Quote #85


There is nothing to be because you are it.

Be yourself.

Whatever ideologies or “truth” you happen to follow.

Do what makes you happiest.

To know the difference between the truth and what a lie is.

Can be quite confusing.

“They,” say never listen to strangers.

Then again, who is a stranger and who is not a stranger?

Why must I listen to one soul and not the other?

It is as if “strangers” are wrong and people who are “known” for being themselves know everything.

We will not all live the same life.

Therefore be yourself.

Listen to others, but do not believe what they tell you.

Unless you have experienced what they tell you yourself.

We are all living in a different reality.

Listen to others who experience life similar to the life you wish to experience.

This will help you create your own reality instead of accepting everything for “how it is.”

Usually, the word of mouth or the story changes every time someone shares something.

You will never please everyone so you might as well please yourself.

When you use love instead of fear you will feel the energy flowing throughout yourself.

Do not use others to your advantage.

Instead, use love and expand your horizons.

What your truth represents in your psyche is different in another’s psyche.

We will all see something for how it is.

“It is” only perceived as seen.

All of us humans are quite alike, then again very different.

We all have skin, bones, organs, and the usual

Some individuals do not have legs or arms.

Think about that.

Imagine if tomorrow you had to be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.

Imagine if you had 1 arm or zero arms.

Appreciate the gift of life in itself.

Be happy that you have arms and legs.

It sounds like I am kidding around.

I am completely serious.

Perspective is the only thing that will change another perspective.

We are all different from each other through our originality.

Through your originality, you can represent yourself to the world.

“I” Brandon Knoll represent my originality through my expressions.

When I write I speak my truth that is held within my soul.

Fearing to show the “real world” who I really am.

In the end, writing from the soul with zero fear.

When I draw or paint.

This is my soul engraving its emotions onto canvas or paper.

A million stories or emotions can be felt in one image.

Whatever you imagine.

Sometimes images speak more than words.

Language can only be expressed to an extent.

Eventually, you must create an image of some sort.

In my moments where I am quiet and still.

I draw and paint.

In the moments I have high amounts of energy I write what I am feeling within the moment of the moment.

You must not force creativity.

Let creativity express itself through the soul instead of being forced through the ego.

Do not create to seek attention from others.

Instead, create using nothing but your heart and soul.

I am an introvert but also an extrovert.

In public, my energy drains itself.

Then again, I recharge my energy in front of others.

When alone, I have a feeling of complete bliss.

My energy recharges itself to the max.

When alone, you have to harness all of the energy you can.

Manifesting a positive future.

Do not come to conclusions.

There is never an answer.

There are infinite answers.

Your “answer” is different than everyone else’s answers.

If you think about it.

Possibly there are no “answers.”

There is nothing to figure out.

Nothing to do but just be.

Possibly we are already “here” at our greatest potential.

Life itself.

We are all too busy trying to figure out “answers.”

That we have lost the true purpose of life.

Life itself.

Life is here for us to live through the senses.

Each sense brings you connection to the soul.

Do not forget to breathe in that fresh air everyone!

The soul lives through the senses.

If you are too worked up trying to “figure” everything out you will forget to appreciate the nature and life itself.

We are all here within an organism called “mother earth” or “mother Gaia.”

Have you ever walked through a forest and have become the forest yourself?

When in nature you become nature itself.

You free yourself in nature.

Nature is meditation.

In nature, your frequency is higher than normal compared to any other location.

Connect to your higher self.

When you connect with your higher self.

“Your” truth will reveal itself to you.

The worst thing you can do is rob yourself from your own truth.

To live a lie of a life.

To never be your greatest version.

As if this illusion was more of an illusion than what this illusion already is.

You only know you are here because you are here now.

Now is all we possess.

Everything besides the “now” is the imagination.

It took the “imagination” to think of the “imagination.”


What is real and what is false?

It took the imagination to create facts.

Without imagination, we would have nothing.

We had to “imagine” something before doing what we think of.

I question everything.

Even science itself.

How does science know that science is “correct.”

For all we know we are living within a theory of a theory.

Technically everything is a “theory”

Existence in itself is a “theory.”

The truth is a “theory.”

The “incorrect” idea of something is a theory.

All we can do is share and express ourselves as a collective and come together.

After we have united as one.

We can all discuss what we think is “correct” and “incorrect.”

I look at this world and I see most individuals living their lives in fear.

Propaganda from the government brainwashes us to be in a “lower frequency.”

Do not listen to everything the “government” tells you.

Think for yourself for “once.”

Imagine if there were no answers and you had to go out into this world and experience everything for yourself.

We live in the “internet” age.

From the tips of your fingers, you have access to everything imaginable.

Infinite truths and infinite “wrong truths.”

What you decide to “practice” or “follow” is up to yourself.

Remember to keep questioning the truth and to keep questioning the questions.

