understandment and empathy are shown.

      Thank you.

      Much love!


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      • We should be living through our soul and not our ego/mind it is easier and kinder to the head.

        I agree energy vampires or psychic vampires I call them both. Keep away from them,

        Keeping spiritually clean is very important both home and physcial.

        I wish you much love and happiness for 2019. Keep on writing your amazing inspiration.

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      • I agree with that for sure.

        No need for people who lower their energy.

        Yes, health, mentality, and spirituality.

        I appreciate all the love and positive energy! ❤

        Happy new year to you as well.

        Yes, only out of spontaneous thought you can’t rush writings or expression in general

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    • Manifest your thoughts into your reality.

      Reject the negativity energy.

      The challenge against thyself is to let negatively come towards you.

      The way you handle the negativity will show your greater side.

      The real you. The heart and soul within.

      It matters more how you react than anything else.

      Live the dream of love and positivity!



  4. Two thoughts – 1) People care more what the world thinks of them than realizing their own beauty and worth. 2) There is always a hand of love reaching down from heaven waiting for anyone to just reach up for it to receive the love being offered.
    Good thoughts to ponder. Accept your worth, its strong.

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    • Very true. I used to be like that until a few years ago. When you are in school and surrounded by many people who have no idea what “life” is. You worry about what others think besides yourself.

      I can understand what you are saying. The love is always here and available. It is just up to the person themselves to guide their energy towards the love.

      Love your energy filled comments. 😊

      Thank you, I appreciate the word of encouragement.

      Much love!!!



  5. Physical: Your heart stopped. You died. Since things are eternal, neither created nor destroyed, you exist somewhere, just in a different form. But in this world, no one is contemplating your former corporeal form.

    Ego: The basis for how you acted out while in “this” world. Your actions forced others to react; their behavioral growth was affected (sometimes stunted) by your ego-based activities. The world won’t forget this.

    Is this how you want to be remembered?
    What a nice, thoughtful, and inspirational post.

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