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The loudest person is in need of acceptance and needs validation from others to be themselves. Un-secure with themselves.

Quite people accept what happens within the moment and understand the universe has a way of dealing with its energies.

Trust the process of the universe or use the ego creating a manic depression.

You can only control so much at one time.

It is wiser to “be.”

Take a deep breath and process the moment for what it is.

Instead of reacting spontaneously without having any time to respond.

To be at peace or to live this life in fear.

Fear nothing besides fear itself.

Love yourself and you will respect others.

Accept yourself without the validation of others.

19 thoughts on “Shared Photo (2)

  1. Wise words, I do not see the quiet person as being dangerous often they are listeners analysing what is being said. Loud people are very negative who constantly seek attention and negative people are weak as they shout out what others are passing on without a thought.

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    • This is just my perspective.

      Everything you have said is what I think in moments of intensity.

      The person yelling and losing control of themselves is the weakest.

      People challenge me or think different and say you need to “defend” yourself.

      I guess, but not all the time.

      There does not have to always be a winner in my eyes jahahaha.

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    • You have to accept yourself. Before loving another.

      Yes, Twitter is noise or sound.

      “Noise” can mean multiple things.

      Everything is perception.

      What i “see” you shall see something different.

      Everyone seems to be seeking validation. In a negative way and not positive.


  2. Very thought provoking indeed! I’m generally the quietest in the room but I’m not afraid to stand up and speak my mind if I need to…. I’m normally the one telling that super loud person to lower their voice 😂

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    • Always trying to provoke thought in every sentence I say hahaha.

      I feel you. Usually, I just leave the room if someone is getting out of hand.

      Unless it is urgent then I get involved hahaha.


  3. Not one size fits all fella , sometimes the calmest is because they are too passive and afraid the will to act . When create your own storms don’t be surprise when it pours and drowns you.

    I know I do not say anything because others are afraid of me I’m unpredictable never make the same move twice.

    The is the power of fear this is why there is
    hi archy for a reason Alpha’s will never backdown I rather take my last breath standing then being living on my knees in disgrace.

    Great read Brandon always keep it real



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    • That is a fact. One size does not fit all.

      We are all different. Otherwise, there would be no reason to be alive.

      Usually, I say nothing but stand my ground and do not let others use me.


      Thinking outside the box and provoking thought.

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      • Always anticipate every action has recoil of cause and affect make your movements in silence. When the timing calls for you to be cerebral never strike your prey in fear always use the responses in logic . Responding in emotions will certainly lead losing the Reaper’s Game .

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