Why is this that?

That is this?

“Why, why, why?”

I have infinite questions with “zero answers.”

All I can do is live by my “truth.”

The way you decide to live this life is up to yourself.

Whatever you do to manifest peace and light keep on doing what brings you happiness.

If you feel alone in this world of “truths” and “lies.”

Remember to be “yourself.”

I am not sure what being yourself means.

That is up to you to manifest.

A tip I can share is this.

If each day you feel more distant from the soul than yesterday.

It is time to make a change.

A “change” within yourself.

If you are uncertain of what “light” and “darkness” are.

You have some soul searching to do.

People always ask me.

“How do you know if who I am is who I really am.”

I do not have any “answers.”

All I have is my experiences.

I would tell you this.

“The more pain and suffering you feel, this is not the you that is supposed to be you.”

Yes, we should not ignore pain.

Pain helps us evolve into our greatest versions.

Use pain to guide you to your greatest version.

What I mean is if you live each day and each day brings you hell.

It is time to manifest more light into your reality than darkness.

Use the negative moments in life to build your integrity.

Do not have the negative moments take you to your knees.

Instead, grow and learn from these moments of “failure” or “negativity.”

Life is a combination of yin and yang.

You must do what you must do.

Do what is best for youuuuuuu…..

Live the “truth” that fits you best.

Be your “original self.”

Listen to that intuition of yours instead of blindly accepting other people’s truths.

Life is a journey.

Never give up.

Change if you must change.

The caterpillar evolves into a butterfly.

27 thoughts on “Quote #85

  1. Another great post Brandon. Important to be ourselves and do what is right. Too many focus on the negative aspects of life and this becomes their reality. Bringing Light into our environment is so important. What is good for one is not necessarily good for another and yet both are right in their own way.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you!

      Exactly in our eyes and not another person’s eyes.

      I agree. Many individuals focus on the negative aspects of life instead of the positives.

      Spreading all the love and positivity I can.

      Yes, you can contradict mostly everything.

      We are all unique in our own individual ways.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The world is unforgiving and is not afraid of letting you ever forget that

        “Those that are not wolves are eaten by wolves ”

        You either born a wolf or sheep

        You decide to and its up to you how you respond to your own adversity . Nothing will rock you on your ass faster then Life Remember that.


        Liked by 3 people

      • Thanks for the support if through execution of my actions cause and affect the recoil to lead by conviction. Well I am enduring my own storms help inspire others you should always strive to better than you were yesterday. And pray not for easy life but one you can endured and learn from this is very testament of a True Leader .



        Liked by 2 people

      • Its Arabian Proverb meaning only the Strong will remain in the end will always wear their scars knowing how much the Storm tried to shred you into nothing but shattered fragments.

        Yet you are still standing for me having it forged into my blood that no matter you never quit nor surrender to the (STORM) You find that X to ascend to higher level just like apply in my testament of life in playing sports , Martial Arts defeat doesn’t lead to failure but how You respond to adversity after being knock on your ass.

        Never settle with ENOUGH ….ever!

        “Fall 7 Get Up in 8”

        Japanese Proverb

        Liked by 2 people

      • Yeah. I was such a loser for getting defeated in Martial Arts and deciding to drop the sport. Like…I totally didn’t get the memo then. But, reactions help. Reactions are the true thing by which to measure failure or success, not the things you couldn’t control in the first place. You are spot on.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Never think of failure as just so if you didn’t experience oppression is sustainability. Succulents of life and enjoying every waking in spoil what would be the conviction into wanting endured your act to will to find resurrection .

        Kuudere I will share something with you one my first Kru’s taught me “its not the size of the dog but size in the dog matters most.”

        Do know what that means … or better yet what does it speak to you ?

        After I will tell you the meaning behind this !

        Martial Arts and sports have been major impact on me and executing my actions of perseverance into conviction.



        Liked by 1 person

      • What this means is not how strong the dog is physically but the sheer will if the fight within and how much heart your Meyio and Yu !

        “You are never outta the fight unless you want to be ”
        (Marcus Luttrel ) Navy Seal


        Liked by 2 people

      • True. What/who do you trust and not trust?

        Everything is infinite.

        Some people are trustworthy.

        You answered it kinda by yourself.

        Create a relationship with yourself first before anyone else.

        You must make “mistakes” to “learn.”

        No matter what you are always learning or growing.

        Expanding that mind of yours.

        The negativity only manifests when you create the negativity.


  2. “There is nothing to be because you are it.

    Be yourself.

    Whatever ideologies or “truth” you happen to follow.

    Do what makes you happiest.” Literally dealt with this yesterday and today. Thanks for keeping this on my mind. The truth for you is truly whatever you mesh with. There are many ways to do things and no right way because we are the gods of our own decisions.

    Liked by 2 people

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