Divine feminine


I will attempt my best to explain this drawing.

There are feminine and masculine traits.

Females have more power/energy.

Labels of each gender are different and quite stereotypical.

The woman. Feeds the family. Cleans. Becomes pregnant. Has the labor of the baby. Raises kids. Lots of love is created and spread. Provides for loved ones. Etc….

Tell your mother you love her. Your mother is everything. Without your own mother, you wouldn’t exist.

Mother nature is a woman.

The earth is more of a being than an earth. The earth has feelings similar to us. The earth reacts to everything we do with it.

The earth is both a female and a male.

The soul is what truly matters the most.

The external world is an illusion.

Imagine every “mother” being a “father.”

As well as every “father” being a “mother.”

If single dads were running this world, I doubt they could “accomplish” as much as our mothers have accomplished for us.

Not hating or ignoring the fathers that are “mothers” to their children as well.

Love expands the mind and ignorance dumbs the mind.

Females have more power in the end.

“Feminine qualities” help you grow as a human being.

Feelings hurt and need to look within to ignore the negativity.

Basically self-care.

I could go on forever.

Thinking most will understand what I am attempting to say.

“Masculine qualities” don’t really help you grow on thyself.

Hands dirty.
Tough love.
Ignore inner self.
Not expressive.
Takes it how it is.

Everything I express is quite stereotypical of each gender.

All I am trying to Express is we need both feminine and masculine traits.

The internal world is more important than the external world.

Labels are quite stereotypical.

Everything is stereotypical.

We need both feminine and masculine traits to become our greatest versions.

I believe “love” is the correct way to handle a situation instead of “ignoring” the problem.

“Love” = feminine.

“Ignoring the problem” = masculine

But to ignore the problem. The problem will only increase.

Love will solve anything.

Without love and to ignore love. You will become blinded instead of becoming who you truly are. A divine being.

If anything I am more “feminine” then “masculine.”

Your inner feelings are worth more than any object or possession.

Self-care is priceless. Without yourself, you couldn’t be here to be you.

Don’t regret not being yourself. If others don’t accept you. That is their loss. Not yours.

Taking care of thyself should be your first priority. Not your last priority.

I am living this life to “love” each and every soul. Most importantly myself. Thyself.

I am not living this life to regret each moment and to be living in negativity.

“Hatred” arising in each moment for no reason. The “hatred” is within yourself and it is nowhere to be found. Hatred is not a disease. It is who you are within the moment you decide to become angry. Hatred is within you and you are hatred. An angry soul.

Emotions are not really you, but then they are you. Emotions are here and there.

Love is infinite. Love is the answer and the only answer.

Ego knows too much and creates more problems.

Love is all I can say……

The more love you spread.

The higher the chance the world will be at peace with each other.

In time the world will come together and unite into one.

All you have to do is believe in love.

Be your greatest version and that is all that matters.

Love is a priceless feeling that few experience. But what really is love. I guess love is self-explanatory.

Love is different for us all.

Just remember to love and to not create more hatred in the world.

Hatred separates.

Love unites.

The last paragraph explains the foundations of the artwork.

When I look into my art I see many stories as well. It is hard to explain.

This is what I wish to say.

This is only for you to read along with. If you have nothing to say after. That is okay with me. All I wish for you to do is listen to me………

I believe our purpose on this earth is to raise human consciousness and to live each moment in love. Whatever you can do to benefit the world. Creating love for you and others. Love holds the highest vibration known to man. Love has the highest frequency out of all frequencies. The meaning of life is life itself. We are all running around in a delusional vehicle of flesh holding a soul within our body. Attempting to become something greater than what we already are. Forgetting life itself in the process. To not even acknowledge life itself. Instead, we are too blind. The love is being forgotten and the ego is not. Ignore living life at a fast pace. Especially with an abundance of negative energy. With more negative energy life will be a slow process. It will feel as if life itself will never end. All you will want is for life to end in a negative mindset. To live your life in love and positivity. You will live each moment in gratitude and the appreciation of existing. Positivity is always the answer. To create more love in the world. Or to create more hatred. You are either hatred or love. When you “hate” yourself there is no “growing.” When you “love” yourself. Each moment is another moment to become your greatest version. Life will feel as if it is a dream when you use love. Existing in itself is mind-blowing. Appreciate this life or you will never appreciate thyself. To ignore thyself is to never be yourself. Each individual has to express what they feel. If you don’t express who you are. Possibly this you that is within you isn’t the you that you wish to be within. Greatness is always around the corner. “New and greater” parts of your being are here. It is just that you haven’t “discovered” them within yourself. Look within. All you have to remember is to never give up on yourself. To give up on yourself is to not love yourself. To love yourself is to express yourself and then you are being yourself. If you aren’t yourself, then this you that is you isn’t you. Expression is everything. Without Expression, you couldn’t express who you are. We are all our own artist of life. Even if you don’t think you are an artist you are. Everything is an expression of another expression. It never ends. Neither does life so you should continue on living. Remember to be “you.” Instead of being a “you” that someone has told “you” to be. Embrace the real “you.”

Live life in fear or love………


16 thoughts on “Divine feminine

  1. Yes. The long and short of it i exactly as you expressed it and this is a beautiful rendering. I had thought it seemed a mix between the two. A very spiritual piece. A gifted artist and purveyor of words you are.

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  2. Hope you kindly writes back to my email , and attach your Email address if u have . Ease for enquiring regard the arts medium / for sale.
    Just need use ordinary email though , mine’s ‘ gmail ‘.
    Let me know your Email address if possible. Thankyou.
    Oct.13th 2018.saturday.

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  3. Wow Brandon, the artwork came out beautiful in so many levels. I see the love in it, I see the spiritual side to it, I see the earthly tones of color and its rich meaning. Then there’s your expression of it through your words, couldn’t agree more. Love transcends us to reach that higher level inside us. When our emotions turn then love has been highjacked, rejected, twisted to mean something it’s not. The true meaning of love is express in kindness, respect, care, positive affections in wanting to do right by others, to others and to ourselves.

    God created the universe in love, through love, for love and it was very good. Envy was found in one of His created beings. God gave us all ‘free will’, to think on our own. And in that we choose how to conduct ourselves. We’re either for Him or against Him, there’s no in-between.
    There’s just too much negativity and not enough love spread. Let’s seize the moment ourselves and spread some love, in a kind act, in respect of our elders, in the care we show others. One person can make a difference in showing love by these small gestures. And what you give comes back at you. As you have said, love transcends us to be our better selves. It’s about our humanity and what we choose to be and express.
    This artwork expresses your words clearly, at least to me.
    Thank you for the inspiration behind the artwork. Blessings always.

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  4. Single Parents are both Mother and Father in the family unit. They know fully what it is like to have to do both roles. Not all women are motherly even thought they have children. Love is what counts whether it be from the Father or the Mother, the united love in the family is what should count.

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  5. An informative and accurate contrast of the genders, at least from this reader’s perspective. I lost my Mom less than two years ago. She was my rock. Your reflection is bittersweet. I am warmed by your insights and willingness to share. Thank you.

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  6. What I like, artistically speaking, is that it appears similar to what I see in my kaleidoscope. What perplexes me is that the “divine feminine” does not look as though she’s happy or peaceful at all–she looks angry or irritated…is it just me?

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