Finished the drawing. (Check it out!)


The drawing has been finished for a while.

A few individuals guessed what this sketch could be in previous posts.

This drawing is different compared to most of the drawings I have been arting on.

This piece of art has more of a “meaning” behind it.

Yes, all pieces of art speak to you differently.

Even if it is quite difficult to manifest a perspective of what you are observing.

What you see within the art is what you see within yourself.

What you interpret the image into is a reflection of your soul at the moment.

Art lets you appreciate the moment for what it is.

The moment is all we possess.

Live a positive life over a negative life.

The choice is yours.

Manifest what you please.

33 thoughts on “Finished the drawing. (Check it out!)

    • MhhhhhπŸ˜‰

      Love the observations.

      Hahaha. You must have a good intuition.

      Posted the final drawing not sure if you have seen it yet. Check it out if you would like.



  1. Oh dear. I’m sitting here blog hopping while eating some cooked lentils and kale which I put a shake too many of Cheyenne pepper on. So when I came upon your image, the first thing that came to mind was a fire breathing dragon. So when you mention the image reminding you of something within your self, you’re spot on. Right now, I feel like I could breathe fire for sure! πŸ™‚

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