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Work smarter, not harder.

Everyone is in the rat race to “prove” who is the “best.”

We all should be striving to be our individual greatest version.

Instead of attempting to outdo others.

If you think about it.

We are all aspiring to become someone that is not even ourselves at the end of the day.

You should be in the process of becoming “yourself.”

If you are out doing others every moment.

Then who is this “you” that they call “you?”

Life is not a competition.

If there is any competition, it should be against yourself.

Become a greater you today than you were yesterday.

The slow and steady process is wiser than forcing yourself to be fast and unsteady.

You will end up retracing your steps when you are in a hurry.

To never fully grasp the moments for what they are.

If I were to ask you.

Who is this you that they call “you?”

What would you answer me with?

Who are you?

I am not talking about the person on the left of you or the right of you.

There are people behind you and in front of you.

Who I am talking about is “you” the person within this flesh body of a vehicle.

Look within your “soul.”

What is hidden within your soul?

That is what I ask.

Ignore your ego for a moment and attempt to feel the energy of love.

Do you fear yourself or love yourself?

Decide to love instead of deciding to fear.

Show your true self to the world.

Unless you wish to play the game of mental slavery.

To be a part of the rat race in competition with others.

Or to live in the moment and take everything slow and steady.

To do or to be.

The choice is yours, my friend’s.

Live that positive life.

Unless you wish to live that negative life.

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  1. Brandon I love how much you’ve grown over the years I’ve been following your blog. You are Amazing and I love your posts. For this one I both agree and disagree, we live in a meritocratic society so occasionally our efforts are noticed, appreciated and rewarded but yes, we should never be in competition with ourselves. We can push to be better, motivate and praise our small steps forward but we must remember there is someone beside us or behind us who wants to learn how to get to where we are. If we can be flexible and help others than we truly are ahead and win the ‘race’

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    • Thanks for noticing the growth. I remember when you first followed.

      Awww, thanks hah hah. I appreciate the love.

      We can’t all agree with everything.

      I respect your perspective thanks for sharing.

      Helping others usually is better of than “winning” by yourself.

      Much love!

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    • Thanks! 😀

      Exactly. Yourself makes yourself fail and doubt yourself. No one to blame but yourself. Point the finger around at yourself.

      Beautifully worded. I rather be a wolf and know what I want than be a sheep.

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      • Exactly when you are a wolf you already know its up to decide if you have Alpha blood flowing in your veins or you are the Beta or the bottom of Hi archy Omega.
        Me I am the Alpha ApeX for a reason I have nothing to prove to anyone I know the mass destruction I am capable of. Those that are my adversary should choose wisely because there will be no mercy nor any given.
        To wager aginst me” means your willing to die! .
        Te kaha o nga aau
        whakatika runga ake
        Ask me I tell you what it means

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      • You must do what you must do to survive.

        Being weakly minded is not something to possess if you wish to be an alpha.

        Betas are victims and give up.

        None of that is allowed.

        Believe in what you do.

        What does it mean? I can always translate it.

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  2. Brandon, non smettere mai il tuo percorso artistico ed esistenziale, perché la strada da attraversare non solo tua, ma contugua agli altri esseri viventi del mondo intero. Grazie del tuo passaggio da me. Ciao

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    • I appreciate your message.

      It is very heartwarming.

      This is a reason why I never give up.

      My art helps and heals the souls of others including myself.

      A win-win for everyone.

      Thank you for your loving message.

      Much love!


  3. Well written..Appreciable one..
    I’m following your blog now and awaiting for more thoughts and writings on coming days as well.
    Thank You!

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